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  1. Hi Phil, Just to answer your question. Also in Microstock you have to add the keywords yourself. 3 sales from that small amount of images is in my oppinion also good. Mirco
  2. Hello Andy, I am/was exactly in the same situation so i have some experience on that. First of all i learned that Alamy and Microstock are reaching two different markets. I am 3 months on Alamy now and in the last period i start to see growth in my portfolio traffic. I started in the first two months to have doubts because no sale wanted to come in. On the same time i saw many photographers having great succes on Alamy so i kept on going and kept uploading. I reached 5000 images here and in the last two weeks my first three sales came in. Zooms and views are increasing and i am expecting this month also sales. To get the same revenue in Microstock i would need there approx 120 downloads. This is my story. It is very difficult to compare this two worlds. Keep in mind also that more images are needed to make regular revenue from Alamy. Also patience is a good thing to have before the first sales come in. It is not like on microstock that sales are coming in real time. The 3 sales i had reported now where all realy made in August. Again...there is no specific rule wich way to go.... like me you can test both see wha fits you depending on your time and what kind of images you shoot. I did microstock for 4 years and started 3 months ago with "traditional" stock. I was sending images to 9 different microstock agencies. Now i send to Alamy/AGE and feel that it is matching my needs more and that i can make more out of it. I have more time for photography and myself and revenues are growing here. My goals is to pass the monthly amount i receive on microstock and then concentrate on only one world since i dont want to compete against myself. Mirco
  3. Hello Danny, Always nice to read from you . I dont think i am taking away your traffic since the zooms are most of the times related to Polish subjects. Even the sales looks like the interest is going to Polish area. I hope it is my ranking..... Mirco
  4. Hello everyone! For my statistics i start to get curious about the recent traffic i received on my images. My sales started to come in and i receiced this last period daily zooms and i feel it increasing. Did you also feel especially this last two weeks some increase or is it my portfolio that is starting to rank up? Thank you. Mirco
  5. I would mark them all without doubt. Better 1 sale for 7 dollars then no sale for 0 dollars. Anyway i see many photographers having also large sales from distributors. Maybe good idea to try it out.... i really dont see any disadvantage. Mirco
  6. David! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Very interesting and useful. Mirco
  7. 3 sales that is for me a beginning. Hope for at least minimal the same in december.
  8. Doc, I had yesterday sales and i can see them very clearly . Mirco
  9. This is even better mickfly. 264 and allready 1 sale. Gongrats!
  10. Jeff Greenberg.... I think when my son will be 18. My son is not born yet. Maybe my next big empty hole is just in front of me so i use this day to be happy. Mirco
  11. Third sale came just now. So my next was allready quick. It looks like a nice day . The interesting thing is that it are exactly the first two zooms i had. The second zoom i had 5 days later but anyway on the same day invoiced.
  12. Thanks for your answer Danny. I know that i can expect emptyness. I am anyway happy. Also because a sale will bring the ranking up. I will let you know what will happen for sure if you want. Escpecially because we are both new. Mirco
  13. I just had my second sale . So two sales this month. It looks like i only needed patience. The next will come for sure soon also. Thanks for your nice words and advices. But dont worry i will not put a new message for every sale. It is just for the firsts. This image i sold today:
  14. I think you can have a small revenue of $5 dollars or nothing. I prefer 5$ so in am opted in . Mirco
  15. No worries, that's what this forum is for Cheers, Philippe Yes.... and read especially Philippe's post. There is much usefull information. . Mirco
  16. Barbara, It depends what you ask. Do you ask if a commercial people image (with release) sells better then a editorial one without? Or Editorial with release versus Editorial without? I am not long on Alamy but i have to say that on other agency for example i have more commercial images then editorial but anyway i sell more editorial ones. On the next is the other way. It just depends wich clients the agency have. I hear that Alamy has a big group of editorial costumers. Also many big earners here are editorial photographers. In fact a image with MR you can sell commercial and editorial so it sounds that you have more chance for sale. But on the other hand like i said before a editorial client would choose the one with brands and not model people wich are most of the time without releases. Maybe you should look at the image and start to think where it could be used for. If a image could fit in a travel guide i would leave it and dont loose to much time with getting a release since for this kind of publication is no release needed. Also getting releases from people on the street is very hard. This above was more a general opinion. But coming back to your case. If you dont have any special logos or whatever in your image and you can get the MR then i would do it and yes it will increase the chance for sales in general. Mirco
  17. Yes... Exactly like Danny added. But this counts only for RF. You can still sell for editorial as RM.
  18. Hello Barbara i guess ? The benefit is that you can sell the image also for commercial use next to editorial if there is no trademark included. When there is something with trademark you need to clone it out in order to can sell the image commercially. Without releases it can be only editorial. Depending of what the image is you can make a choice. Sometimes i leave a image in purpose ediorial and dont remove the logos and so on. When a editorial client is looking for example a person at a bus stop they would prefer the one with logos and "real" people then the commercial looking one (without logos and posed people).
  19. Hello Nick, I think you dont need to worry anyway. You did your part by telling that you dont have releases available at the parameters. So no worries. ( Ik denk dat je je geen zorgen hoeft te maken. Jij hebt je plicht gedaan door te vermelden dat je geen releases hebt voor deze afbeelding. Geen reden om je zorgen te maken.) Mirco
  20. When i see this then i am afraid that i started the beer hype here...... i hope not ........
  21. He has told us the image code Pearl Thanks for your little push in the right direction Pearl
  22. Great !!!!! Just for my curiousity.... you dont need to show us the image but just tell what image it was in general? Mirco
  23. I only can say because of the mirrorless technology i shoot most in JPEG. It is a technlogy that is made to be used. I dont shoot JPEG because i dont know how to use RAW. I know it very well. I worked 5 years with RAW. It is just much easier then before to shoot JPEG since everything is showing in the viewfinder in real time.
  24. Hello together, I am using it also and it indeeds perform very well. I am very happy about it and will never give it away . By the way... it is not in the Alamy list but since the Nex 3 and 5 are included it makes it obvious that the NEX -6 is approved. No need to worry . Mirco
  25. Just keep this confidence . I have a feeling you will be allright now. I had last time issue with processing error what will create a partly fail.I have a feeling that i catched it again since you all have pass messages. Lets give it some more hours.
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