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  1. I shoot for 90% directly in JPG. Saturation, white balance, contrast and brightness i do in camera before making the shot. Electronic viewfinder makes it possible. Afterwarts i only check for sharpness and eventually cleaning spots. Works very good for me...high acceptance rate on most agencies. The noise reducing of my camera is so optimal that i could not do it better. Raw 1600 ISO i can not make a clear image of it. JPEG in camera noise control in 1600 ISO no problem..... concert images all over the place on different agencies. But it is depending on camera and situation of course and your comfort. I am shooting in raw since 4 years and know all the details of how a digital photo is made. I only let the camera do most of my work now since i trust it .
  2. Good morning, Did you had passed batches in the morning? Or no changes? Thanks. Mirco
  3. Thats a great example.... this reminds me the tax inspector when he finds a bad booking at the first sight in a companies accounting.
  4. Esepcially when you wake up on a morning with a hangover and you start to look at Jeff Greenberg profile....... it will make you feel to grab some vodka
  5. Or you can do like me lauzy keywording and upload 5000 images in 3 months . Off course a joke...... dont follow me or you will end up making you first sale after 3 months and that of a beer glass .
  6. This system also lets us check the images more wisely. It is not as on many other agencies that some people just dont care so much because they know that the editors will do. What happens ...... many bad images coming online since the editors have to check thousands of images per day what makes it easy to let some bad images pass. Not good for agency and worst not good for you. When client gets a bad image on your name he will avoid you next time. When Alamy discover 1 bad image they assume that the rest are also not good edited because if you did they would be al 100 percent ok. They all have to be 100 percent and not 99. Good luck . Mirco
  7. Ah, don't worry! We'll all come to your place this weekend. Alamy doesn't work on weekends. You also have crisps? I like salt, not paprika, but perhaps others like it. See ya, Philippe The first sale should be a 10.000 dollar sale ..........
  8. I dont know if Alamy will be happy with a bunch of drunk photographers ....
  9. It's buried in the Alamy contract small print. I'm not driving tonight. Richard. Thats why it is always good the read the full contract . Especially when it was a glass of beer it should be a sign that maybe i missed something with not reading it. Unfortunately Polish people are not such whisky drinkers.....but i can always take Zubrowka Vodka
  10. Great!!!!! Guiness :) I love Westmalle trappist dubbel also ....
  11. Thanks everybody for my mini success . The funny thing is that i would expect to have sold this image in Poland......but in the morning i found out that the sale went to the US.
  12. Actually this is the alcohol free one of my pregnant girlfriend. I allready drunk half of my dark Polish Fortuna beer to come to the idea to make this easy image. The drink brought me to an sale. I will head up to the bar tommorow and take some couple of drinks more..... i hope to report new sales next week .
  13. Hello everyone, I just feel to mention that today i had my first reported sale on alamy. Only for 50 - deduction of 22,50 makes for me i guess 11 dollars. But anyway happy that the first is in . It is a editorial. Here the image: This shows again that almost everything can sell. Small amount .... but at least a first push . Mirco
  14. You just need to be hard to yourself. Checking images of other people and seeing errors is much easier. But accepting 4% unsharpness on own images is harder for some people. You see it and you want to give it a try because you love your own image to much. You really have to check at 100 percent and it has to be 100 percent sharp. Just imagine that you want to sell your camera and show the maximum sharpness that the camera can produce in order to sell it quicker. You have to zoom on the image and when it is sharp until you see Pixels then it is SHARP. If it happens before get rid of the image. I have 150 batch submissions and only 1 failed at the beginning. I think batch 3. But after never! This should be your goal. Small tricky tip: To much noise is something that will be also not accepted but on the other hand it is better to have noise then unsharpness. For example you have dark situation and your are standing with ISO400 and 1/40 shutterspeed. To have more chance for sharp images just turn the ISO to 800 to get maybe 1/60. ISO 800 is still acceptable at many cameras. But again this is only a operating tip. The most important is the end result. So check if the images are sharp.... VERY sharp and acceptable noise. Mirco
  15. Hello fellow photographers, Maybe a beginners question but i dont mind . I am many times doubting about what includes editorial use. I am talking about in wich media unreleased editorial images can be used in. I am aware that it depends also per country but i am wondering if this images can be also used in books.... Books like travel, nature, technology....... If i would be a client can i use a unreleased editorial image for a travel book? Thanks in advance. Mirco
  16. Interesting.... Does somebody also know how much Alamy payed out to contributors last year? Mirco
  17. Hello everyone , I am wondering myself one thing out of curiousity. Since years there are editorial images available at Microstock for much smaller prices then here on Alamy or other macro agencies. Does anybody know what is the reason that costumers keeps buying on Macro agencies? Is there some benefits of getting images from Macrostock? Mirco
  18. I can add from my experience... I think it depends what you shoot indeed. I was first for many years at microstock and for me somehow my kind of images work far better there. But on the other hand there are many photographers here that makes lots of revenue. When you will start submit to shutterstock you will notice sales on the same day that they are accepted. It will be small revenues like 0,33 cents up to 56 dollars(could be few per month). But this forum is about Alamy. Choice can be also affected by if you shoot editorial. When you shoot editorial and want to have the same images on more agencies then you have to choose OR Microstock OR Alamy. For me it feels that the fight for part of revenue is more easier in microstock. My brother for example started like half year ago and is making allready revenue of 200 dollars per months what i think is very good for somebody that is just half year in stock. Alamy is a harder game,
  19. Indeed, This thread starts to become a detailed manual made by pros. You just have to come with the right problems and the experienced Alamy shooters come out from their nest .
