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  1. My first sale of 2016 for $14 appeared on Saturday. I've tracked down that image use to a specific web article, but I've also found that another UK organisation has reproduced it, along with my image and 4 others from Alamy. I've submitted an unauthorised use form to Alamy so hopefully my returns might double!
  2. Daily Telegraph, 6 Jan 2016 "Giant Arctic air mass to bring snow and ice to Britain next week" - [More UK Weather photo opportunities then!!] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/weather/12086136/UK-weather-Arctic-air-mass-to-bring-snow-and-ice-to-Britain.html Image ID: F111EW Copyright: © Terry Mathews / Alamy Stock Photo
  3. 2014: 25 sales 2015: 52 sales, up 108% 2014 to 2015: Gross revenue up 13% Revenue per image down 45%, but I think a big contribution to that was some higher value news sales in 2014 which have skewed the figures.
  4. Three images in the BBC Article - "Why 'self-sabotage' could be ruining your career" http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20151208-actually-youre-the-problem E45RE9, Nature Picture Library EHMAN5, Blend Images B9E75N, Andrea Liverani Keith
  5. Sheffield, England deleted for now until I can fix the size!
  6. 8 sales for $174 gross, including 3 separate sales for my image that appeared in The Times. Still got that Newspaper sale to look forward to!
  7. If there is a credit line then readers know where to go to obtain the image if they wish to buy a licence themselves. I had a photo printed in The Times on the 13th November, and I've made two further sales of the image in the last week.
  8. I've just passed my revenue total for 2014. After a good start to 2015 I had hoped to achieve that milestone sooner, but things slowed down a bit in the second half of the year.
  9. Thanks Rob. That works if you can get your hands on the original small thumbnail without text - e.g. from a search for the Alamy code, but not in Live News. It is possible to select the image size by editing the url. Just change /comp/ to /thumbs/ or /zooms/ Hope this helps I think it looks better at the larger size Thanks for the tip, that's very useful to know. Keith
  10. Thanks for that Brian. I wouldn't have known otherwise,although it would have been a nice surprise in a few months time! Keith
  11. A head start on the peloton. (Tour de France, Grinton Moor, North Yorkshire, July 2014). A University Don in gown and mortar board mixes with runners in the centre of Cambridge: Reading by the River Seine in Paris
  12. Thanks for that spot AlbertSnapper. I did see my image on the page on Monday morning, but The Guardian replaced it with another image in the online version later that day. I will be watching my sales record closely to make sure that my image gets the recognition it deserves!! Did anybody see if the image made the print version of the Observer on Sunday? The article is titled "Sheffield’s real steal: a cutting edge city break". Keith
  13. I uploaded some images on Thursday evening about 9pm UK time, but they didn't appear in "Track Submissions". Looked again this morning and they are now there, awaiting QC.
  14. The case of the monkey seems a nonsense to me, but what caught my attention was the link to the 'Red Bus' case. http://www.taylors.co.uk/news/newsitem119.htm Although in this particular case the copyright infringement was pretty deliberate, it would not be too difficult to fall into the same trap accidentally. I'm thinking of one of my photos of some red telephone boxes in Cambridge that I did consider a candidate for selective colour treatment!
  15. A small group of us meet up in the Cambridge (UK) area about once every three months. We meet for lunch and a chat about Alamy, sales, QC fails, the future of Stock and all the usual topics that you see on these forums! Our next meeting is scheduled for lunchtime on Wednesday 21st October. Any other Alamy contributors are more than welcome to join us. Send me a message if you are interested and I will provide you with further details. Keith
  16. I agree with Richard on this. It's difficult to see who has been harmed financially, has a case to bring, and is willing to pursue it. As far as I can see that's not the original poster. Or am I missing something?
  17. After good sales last month, back down to earth. 2 sales for $37 gross in total.
  18. I think the Tool is out of date Matt. The size limit used to be around 24Mb but it was lowered a few months ago to around 17Mb There's numerous threads on this topic. The simplest check is to multiply width in pixels by the height in pixels. If the result is greater than 6 million it's big enough. (As Mirco said.) Keith
  19. But on what basis would Network Rail stop you selling photos without permission if you have taken them on their land? Is there a criminal or civil law that says that you have to seek their permission? Many of the restrictions on photography and its use or sale, e.g. at sports or music events, are imposed as a part of the contract for entry. I think that applies to the National Trust as well, but that's a whole other can of worms.
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