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  1. I have tracked down a copyright infringement of one of my images by an organisation in the USA. I am based in the UK. Following an email to them notifying them of the infringement, they have taken down the image but I have not yet had a reply to my email. My next move will be to ask for damages, and I’m hopeful that the organisation will settle my claim. However, I don’t want to prejudice any future action. From a more general angle as well, I’m interested to know what the process is for someone like me, who is based in the UK, to pursue a claim against a US based company for infringement. I assume that I need to pursue it through the US legal system? If so, can anyone recommend an organisation in the US who might be prepared to take on my claim if my initial efforts are unsuccessful?
  2. My primary backup is a couple of external drives. After a couple of months I delete all the images (JPEG/RAW) that are 'rejects', and then back up the remaining source images to Amazon Glacier Storage - that's my 'house burns down' backup. I also backup my 'output images' and low res jpegs of everything on cloud storage. I use Lightroom, so one of my big concerns is whether in 5 or 10 years time I'll be able to recover the source files and all the adjustments that have been applied to be able to recreate the output files. The answer is almost certainly no, unless I continually update the catalogs, but I take the view that I won't be going through a whole scale review and reprocessing of all my past images (I have trouble keeping up with the images I am generating now!). I'll either use the existing output images, or, in a few cases, I'll have to input the RAW file into the popular 2025 image processing software and start from scratch!
  3. Rule of thumb: 3:2 image - longest side at least 3000 pixels 1:1 image (square) - each side at least 2500 pixels That works for me for over 99% of the time. If you really want to get closer to the minimum size, then it's helpful to understand the maths, be comfortable with converting bits to bytes, and know how the data from each pixel is represented. In Windows you can see the pixel dimensions under Properties. I'm sure that the Mac has something similar.
  4. Not so about the diversity algorithm. Read the "How Customers find your images" page and all will be clear. Redsnapper probably has a very high ranking, and the ranking falls into a band that includes only a small number of others. I've been looking at where my images fall based on real searches. I've not seen much variation each time I've checked. I suspect that the Alamy tweaks are no more than tweaks, and they're not suddenly going to move you from page 3 to page 30 or vice versa. wim: "So how do I go about that?" Well that's down to the individual contributor. People who are more successful are better at producing work that catches the eye of buyers (zooms) and persuades them to buy(sales). Whether that correlates with being better photographers depends on how you define 'better photographers'. If you define it as producing work that customers want to buy then clearly they are better photographers in this context!
  5. There's an Alamy page "How Customers find your images" in the Contributors section. That gives a more detailed, and useful, explanation of how the Alamy Rank is calculated and used. Basically, to improve your rank you need to Decrease Views Increase Sales Increase Zooms or a combination of all three! As Philippe says, it's pretty easy to get a measure of your rank by doing some real world searches and seeing where your images end up. Do it for a dozen, discard any outliers and take the average. Alamy publishing the rankings wouldn't help and would just create more work for them with contributors querying why they had moved from position 3765 to 4231.
  6. I've started to do that, but have encountered one issue that people should be aware of. Any sales appear to get assigned to the pseudonym that the image belongs to at the time the sale is recorded, not the pseudonym that it belonged to at the time of use. As it may be a week or two after use before your sale is recorded, you could end up with sales assigned to the 'wrong' pseudonym if you move images too soon. I had it happen to me with an image that I didn't know had been used until it appeared in my Sales list.
  7. I'd be happier if sales were reported within 2 months of use and payment made within 3 months (I'm still waiting for payment of 3 sales in April 2014, with reporting 9 months after use, only after a chase from me in Dec 2014). And these are not trivial $6 sales - over $200 gross in total.
  8. Is the way UK press industry operates with self-invoicing / declaration. Alamy have to wait until the paper reports the use to them, then invoice etc will follow and your reporting... Its not just Alamy before you ask, same with all papers AND agencies.... its just some papers are faster than reporting that others..... just be thankful it was not in The Mail.... This should probably go on another thread, but I feel I need to correct your statement that this applies to all papers and agencies. I submitted some images to a news agency in mid December (and to Alamy). The images were used in the national press. I received payment from the other agency into my bank account 2 weeks later. The sales via Alamy? - nothing reported yet. I'm not suggesting that Alamy should be aiming for 2 weeks use to payment, but 2 months for most and 3 months at the outside wouldn't seem unreasonable.
