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  1. I recently submitted two batches of photos to Alamy. One batch passed QC within a couple of days. The second batch is now at the dreaded "Processing - average wait time 24 hours" status, which last time meant that it took 7 days for the batch to get into QC and then pass with a partial failure on one image. Apparently a partial failure means that something went wrong in the upload or processing, even though everything was reported as OK. It is not an indication of any fault in the image itself. It will be interesting to see whether a third batch, which I have just submitted, overtakes batch 2! Would it not be simpler, and fairer to contributors, for any 'partial failure' photos to be removed from the batch and QC to proceed as normal on the remainder? It's easy enough then for the contributor to resubmit any photos that have been removed, and we don't have to endure extra unnecessary delay in getting images on sale. Has anybody else encountered this issue? Keith
  2. I got on the 24 hour queue just recently, the first time in over a 100 uploads. A batch that I had uploaded before the troublesome one, and two that I had uploaded after it then passed QC. After another 3 or 4 days I got a "partial failure" on the outstanding batch with a processing error on one image. Apparently such an error does not affect QC history. So, it's worthwhile just continuing to upload images while waiting for a batch to eventually find its way to QC.
  3. This gives some useful insights: http://www.danheller.com/model-release-copyrights.html#1
  4. The other thing (perhaps for future reference) is that the numbers in the filter list don't change unless you change to a different filter. So if you filter on 'Not Ready' to start with (the default), change to filter on 'Ready' (or another selection) and the numbers in the drop down list will then change.
  5. That's the one change I would like to see as well.I can't see that it would be that difficult technically, after all they must hold a status of "Failed QC, but photographer not yet told" which they could display.
  6. I assume that the entry point is the same for either stream, and the choice of stream is solely down to the AlamyNews team?
  7. Still waiting, after a year of uploading fairly steadily. Just passed 1000 images, and have had a few zooms, but no sales yet. Any advice appreciated!
  8. Static subject (e.g, buildings or landscape), bright sunshine, calm day, tripod, no difficult lighting or fancy 'arty' effects. Alamy just check for technical quality, not subject. Doesn't this imply that images taken under other conditions -- cloudy, windy day, no tripod, difficult lighting, arty, etc. -- are unsafe? If so, isn't that a bit weird? Just sayin'... Safe is relative. Under other conditions it requires more technical skill to ensure that the image doesn't exhibit one of the faults that QC might fail it for. Why make life difficult for yourself in your first submissions? Alamy QC are not just evaluating the four photos, they are indirectly evaluating the photographer to find out if the photographer understands what is meant by technical quality and whether they have the equipment to achieve it and the skills and experience to use that equipment to achieve good results. Don't worry, once your first 4 photos have passed you will have plenty of opportunities to submit more risky photos. However, I've found that I've become more critical of the quality of my submissions, and won't take the risk of submitting something that I know is marginal
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