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  1. Tried a couple of times this morning to upload via the Web Interface. It just stuck after uploading one image. I switched to using FTP. The files uploaded OK but 30 minutes later they're not yet visible as 'Image in QC' in the Image Manager.
  2. Up, and best month this year so far. 7 sales for $241 gross.
  3. Thanks for the spot Nigel - Venus and Cupid sculpture on Morecambe Promenade.
  4. 6 sales for $129 gross. Hoping for better in March (although there's no sign of it yet!)
  5. 6 sales for $81 gross. Disappointing, particularly as 4 of them are single figure $ sales.
  6. 7 sales in December for $259 gross. About average for me.
  7. 84 sales for $2064 gross. Volume up 8% from 2016, revenue down 9% I'm reasonably pleased because moving house , and to a new area, has caused some disruption and a need to generate new contacts, find new locations for images etc. Feeling positive for 2018.
  8. You can find them in Image Manager as soon as they are on the Live News Feed, and make sure that they are ready to go live. I think that just adding keywords is the minimum you have to do as the other mandatory fields (Title, Caption, Pseudonym, Licence type) will already be filled. Because of the way that Live News images drop off the page, and the fact that images only get transferred over to be available as stock once a day, I think there can be a gap of a few hours while the image is in neither view. I had a request from a local newspaper for an image (I suspect they wanted it for free) so I wanted to send them the link to buy it from Alamy. It was no longer on Live News, and I had to wait until it appeared under stock a few hours later.
  9. If you have been contributing images at a regular rate for many years then you will have far more images beginning with D than you do images beginning with, say, J. This is because the later letters are being used up much more quickly as the rate of addition of images to Alamy has increased over time. Therefore, if sales are distributed evenly by age of image you would expect to see a much higher number of sales of your images beginning with D than you do sales of images beginning with, say, J. The corollary of this is that if you are seeing the same number of sales of your images beginning with D as you are of your images beginning with J, your older images are actually doing much less well than your newer ones! I estimate the D to J ratio to be roughly 4:1
  10. 4 sales for $62 gross. A poor month after my best month of this year in October. That's how it seems to go.
  11. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Strengthens data protection for individuals. Comes into force on 25 May 2018. Although I am aware of GDPR because of some other work I do, I'd not given it much thought in relation to photography until I saw this: According to the European Commission "personal data is any information relating to an individual, whether it relates to his or her private, professional or public life. It can be anything from a name, a home address, a photo, an email address, bank details, posts on social networking websites, medical information, or a computer’s IP address." Note the inclusion of "a photo" (my highlighting). Thinking about it further, a photo, and its associated metadata, can contain a lot of personal information - where someone was, when they were there, what they were doing, who they were with etc. Add keywords and a caption and there's potentially more data. As in most things, these regulations will have no impact in the vast majority of cases. But will a disgruntled person in one of my photos, taken in a public place, be able to use GDPR to get the photo removed or worse?
  12. Vulcan - last tour of Northern Britain Gentlemen and Players Thinking Soldier
  13. If you changed it to RF, it wouldn't surprise me if it was snapped up pretty quickly and the (one off) RF price would be lower than the (multiple) RM price you've received to date !
  14. BBC News website. "Automated checkouts 'miserable' for elderly shoppers" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-42052234 Image ID: ECFD1B , cropped Photographer: Justin Kase zsixz
  15. Well done Steve and Kumar, two great images and a close contest.
  16. Yes, I downsize most of my images to have the longest side 3600 pixels.
  17. I'm still using a Mk1 RX100 that I purchased 4 years ago. Great little camera and I haven't had a QC failure with it during that time (that's probably tempting fate!). I use it as a general purpose camera that I have with me if I'm not out specifically to shoot photos, and I don't really test it at the extremes of settings of ISO, aperture etc. I have a Nikon DSLR that I use for more challenging situations or where I prefer having a viewfinder, e.g. for sports or action photographs.
  18. I'm just looking through "Light, Gesture and Colour", by Jay Maisel (a book I would recommend), and I came across this quote, that I thought was particularly relevant to this thread: "You cannot just say water, snow or trees [or horse]. Once you understand how many different aspects each one of these subjects has, you will appreciate the variety possible in the execution of each subject".
  19. Mick - you're correct but way over the head of this contributor, I think. They need to improve their knowledge and understanding of some digital photography fundamentals, and get to work on correcting their wonky horizons!
  20. There can be laws or bylaws that restrict the taking of photographs in some places. What the reasoning is behind those laws or bylaws is not too relevant. What is relevant is the potential penalties for breaking them! Are those people required to apply for a permit that allows them to be there with 'professional' equipment? Or does the permit allow them to use the images or film that they take commercially? It's probably both, but if you don't have a permit and you take a photo with your smartphone or camera then that won't remove the need to have a permit to sell the image commercially. If someone is taking a photograph to sell for editorial stock is that commercial? It depends on the definition of commercial, which probably depends on the context and who you ask!
  21. I consider it in two parts: 1. Taking the photo 2. Selling the photo The first is getting increasingly difficult to enforce, unless there is a blanket ban on any photography whatsoever. Have you seen all those smart phones at concerts where photography is prohibited? Just don't turn up with a 'professional' camera and draw attention (unless you are good at blagging) On the second, in my view it comes down to whether there is some law in place (Royal Parks, Trafalgar Square etc) or whether you have entered into a contract on entry to the venue (National Trust, most sporting venues, most concerts). I think, as photographers, we need to be prepared to defend our rights to take and sell photos, and ask the question "what specifically allows you to prevent me from doing that?"
  22. You could try making your own: https://www.wikihow.com/Create-an-Inexpensive-Photography-Lightbox I bought a couple of desk lamps from Wilko (£5 each) plus LED bulbs for the lighting.
  23. Looking just at the distribution of an individual contributors sales by letters can be misleading because of the increasing rate of additions to the Alamy library over recent years. In the days of C and D, Alamy got through each letter in about 12 to 15 months. G, H and J have had a life of only 5 to 6 months. If you are contributing at a steady rate then would expect to have far more C images than J images. Therefore, if Alamy sales were evenly distributed across all letters, an individual contributor would see more C sales than J sales. But it would be wrong to draw the conclusion that the older images are doing better. I plotted Update to Invoice time against Date of Invoice for all my sales. I couldn't see any obvious pattern that would suggest that older images were doing better than newer images, or vice versa. Conclusion: keep the dust gatherers as they are just as likely to sell as the shiny new images! But I'm gradually revisiting earlier images to update keywording, captioning and licencing types.
  24. 14 sales for $314 gross. Best month this year!
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