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  1. Would be nice to hear what Alamy say about a $0 sale .. I hope it's an error.
  2. 15 sales .. started off ok .. then it felt like I'd been forgotten ..
  3. Logging in seems to have gone pear shaped. It is impossible from an older ipad and takes several attempts to get to the contributor dashboard on a mac running latest OS. I've used both safari and firefox as browsers ... hope the info helps the Alamy coders!
  4. Totally agree. It's now possible to create precision luminosity masks and use luminosity blending in Lightroom and ACR really quickly rather than having to do it in Photoshop. Well worth taking a few minutes to play around with it. It's quite a huge leap forward for ACR & Lightroom.
  5. Totally agree. I have seen some good, well produced stock shoots with great models but are shot in countries where the costs to produce are far lower than the UK and the US (or much of Europe for that matter). Then distributed across almost all agencies. Sort of stack it high, sell it cheap mentality. As you rightly say, the highly creative stock shoots with the best talent are few and far between now .. and it shows ....
  6. I think you have hit the nail on the head. No longer can I afford to hire in models for stock shoots. As you rightly say there are some brilliant diverse models available but are way out of the price range for stock shoots. The drop in commission and the ever decreasing sales prices are the main reason for not being able to shoot these images for Alamy. Kind of a chicken and egg situation.
  7. Ok ... my kettle went bang this morning so to be able to buy a new cheap one with my royalty split on these sales I'd need Alamy to sell another 223 at this price. Please get selling as I want a warm cuppa
  8. Had exactly the same today .. $0.18 and it's in perpetuity too!! I know it will be a bulk sale but please Alamy as suppliers we can't make a living wage from this kind of sale. Our images must be worth more than this surely?
  9. Thanks for that .. really useful to know. Yes there is quite a price difference for esentially the same spec. Cheers.
  10. I just wondered if anyone out there is using a Nikon Z fc for street / stock shots? I've probably already got more cameras and lenses than anyone really needs (a couple of D850s, Df etc, mainly for my commercial work) but I was thinking of something much smaller for those days where I don't want to lug a load of kit around with me or I'm just popping to the shops but don't want to miss a stock photo opportunity :) Would love to hear if anyone has any 'real world' experience of this camera.
  11. These days I doub't there is very much difference. If you just want an 'auto' conversion then I'd try both and see which one works best for you and your own colour preferences etc. With a little bit of tweaking both will be capable of very similar results. The latest ACR / Lightroom is now as good as Capture One (but then I'm using Nikon so it might be different for Sony). They all have their pros and cons .. go with what works best for you and your workflow, any differences are so slight.
  12. I'm not sure but I doubt that they will as some tools and functions are simply unavailable in the free version that they use in the Pro version.
  13. Totally agree .. I have no idea why Alamy ditched the idea of keeping those of us supplying exclusive content with some kind of incentive (50% seemed fair, especially as many of us started out at 70% back in the day as they say). To make up the shortfall in commission the obvious choice is to put our content with other outlets, not something I ever wanted to do. Maybe Alamy might rethink it one day ..... (I can dream!).
  14. I use Capture One Pro for Nikon and have been using their software for many years .. I use it mainly for my commercial tethered studio work as it is very stable and has a lot of features that clients quite like (overlays, page mock up etc), however I still prefer to use Lightroom and Photoshop for everything else. I think Lightroom has recently caught up with C1 and with a little bit of tweaking can give comparable raw conversions. Lightroom is probably a little easier to learn too. Hope my ramblings help!
  15. The new method is 'Save a Copy' just below the 'Save As' option. It was forced onto Adobe by the latest Apple updates apparently.
  16. If you have a bunch of DX lenses already maybe get the D7500 or a secondhand D500. If you go FX the 28-300mm lens is a great all round lens. Not the the lightest lens but certainly saves weight by not having to carry too much else with you. I'd agree with others here, the D600 /610 is a great camera. There are also some quite good deals on secondhand D800 /810s too. I don't think bigger images make better sales on Alamy (well, certainly not for me) .. my photos sell just as well that were taken with a D200 sixteen years ago as some of my current photos taken with a 50mpx camera.
  17. Yep, me too! Suddenly my cleared amount has dropped ... anyone contacted Alamy yet to find out what has happened?
  18. I've just had a PU this month for $ 9.58 ... some really low ball sales this month so far. It's a worrying trend especially as the commission is dropping too.
  19. The chasing is being done by Permission Machine on behalf of Alamy. I really can't see there being much money in it for them when images sell for so little. It usually takes around 50 hours to bring a case to court and with the uplift usually awarded between 2-6 times the normal license fee, its just not financially viable for most infringements. I'm sure it will just be a few emails asking politely to pay up. Better to be non exclusive and do the chasing yourself if Alamy aren't going to.
  20. The Sky Replacement tool in Photoshop is very useful and I can fully understand why Ed is using it on those images. There are a lot of tweaks that can be made with it to match colours etc with the sliders in the dialog box. Once done a lot more can be altered by opening up the layers. You can blur the sky with Gaussian Blur to suit the original image and you can go into the mask and go over the edges of the subject with the brush tool (using white or black depending on the mask) set the blending option to 'opacity' with a very low flow and clean up the edges. Remember to set the opac
  21. Agreed ... I doubt Alamy will bother to explain further. Hard to tell your contributors that a 10-20% increase in profits - by doing nothing, looks good to the board members and shareholders. Great for share dividends and staff bonuses though. Maybe they should invest a little more in their contributors, they are after all what has made Alamy unique in a competitive market place. This latest contract change and rate cut appears by the number of pages on this forum to have been one step too far for many of us loyal and many long term contributors. The goodwill, trust and warm fuzzy
  22. Have you emailed for an explanation? I'm about to .. More of us should probably ask directly (or Alamy please feel free to give us an explanation on the forum). I very much doubt they will change their minds but it would be good to hear why especially as they claimed they had no plans to cut the commission to photographers. I'll be concentrating on my commissioned photography rather than shooting for Alamy.
  23. I've always wondered about this dubious conversion, frequently from Sterling to Dollars and back to Sterling with a 2.5% spot rate conversion .. looks horribly like another deduction from the photographer that goes to Alamy. Maybe if they read forum posts they might care to explain it and why it is necessary for all transactions and not just those in foreign currencies. Thanks for doing the maths Paul, that really is an awful return on our work!
  24. There is now no reason to stay exclusive. Lots of good reasons to go non exclusive. 1. You can put your images with as many outlets as you want to help make up the 20% loss that Alamy are now taking from you. 2. If you sell direct it stops Alamy contacting your client before informing you.
  25. I agree with every word you say. Why are they alienating the loyal, long term and engaged suppliers? As you rightly say it makes no commercial sense. They are actively pushing us to go non exclusive to avoid any conflict with our direct clients and so we can now supply other outlets to make up the shortfall that Alamy have taken from our commission. A bitter pill to swallow especially when the likes of you and I have been loyally supplying Alamy for nearly 20 years each! Simple answer if Alamy are actually listening or have any care for those who supply them
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