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  1. After good sales last month, back down to earth. 2 sales for $37 gross in total.
  2. I think the Tool is out of date Matt. The size limit used to be around 24Mb but it was lowered a few months ago to around 17Mb There's numerous threads on this topic. The simplest check is to multiply width in pixels by the height in pixels. If the result is greater than 6 million it's big enough. (As Mirco said.) Keith
  3. But on what basis would Network Rail stop you selling photos without permission if you have taken them on their land? Is there a criminal or civil law that says that you have to seek their permission? Many of the restrictions on photography and its use or sale, e.g. at sports or music events, are imposed as a part of the contract for entry. I think that applies to the National Trust as well, but that's a whole other can of worms.
  4. Thanks Kumar, Keith and Mark. I have sent the data on to Member Services and asked them to take a look. Keith
  5. Thanks Michael. The search term being input (according to Alamy Measures) is corfe castle. It is correct that my images should be found given that search term. What I was querying was why, day after day, someone is searching for 'corfe castle' 6 to 8 times, each time viewing one page of results and never zooming on anything - my images or anybody else's. Or maybe there's multiple people doing the same popular search but never getting past page 1 of the results. It just seems strange. ​See below for screen capture of part of the search results over a month. https://flic.kr/p/wgeimv
  6. Almost every day in my Alamy Measures I see 6 to 8 seperate searches on 'corfe castle'. 90 views on each (a default page), no zooms on anything. It's not good for my CTR! Anybody else experiencing this with that or other search terms? Any idea what is going on? Keith
  7. You mean 10-20 zooms, not views? I agree with Mark on the rate of sales, it's about what I would expect. In my view your collection is very much focused on images OF London as opposed to images taken IN London so it's quite narrow. But there are some excellent images there.
  8. Well done Phillipe with your oil refinery image - it was always going to be the one to beat. Thanks everyone for your votes to put my image in second place - my best ever finish. Coming second has its plus points - I just avoided the stress of having to come up with a subject for August, and more importantly, having to judge what will inevitably be some great work!! Keith
  9. Thanks Wim for including one of my images.
  10. 3 sales for $333 total, gross. Pleased with that, and the rerank has moved me in the right direction too. Which will probably mean that my sales will plunge in August!
  11. Temporary skyline. Work on the Ceres Building in Cambridge with an artificial covering. Hang a Left: Hut with a view:
  12. Sales (by number): 100% of 2014 total so far By value: So far 66% of 2014 gross revenue
  13. I've looked at some of my benchmark searches and some are s lightly up while some are slightly down, so for me it appears to be very little change.
  14. Up until 3 or 4 months ago the QC time for my submissions was variable, Sometimes it might happen in the next day (unusual). Most times it might take a few days to get the result, so no response within 24 hours was not an indication of an impending fail. But in the last 3 months, pretty much all my submissions have gone through within a day. There's two possible explanations: 1) I've been promoted to a faster QC stream or 2) There's been a general improvement in QC times. I don't know the answer, and don't really care, but this may help the posters above to reconcile what appears to be two contradictory views.
  15. Over the last year I've used a Sony RX100 Mk I and a Nikon D5300. No QC failures on either (I know that's tempting fate!). I like the RX100 for its small size and the fact that I don't have to worry about dust spots. I prefer the D5300 for action shots or if I'm out with the sole purpose of taking photos. The image inside the Church at Steeple Gidding (currently on page 1) was taken on the RX100 at ISO 1600 as a JPEG. I applied some noise reduction in Lightroom and then reduced the image to 3600 pixels wide for submission. But it wasn't one of those images that I thought was marginal in terms of quality, otherwise I would have binned it.
  16. 15/05/15, UK, Daily Telegraph, Travel, What's on this weekend. Martello Tower, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. Peter Kyle http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/uk/11604806/Whats-on-this-weekend.html
  17. 5 sales for $172 gross. One sale for $5.98 which pulled down the average!
  18. Agreed. The one I've got most experience of is Six Sigma so I used it as the example. Imagine if Alamy worked to those standards. Would anyone pass QC? The answer is of course yes. It is the suppliers (photographers) responsibility to ensure that every one of their own products meets the required quality standard, through a combination of their own process and their own checking. It ties in with the initial assessment process that Alamy applies to the first for images. What they are really checking in those first four images is that the contributor understands what quality means and that the contributor is able to deliver images that meet that quality standard. Great article by Joseph. +1
  19. Great stuff! We occasionally see threads questioning the merit of shooting well known landmarks, and I have myself argued that, as a local, you should shoot your own landmark sites, as you should know the best times, seasons and views. Well, on a visit to the States last year I did the tourist thing and shot the Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan skyline. It was nothing special, daytime, no tripod and 17,000+ images available on Alamy alone. It sold last month! Some times you get lucky.... On a visit to relatives in the West Country at Christmas I spent a couple of hours around one of the cities taking photos of the famous landmarks. Fortunately it was a sunny day with blue sky so I got some good shots. A couple of weeks ago one of those images was used in an article in the main section of the Sunday Times - they chose my image out of 2000 others on Alamy of that iconic building. Lucky? maybe, but to some extent you make your own luck! I'd describe it as seizing the opportunity - the conditions were favourable and I was there anyway so it cost me very little. Would it be worth making a special trip there to target getting those images? - definitely not.
  20. 3 sales for $69, so not great. But my consistent sellers over the last 6 months are nearing their sell by date, so I need to find something else to replace them!
  21. I use external hard drives for backup storage. I've given up trying to keep up with DVD storage and I have concerns about its longevity. For my ultimate, all else fails, house burns down, off site backup I use Amazon Glacier storage. It's not intended for regular retrieval of data. It works out at about $1 per month per 100Gbytes of data.
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