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  1. Alamy aren't going to fight that point for us. It is more about the terms and conditions of entry to the station. You're not bound by them unless they're fair and prominently displayed, but NR can't be bothered to police that so they just get rid of the "problem" further downstream, i.e. us. I've asked for my keywords back. They certainly don't belong to NR. True. The fact that Alamy have taken the action that they have would suggest that they have looked at it and have decided not to resist Network Rail. But it would be handy to know the facts just in case I find myself selling a photo taken at one of those stations through some other outlet.
  2. I see that the Alamy front page has an image today titled "Train passengers wave goodbye to friends and family"
  3. Would be a very good idea, but... the government is planning to sell NR back to the private sector as soon as it can so any victory would be short-lived anyway Alan From a commercial perspective, I should just let my 7 images go and move on to something else. But for me it's also about the principle - perhaps a dangerous thing!
  4. Does anybody know under what byelaws Network Rail are doing this? (Similar question to that relating to the National Trust). It can't be a contractual restriction (like say when you buy a ticket for a sporting event or concert) because some of my photos were taken from a position where I didn't need to have bought a ticket.
  5. From 1st September 2014 Network Rail became a public sector company, answerable to Parliament. I think I might write a letter to my MP about unreasonable restrictions on trade and Network Rail's attempt to create a monopoly in photography IPR at stations that they control.
  6. The Network Rail operated stations are: Birmingham New Street Cannon Street Bristol Temple Meads Charing Cross Edinburgh Waverley Euston Glasgow Central King's Cross Leeds London Bridge Liverpool Lime Street Liverpool Street Manchester Piccadilly Paddington Reading St Pancras International Victoria Waterloo So presumably this particular cull only affects photos taken at those stations.
  7. Me too. 7 of mine removed. Interestingly, I came across this on the Network Rail / National Rail website: http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/55286.aspx I won't be contributing.
  8. I have the Sony RX100 Mk 1 and I love it. I've been using it for nearly 3 years and I haven't had any QC failures (touch wood). I downsize my images to a maximum dimension of 3600px. One thing I don't need to worry about with it is dust spots (one of my 2 failures using a DSLR in the early days). I do still use my DSLR for some work, such as sports action, but the RX100 is the preferred choice for the "camera I have with me".
  9. I agree with what you say Martin in this and in your previous post. I suspect though that the vast majority of people who head straight for stock photography without having some technical and industry knowledge will disappear in a relatively short time. Firstly they will struggle to get photos ready for submission and will suffer regular QC failures. Secondly, they will find that generating regular sales requires a lot of hard work over an extended period of time and there is no easy money to be made. And, as many people have said, taking the photographs is a small part of what is needed to be successful.
  10. Alamy only for me too! I am always looking for other outlets for my images, but microstock is not the direction I am looking.
  11. That explains things pretty well, but there are a couple of errors, I think. The most important one is that you should be able to submit images direct from a camera with a 6M pixels sensor. The most reliable way, I think, is to look at the properties of the image file in Windows or in a software application (I don't now about Macs). Multiply the width in pixels of the image by the height in pixels of the image. If the number you get is greater than or equal to 6,000,000 then the image will be large enough. [ignore this second one if you struggle with bits, bytes, file sizes, compression etc. or you will be confused even more! A sensor 1000 x 1000 pixels would have a million pixels. Because of the way that M bytes are defined it needs slightly less than 1Mbyte of data to store 1 million bytes at 1 byte per pixel. The minimum acceptable image size is 6M Pixels. Each pixel needs 3 bytes to store red, green and blue. So you need 18 million bytes to store a 6 M pixel image. But 18 million bytes is actually 17.2 Mbytes. Hence the 17Mb figure that is sometimes quoted.]
  12. 9 sales for £183 gross. Pleased with the number of sales, but 3 sub $6 sales dragged the average down
  13. Prompted by this thread I've done a bit of work on my Facebook profile and have created a separate page for my Photography (see link in my signature). I was never really that keen on using my personal facebook profile for promoting my photography, but being able to split personal from business seems to provide a good solution. I now need to work out how best to use it effectively, which is probably a bigger challenge! One step at a time. Now what did I do with my Instagram and PInterest accounts....?
  14. Daily Telegraph, 12 January 2016 "Rail commuters suffer major delays as weather 'too sunny' for Southeastern train drivers" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/road-and-rail-transport/12094681/Rail-commuters-suffer-major-delays-as-weather-too-sunny-for-Southeastern-train-drivers.html Image ID: BJW0E3 Copyright: © Rebecca Erol / Alamy Stock Photo
  15. My first sale of 2016 for $14 appeared on Saturday. I've tracked down that image use to a specific web article, but I've also found that another UK organisation has reproduced it, along with my image and 4 others from Alamy. I've submitted an unauthorised use form to Alamy so hopefully my returns might double!
  16. Daily Telegraph, 6 Jan 2016 "Giant Arctic air mass to bring snow and ice to Britain next week" - [More UK Weather photo opportunities then!!] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/weather/12086136/UK-weather-Arctic-air-mass-to-bring-snow-and-ice-to-Britain.html Image ID: F111EW Copyright: © Terry Mathews / Alamy Stock Photo
  17. 2014: 25 sales 2015: 52 sales, up 108% 2014 to 2015: Gross revenue up 13% Revenue per image down 45%, but I think a big contribution to that was some higher value news sales in 2014 which have skewed the figures.
  18. Three images in the BBC Article - "Why 'self-sabotage' could be ruining your career" http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20151208-actually-youre-the-problem E45RE9, Nature Picture Library EHMAN5, Blend Images B9E75N, Andrea Liverani Keith
  19. Sheffield, England deleted for now until I can fix the size!
  20. 8 sales for $174 gross, including 3 separate sales for my image that appeared in The Times. Still got that Newspaper sale to look forward to!
  21. If there is a credit line then readers know where to go to obtain the image if they wish to buy a licence themselves. I had a photo printed in The Times on the 13th November, and I've made two further sales of the image in the last week.
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