  9. Lynne - I had a similar issue, but from usage in a national newspaper back in April 2014. I chased up Alamy just before Christmas, they in turn followed it up with the newspaper and three sales appeared in my account last week! Incidentally, these three usages were spotted by a contributor on this forum, in a newspaper that I don't have access to, otherwise I'd never have known that there was anything to chase up! [Thanks Bryan] There's got to be a better way, surely....?
  10. I agree with Allan, I wouldn't submit them either. They look soft even at a less than 100% size.
  11. Wow, submitted a batch of images on Wednesday evening. Images passed QC on Thursday - great turn round!
  12. I just went to the Shutterstock site - I thought for a minute that I was on the new Alamy home page!!
  13. As I replied to a previous similar thread, Alamy have made it easier to understand by saying that the image must have at least 6 million pixels. If you multiply the width of the image in pixels by the height of the image in pixels and the result is greater than or equal to 6 million then the image is large enough! The size of the image file on the disk is not relevant to the minimum size test.
  14. I recognise the structure, seen it many times when in the Lake District but can't remember where. HELP! Allan Bridge House, Ambleside.
  15. Express Online, 5 January 2015, under report "80mph gales to bash Britain: Flood fears as storms sweep in this week" One of Keith Morris's Expect more later this week if the Express headline turns out to be correct
  16. I'm fairly new to Alamy, so relative to 2012 (0 sales) and 2013 (2 sales), 25 sales in 2014 was a big improvement! I went from 1900 to 3400 images on sale over the year.
  17. Alamy are pretty clear on the requirements for minimum file sizes, namely that the image needs to have 6 megapixels. If you are in doubt about whether the image is large enough, forget about file sizes and what the software says (which only seems to add confusion). Multiply the width of the image in pixels by the height of the image in pixels. If the number you get is equal to or more than 6,000,000 then it's big enough! In Windows Looking at file properties will tell you the dimensions in pixels, I'm sure there's something similar on a Mac. It's also not too difficult to work out the minimum pixel sizes for some common photo ratios, e.g. 3000 x 2000, 2450 x 2450
  18. I submitted a set of 5 photos to Alamy and to another news agency. Both of them were successful in getting photos in the national press (some print, some online, some both) - The Times, Metro, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Star. Seperately, I sent the images to my 'very local' paper, and it was them who gave me the 'no budget' response. From the 'other' agency, a photo went via a Cambridge based news agency into the Cambridge News print edition. I wait to see what the outcome is concerning payment for that placement, but that aspect has clearly become a bit messy! Hopefully the national newspaper placements and payments should be more straightforward. Keith
  19. Thanks Jules. Yes, I was surprised to see it in the Cambridge News, given the response I've had before to photos I've submiited to them. This is not the paper that gave me the 'no budget' response that started this thread, by the way. It will be interesting to see what happens about payment. It's slightly complicated because it went via another news agency who contacted me for the details. That's how I was credited as an 'amateur photographer', which I would say is correct, as I don't earn my main living from photography.
  20. Thanks for all the replies and advice! You will be pleased to know that I haven't succumbed to giving my work away free this time. However, in a rather interesting twist, the photo has appeared in another, slightly less local, daily newspaper, that is owned by the same group. I'm expecting to get paid for that one! (Yes Jules, you are right!) I'll reply to some of the other posts later. I particularly liked the constructive suggestion about how to work with local newspapers. On the question of whether a photo of the sun coming up is newsworthy, if 4 national newspapers and one local one are prepared to pay for it and put it in their NEWSpapers, then it must be! :-)
  21. I have just had an image of a sunrise, taken at Godmanchester on 14 December, published in the national press, two via Alamy. I've offered the photos to my local newspaper for a pretty low fee, but they've declined, saying that they have no budget for submitted photos. Should I say "OK, you can have it for nothing", with the possibility of a credit plus some exposure? Or do I say "Tough, photographers need to be paid, even if it is a pittance?" I'd be interested to hear about other people's experience with the local press. Am I wasting my time trying to get them to pay for photos? Keith
  22. I am waiting from the 8th as well.If they don't get through today, there's always the hope of the Saturday morning club, which I seem to have rejoined in the last few submissions. Just passed QC!
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