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  1. Oh yes! Thanks for the memory .. I seem to recall the cut was so James West could move to NY and expand that market and we would all be making up the shortfall with a huge increase in sales .. I think I'm still waiting.
  2. I've just clicked the button to download my data .. I think everyone should probably do the same. It might just wake them up to the fact that most of us are not happy and will be looking to make up the shortfall in income by submitting our work to other outlets. Always handy to have this date even if you never use it .. The timing of this announcement is also particularly galling especially from a company that claims to looks after it's contributors .. most of the world is still dealing with a pandemic. People have lost jobs, businesses not to mention family and loved ones. I
  3. That's a very good point. Luckily a large proportion of mine are keyworded before submission but still well worth downloading the file.
  4. Totally agree. Sadly it is Alamy that are going to lose out and other agencies will gain. I will be writing to Alamy to ask them to deselect all exclusive images from July 1st and bulk upload to several other outlets. My new material is now going elsewhere first. We are in business after all and now need to make up the shortfall. I don't want to do this and have always been a supporter of Alamy but unfortunately this is a one sided relationship!
  5. I'm not sure there are any good agencies anymore (Alamy was one of the best options for general stock) .. they all have their positives and mainly a lot of negatives as far as contributors are concerned. I hope Alamy actually read some of this forum and understand how betrayed many of us feel especially those who have been supplying them with exclusive material for many years. The new contract no longer gives contributors any incentive to supply exclusive material and the low royalties doesn't give much incentive to shoot, supply, keyword and tag any new material for those sta
  6. I'd second that. I've just changed a bunch to non exclusive and in the process of uploading them to other libraries. Not something I want to do but the economics of Alamy's new contract means that many contributors are left with very little choice but to start supplying other agencies.
  7. Totally agree 100% It seems the loyalty is just one sided. Alamy you are shameful.
  8. I thought it was a typo too There is absolutely no incentive for the vast majority of contributors. The only incentive I now have is to mark everything as non exclusive and supply as many agencies as possible. I've been a loyal contributor to Alamy since 2003 supplying mainly exclusive content. The only sensible business decision for me is to get my content with as many outlets as quickly as possible. It's a shame but they've rather forced our hand with this latest contract grab.
  9. Unless they bring back the 50/50 split for exclusive content then the only sensible business decision for us is to get Alamy to change everything to non exclusive and supply as many agencies as possible. This is our business too.
  10. Hope so .. but probably unlikely. The 50/50 split seemed fair for exclusive content. If they don't reinstate it then it's only sensible for those with exclusive content to mark it as non exclusive (as there is now no difference) and supply as many agencies as possible with these images. We are also in business after all and somehow need to make up the 20+% shortfall in revenue.
  11. I think you could be right. There is now absolutely no incentive to supply exclusive content to Alamy. Seems very shortsighted to me, they must have millions & millions of exclusive images which they could now lose to other agencies rather than market and promote this content. It's one of the reasons buyers go to Alamy (according to their marketing blurb). Seems they are going down the pile it high, sell it cheap route instead.
  12. Alamy what have you done! There is absolutely no point in putting my images exclusively with you anymore. It's a cold wet day here so I may as well spend my time uploading my collection to several other agencies now. You really should have given some incentive to those who were prepared to support Alamy with exclusive content. I hope the team at Alamy understand how it feels to be told they have just been given a ten percent pay cut by email.
  13. I've got the older 150-500mm Sigma version for Nikon. It's a great lens for the price. Obviously there are faster and lighter lenses but they are considerably more expensive. Like others have said it's quite heavy (but so are many long lenses) and best with a monopod (or tripod). When I first got mine it took me a few frames to realise I needed a good fast shutter speed to get super sharp results. With a long lens like this it's so easy to get some lens shake especially hand held. You've probably seen this review but it's pretty accurate from my experience. https://www.bhphotovideo.c
  14. I think deep shadows / blacks will look noisy at that iso especially at 100% (I also use a Nikon 850). Personally I try not to go above iso 400 for stock shots but that's just my preference. I'd use the noise reduction in photoshop as a starting point to see if you can smooth it out. Reducing the texture slider and a slight increase in clarity might help too.
  15. I Use Adobe Lightoom for my catalogue and basic editing and Photoshop for more complex work .. their Creative Cloud photography plan is good value and can be used on two machines. I have Affinity Pro as a back up which also works well.
  16. Here is a comprehensive guide as to what to do: http://www.epuk.org/opinion/stolen-photographs-what-to-do This is written by a photographer / lawyer .. Obviously for the UK Good luck
  17. I'm sticking with the my Nikon DSLRs certainly for the time being. I have so many lenses and bits and bobs that I have accumulated over the years that the change to mirrorless would be too expensive at the moment. The Z series looks lovely and I'm sure they are excellent but they don't really give me anything extra that I need that the D850's don't already give me.
  18. The Sky replacement filter can be very useful for some stock images to make the image more saleable if used carefully. Obviously not to be used for news or factual images. In photoshop it is easy enough to add your own skies to the tool and to alter colours, opacitity and blending to make it look real. Used sparingly I don't really see the problem.
  19. Bit slow here too .. with the rubbish (UK) weather I'm busy re-keywording older images and hope that might lead to some additional sales.
  20. I hope Member Services can help by making it easy and quick to mark them as exclusive .... otherwise I'm going to have a very boring Christmas ticking the 'exclusive' box over & over .... At least it seems Alamy were listening.
  21. Totally agree. I urge Alamy to re-think this rapidly. Alamy want greather than 2% growth achieved by cutting their suppliers royalties by 20% ... The 'tier 1' agencies have a slightly lower royalty rate but a far higher return per image with increased sales volume. There are other 'fairer' ways to achieve a similar result. One already mentioned is a staggered royalty rate 40% for £x of sales and 50% for £x etc ... surely this would encourage your contributors to supply quality images that will sell ... All this has done is alienate your contributors who will now be l
  22. December sport and fitness photoshoot in my London studio (Hackney Wick). Two models, male and female. Hair & makep + styling all booked. Currently storyboarding it to get the maximum number of saleable images from the day.
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