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  1. Philippe, You must like me a lot to give me so much information . Thanks a lot for that. Very appreciated. Your words let me think and thats another reason why i like Alamy so much. This Forum full of people that wants to help you. Thanks for your very interesting answer. Mirco
  2. Hello Mickfly, Dont worry..... i made this topic for sharing my experience. If you want to add something for your images it is very ok . By the way i am not trying to discourage anybody because it is a fact that Alamy is very good income source for many so keep on going.
  3. Not exactly Craig...a smaller percentage yes. It is difficult in these days for me to decide to go fully to macro stock. I am trying to see if i can switch but in the meantime the revenues from microstock are coming in what foreces me to keep it running. This is i guess the issue. I feel like hypocriet. On one way i dont find it that great that Microstock sells for so lower fees comparing to Alamy but on the other hand i keep submitting to them since they have lots of juice for me . This is the business and we all choose what works. I can understand the situation that some macrostock photographers are angry at microstockers but on the other side i have also understanding. It is like loosing everything for something that maybe will work.
  4. Hello colleagues, I am very impressed about many photograpgers here how many sales they reach per month. It takes a lot of time and energy to reach that. Alamy seems to be a good income source for many photographers. It shows also that the level of images despite the larger tolerance of Alamy are higher here than on Microstock and makes me believe you will keep on be succesfull because of the different market. I take the example from my images that as good as not sold here. I had a test phase with Alamy with my kind of "Casual" images. I uploaded 5.000 images in the last 3 months. This kind of images i also have on microstock that gives me good revenue. I see the sales passing every day. Smaller revenue per images but the amount of sales compensate it. With this kind of images i dont have any success on Alamy (my keywording in not better at Microstock). So conclusion from my side: I have as good as no sales with the same kind of images that i have on microstock. On microstock with half portfolio size far more sales from 1 agency. Not counting the others. On the other hand other photographers make here great income. So i think that the good earning photographers dont need to be afraid of Microstock since it has a totaly different group of clients. Perhaps my problem is that i have to casual images that fits better in the Microstock world. Also i guess that UK and US has more potential. Anyway i like Alamy anyway very much and hope still to see some more sales pop up. Also i like to read the topics in this forum. Mirco
  5. Hello everyone, I have almost 5.000 images online for 3 months and also 0 sales. I was also thinking if this could be normal or not. I know some of you dont like microstock but i have on some sites half the amount like i have on Alamy but get far more revenue. I am not even talking about the site with 4900 images. My plan is to test out Alamy if it will fit me. Sometimes i assume it is because i have most images made in Poland or because it needs more time until it starts to run. I can not go out from that i have bad images since my photography are doing very well at other agencies. I am positive person so i will keep on going.
  6. Total masacra ....... 0 sales I will just ban this month from my life and drink less wine to compensate. Mirco
  7. Yes... sounds great idea to me. For me this is the main reason why i am able to shoot so many images in short time. Many shoots are planned of course but additionaly are many spontanic images. They are many times more interesting than the planned ones. Like i said i have always my camera with me and come regulary with images home on days that i did not planned to shoot anything. Off course my girlfriend is not that happy to see the camera all the time with me but like this my portfolio is only growing with daily life images. I think the key is to not take your camera to go out and shoot blindly around. The way is to be outside, planned or not, AND HAVE YOUR CAMERA ALWAYS WITH YOU. The moments will come to you then. I have all the time of the world. If you are not confinced just check out my portfolio . Mirco By the way .... this is one of the typical not planned shots. Butterfly landed on me during a walk. I took camera out and got that shot with my Sony Nex-6:
  8. Krisken, When the camera makes standard for example 45 mb files i would just leave it like that. When it is at 100 percent view sharp then i really dont think that you will gain for making it smaller. You will loose time and quality will not be better. I only use it when the image is slightly not 100 percent sharp. Then i downsize it to let the unsharpness "fade away". But downsizing a 100 percent sharp image will only bring disadvantage i think. Mirco
  9. Hello Bryan, This is a good point. I was actually also some times thinking about this. However i can not give you any experience since i am not that long on Alamy but anyway i wanted to reply that i also like you never upsize images. I always want to have the highest quality and this is by keeping it like it is. I think sharper images goes above the size. As a client i would prefer to pay less for sharper smaller images than higher price for bigger less sharp image. My opinion is just keep on uploading with the original size. Mirco
  10. So good as never failed i can tell you my longest waiting even with passing was 7 days. This was send on friday and passed on the second saturday. By the way i see that you will have soon your frist 1000 images onlines. Gongratulations for that. It is quit some work to come to that. Mirco
  11. Fail in batch number 1 means fail in all next 14 batches. They just think that if they found in one there could be more in the rest. So it is better to wait as soon you feel that a batch could get a decline.