  20. I like this thread .... The hard game for me is as following... Speaking only about editorial. I have about 400 editorial images on microstock sites. Despite the small provision i have daily sales from them and give me +/- 100 dollars per month net. (for my kind of editorial images) So my big struggle to continue putting my next editorial images to Microstock and wait what Alamy does or still feeding Alamy? Technically i should make with 2.000 editorial images on Microstock 500 dollars a month with the right images of course. I guess that my images are not good enough to pay 300 for and go much better for 3 dollar sales with the advantage of having many downloads that compensate difference of revenue per image.
  21. Thanks Philippe, I feel guilty that you help so much. I will follow for sure many of you advices otherwise i will have to make 200.000 gray images to get 3 sales per month . I think the best moment for colorful people is waiting till the gay parade ends in for example Amsterdam and stand guard in front of a building until some of them pass . But jokes beside it makes of course much sensewhat you are writing. When i look back you where in many points right that i am to hasty....i will try to look at your adivces and take them in practice. Whatever it is here on Alamy or other agencies. Mirco
  22. Yes this is true.... the examples of your images look really inviting. I like them a lot and was directly curious to know more about this place. So i get the message. It is just that i also like to shoot some events like a recently Tasting Food event in Poznan. This is very difficult to sell here i guess. I have some of that images on Dreamstime for example and it sells. Off course for peanuts like 2 dollars in average for editorial. But if i would have 10.000 images of that kind online i could make some significan revenue. But Dreamstime has like 6,5 million costumers so it is very big change that there are many Polish clients. This is only one example. If i would had this event in the UK for sure i had much more chance to sell it on Alamy. At least when i look at the Alamy Measures. Another thing is also that on Agencies like Dreamstime with allready 300 images you can see in less time what sells and what not to look at the sales and views of your images since everything there is real time. I can imagine Alamy needs much more time for that so thats why i will sit back work on my keywords and wait what time says. Mirco
  23. Losdemas, For sure i will not give up on Alamy. I was acctualy planning your suggestion. I will not upload now sit back and do some keyword work. I think i should give it much more months before deciding anything. Thanks for you input. Mirco
  24. Thanks you all again for honoust sensefull replies. I am looking at my images and it is true they could need some improvements to say it softly.....this i can change. But i still think that the main reason is that there is a lacks of need of Polish subjects comparing to UK or US. 2 reasons: 1. When i put on the search field : Polish food market or Polish people or Poznan old square for example my images appear on the first page. So potential clients could see them 2. When i check on alamy measures on All Alamy for Polish search terms then i dont see many results in one year. I heard some people saying it and also i start to believe it could be true that the real sales comes in after having a large collection of UK/US images. Otherwise you need images from many countries in Europe where i dont have the time for since i have a full time job. So maybe in my case i should see Alamy as a occasional income source next to the (sorry ) microstock agencies where i have a regular significant income from. I sell there for example also editorial Polish images and they are regulary downloaded even that i have there much less images then on Alamy. It split them for testing wich platform works better. This is my speculation.... i could be wrong but i doubt it.
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