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  1. Hi Mirco - sorry, have only just seen this so my comments may be too late and already made but for interest I would keyword this as follows:


    Caption: Street scene, Karpacz town centre, Poland Europe


    Esskeys: karpacz poland street scene town centre center


    Main: (name of hotel) hotel polish towns road view europe european blue sky sun sunshine sunny day people


    Hope this is helpful!




    Hello Kumar,


    Thanks for your input! This give me something to think about.



  2. Thanks for the imput Paul.


    I already have a Nex 7. Nice camera but it doesn't do what I want. It falls down badly in the macro stakes. I may end up buying a 30macro for it, but I'm exploring all avenues first.


    In particular I want a camera that will:

           macro focus when I want to photograph close - eg fungus.

           Will give a good depth of field when I want to show the fungus in its setting.

           Can be used as a general landscape/townscape camera as well, without carrying a ton of equipment on my aging shoulders.


    Maybe my dream camera doesn't exist!!



    By the way i have the macro 30 mm with my NEX-6 and you can see on my portfolion some snails and fungus made with on the first pages.



  3. Everyone seems to like the Sony NEX-6. Personally I wouldn't go back to a bridge camera but the APS-C sensor cameras are doing a good job on image quality. Seriously considering dumping all this heavy Canon gear, due to me tearing a muscle in my shoulder carrying it all about. 




    I switched also from Canon 50d to Sony Nex-6. Sony Nex-6 has a much smaller body with a slightly larger sensor then the Canon 50d. But this is a personal choice. With image quality you will loose nothing. The rest is a question what fits better to you. Since i switched i make more images and with more fun since i feel more freedom. Others i know prefare to have the body fill their hands. The best is to go to the store and check it out yourself.



  4. I am considering getting a bridge camera as a "take everywhere" camera. Unfortunately most seem to be on the unsuitable camera list.

    Does anyone know of a good bridge camera that gives acceptable QC results?

    I have tried compact cameras, but I just can't make friends with them!!


    Any suggestions gratefully received.





    I am not the person that wants to discourage people to buy this what they like. When somebody wants something they will have their reasons. But here i have to change the route. It seems that you need a camera that you can take easily with you but doesnt cost to much money. I will say like this .... so bigger sensor so better possibilities. For the price of a bridge camera you can get a Sony-NEX 3 for example. It is super small and has a much larger sensor than any bridge camera.


    For stock i would advise you to check out this sony Nex 3.




  5. Sometimes i think what is in stock terms meaned with street photography? Does it include also images taken in supermarkets for example? Or shots of landmark including people? Because when i look at the portfolios from the highest earners here i see that almost all images are taken in the street or indoors of restaurants and other public places. If this all is street photography then it looks like it is a good subject. If somebody can explain it to me i would be very happy :).



  6. Dear fellow photographers,


    I am since few months sending my images to Alamy and similar stock sites. Before this time my work went to RF Microstock. I noticed that i can get good sales here at Alamy or others and let me came to the conclusion that it is worth it to keeps sending images. In general it gives me somehow a better feeling having images here at Alamy. On Microstock it is starting to get really bad.... i used to have 5 dollar sales 3 years ago. Now the most are like 35 cents. So 100 sales and my images are spread everywhere for unlimited use and getting 35 dollars.


    My question is if there is someone that also leaved microstock to continue with only traditional stock and do you think it is even better for my Alamy sales to totally get rid of microstock?



  7. I think that if the payment threshold is becoming a problem, then maybe the portfolio isn't appealing enough to buyers. I've never heard a peep out of folk who earn a lot and have regular sales, with regards to thresholds. Why? Because they have rock solid sales potential in their libraries. 


    I count myself into this theory too, but if we are so worried about payment thresholds and having to get them lowered, then maybe there's a deeper issue with regards to our contribution to Alamy. 


    This Alamy system requires work. Research, investigation and an eye for an image telling a story or a great travel shot. Snapping a shot from a window because it's raining outside not only shows a sheer lack of commitment but it will show in the views/zooms and lack of sales. I use the above as an example, because I've done it myself loads of times. 


    If there was a great amount of sales in a large number of peoples work, then we wouldn't be shouting at Alamy at all for keeping the threshold at $175. We'd all be clearing that every month. Lowering it, means that you'll never strive to earn more. You'll always be floating about in the fine line of the threshold. 


    Actually i was thinking like this also ...... i am just afraid of red arrows :). But indeed it is better to use the energy to try making more money then rescue 6 dollars.....



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  8. Hello everyone,


    I am sometimes aksing myself if my way of keywording is efficent. Off course i read the Alamy guidelines etc.. But in practice it can be sometimes different.


    I can give the following image as example with keywords. Do you think it is good enough keyworded? Thanks allready for you help and time.





    Hotel and walking people at a roundabout in Karpacz, Poland


    Essential keywords:

    hotel building roundabout street people


    Main Keywords:

    restaurant road town persons walking trees forest "mountain town" green sunny bright


    Comprehensive keywords:

    blue sky Karpacz Poland Polish clouds






    I think it will indeed harm your search result. If a client put "bird" and you have this word two times then the photographer that has 1 word will be higher in the results.




    You really shouldn't make statements like this unless you know it to be correct which this is definitely not.




    Hello Pearl,


    I guess i was indeed to fast with this. I am just used about this way of searching from other agencies. I tought it is a standard thing :(. Sorry for my false information, dont ever follow my thinkings.



  10. If I wish to continue receiving Alamy payments into my Euro account then I must pay a fee apparently. This has nothing whatsoever to do with PayPal.



    i meaned to say that i am happy that we can have a extra office. And about the fee i guess it is something withhold by paypal and not Alamy.



    It's not 'something withhold by paypal'  . Are you high?????


    I think you'll find it is (in a fashion). And abusing fellow forum members is really poor form, imo.




    I don't regard 'Are you high?' as abuse.






    Actually after living 20 years in the Netherlands i could be high. But today not :). I will place my new oppinion on the moment i get high.



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