  12. I have it on auto as long the images are technically correct. Never needed to change. Mirco
  13. If you think about it when you are in public everybody sees you and everybody know what you are doing. You are open to the crowd. Thats why i think release is not nescessary. Instead of being seen by people around you you are seen by readers. For me it make sense that as long you are in public there should be no issue with releases yes or no. When you are in somebodies home then it will become different of course. It is somehow like stealing the privacy. So again... for us that makes images most of all on public places and events should not need to ask for releases. Going on public means showing yourself.
  14. This is exactly what i mentioned. The Sony NEX cameras have excellent in camera noise reducing. Far better then on my Canon 50d that i had. It is not that Sony Nex has a bad RAW file. It is like all other cameras that i had. It is just that the Sony Nex has very excellent in camera processing. Sony knows exactly what the camera is capable off and it looks it is optimaly used. I made concert images on ISO 1600 in RAW. Many i could not use because the noise was not to rescue manually or to much work. But all the ISO 1600 JPEG shots in camera resulted very well and could use most of them. I noticed that the 16MP sensors that are in the NEX 5n or NEX 6 do slightly better then the 14MP. But it is very small difference. Mirco
  15. Hello fellow photographers, Model release for "editorial images". When yes when no. This is for me always a big challenge. Especially here in Poland. As soon i ask somebody to sign a model release in the streets they get directly scared and dont trust what i totally understand. I always try to get on when i am with known people. But what if you are in the street and there are 8 people on the image. I think in this case it would be not nescessary since there is not a specific person the main subject. What do you think? Do i think right that in general it is allowed to publish images of people in magazines or textbooks without permission as long it is on a public place and the person is not the only subject? Or is it like that that for editorial use you can shoot anything? I ask because there are some agencies that anyway would prefer a release even if it is for editorial. Thanks. Mirco
  16. I believe it's called an "Autolock Shoe Adapter." Sony's part number is ADP-AMA. Sony sells it for about $30 in Canada. Whoops! I might be wrong. It could be this adapter instead. Perhaps Mirco can clarify. The adapter on your link is exactly the one i have. Works great . Depending where you life it could be difficult to get. Poland was a problem.... Germany everywhere. Good luck. Mirco
  17. I actually also noticed that the noise reducing perfomance from camera leads to much better results then after raw. I dont know why but is is a fact. ISO 800 JPEG from camera is really good. Sometimes i can use even ISO 1600. Depending in wich light of course. But maybe i am just not good enough with reducing noise myself
  18. John, I find it actually strange..... i send images from my Nex-5n in ISO 800 witouth problems. But i let the camera do the noise processing since i shoot directly in JPEG.... never a fail....... Mirco
  19. Micro, If I do some alterations and tick 'yes', would it make a difference in what licensing I should choose? Mickfly, Doesn't make difference. Just remember that with RF if there are people or trademark objects you always need a release. If you dont have release then RM should be choosen.
  20. Mickfly, You can upload whatever you want..... as slong you choose in the attrubutes for "yes" by the question "Is the image digital altered?". Of course if you have editorial it will be better to make candid shots since editorial clients needs to see the "real view". Mirco
  21. Thanks Bryan Phil, I only can say thanks for using your time to give me so detailed advice. I appreciate it. Mirco
  22. Over here the AF/exposure coupled ones are about £50 a set. Uncoupled, about £7. Thanks, so I assume that the image stabilization built into the 18-55 lens works with the extension tubes as well. Lack of IS is a major drawback with the Sony 30mm macro lens and the main reason I probably wouldn't buy one. Hi John, Just to add one comment about the 30 mm macro. I dont miss the IS on that lens since i use macro lenses only with a tripod. Doing a good macro without tripod is almost impossible and IS i always put off on other lenses as soon i put the on tripods. So i think in my case IS on the macro for macro is useless. It is different of course when you need to use it for other subjects. Thats why i say in my case. Mirco
  23. For example this one.... on of the thousands of others is set before i shot it. Without post processing and just like this from the camera. It was directly ok. Of course you could make the plant look better without the dirt but i keeped it especially natural. I think it is set perfectly from in camera. Good colors, contrast and white balance.
  24. WORK HARDER! Whop-eesh! Take more pictures. More pictures >> more keywording to do >> less boredom >> more money ................. .................... ....................... Just kidding. Still surprised how you managed to reach the 4000 barrier in such little time with a full-time job Cheers, Philippe I have indeed full time job.....but i am combining everything as good as possible. Like i said since i have my mirrorless camera i can do a lot of settings before the image is made what saves me a lot of post processing afterwards. Also i delete directly images that i dont need from the camera while i am shooting. Before i shot to post process. Now i shoot and check wich need to be processed. There are of course still that needs small corrections but much less then before. It works very good for me. I have as good as never rejections. Here on Alamy not and some other agencies. My key is to do it right at once and try to do as much as possible when i have some empty space. Also the fact that i will be father on february next year gives me some extra energy like "now or never" . Mirco
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