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  1. my photos, have been reused in many articles in english and chinese media. Sold 2 times $22.23 and $6.68, wish i can make more with an image. Sometimes once it is used, it is spread and reused. Nothing great about this photo, but can't feed myself with this price.
  2. Hi Martin, thanks for the reply. I guess it is the only way to do pages by pages. Maybe I will transfer it gradually by batches so let new pseudonym grows.
  3. Hi all, Is there a quick way to transfer all images to a new pseudonym? I have 5k images under a pseudonym and I am thinking of transfer to a pseudonym with new name. I can do batch by batch in manage images but any quicker way? thanks.
  4. HI all, Interested to shoot some film again recently, but would like to get a scanner first. I am able to buy a, Nikon CoolScan 5000ED, but it was an old product. It seems to technology is very big different just a few years time, I wonder is this coolscan a good buy? or now there are good film scanner which still in production? thanks.
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