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    I'm not telling anybody to stop uploading, I only give my 2 cents why people are not selling and keep moaning. It's up to you to give it a thought or to keep dreaming.


    If you want to step in the stock business, you need ........... "stock".

    I'm sorry if what I wrote is not up your alley, but I keep both feet firmly on the ground, I'm not a dreamer. I follow the traditional stock business (RM) since 2002 and if you find recent positive news, please show it to me, 'cause I can't find it. Instead, I read about prices going down, contributors' shares diminishing (60% > 50%), agencies going broke, publishers going broke, less sales, etc.


    Ask the "moaners" what their experiences are. Click on contributors' avatars and see in their profile page when they became an Alamy member. There are plenty out there who became contributors many, many years ago and still have less than 2000 images on board. Ask their figures if they are willing to share them. Ask them if it's still worth the trouble or do the math yourself. Think you'll find many success stories? Why is it they have so few images after all these years? Because they sell so well? Or lack of motivation because they don't find it worthwhile to spend any more time on it?

    Contact Mirco and hear what he's got to say. That guy worked his butt off for Alamy. Having high expectations doesn't last very long when you're not rewarded in time. I bet there are MANY others who were in the same situation we never heard of.


    There are success stories. But guess when they started and what numbers they have on board (found one who started after 2008 ...??). They still upload because they have regular sales for the reasons I pointed out before: regular sales > constant CTR > better visibility > more zooms > more sales. It's a vicious circle which you can enter when you start right away with LOTS of pictures, not with a handful.

    B.t.w. those lucky ones with 10,000+ images have to add more and more pictures NOT to gain more money, but just to acquire the same profits. Tells a lot about the health of the stock business.


    Is all that Alamy's fault? Certainly not. They are doing the best they can. It's simply the media who refuses to pay what they used to before the crisis in 2007-2008.


    I say it again, those who want to start from scratch, missed the boat 5-6 years ago. And those good old days are not coming back :(


    Dirk, just an idea. Why don't you find some other photographers, cooperate and submit all those images (thousands) at Alamy under ONE name. Profit of each other's sales to maintain a good, healthy - and above all - constant CTR. Works for me.






    Thanks mentioning me Philippe :). I see i am a hard worker..... But it is true what you say. I worked much for that and reward is still less.....but it doesnt mean that i am giving up. I am still constantly shooting and uploading. Not everything here perhaps but i general i am active. It is indeed a hard business and i feel it works only with lots of energy.


    I agree again with Philippe. He is a realist and tells what he really thinks.



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  2. Betty, I believe that Alamy's list is of "recommended" cameras, not "approved" cameras. I recently bought a Sony NEX-6, which is not on the recommended list (for reasons unknown), but Alamy accepts images from it. If a cell phone camera takes images of acceptable quality, I don't see why there would be a problem. But who knows?  You could always e-mail member services and ask them before submitting.


    Hmmmm.... John... i have to say that it is quit a hard job to keep track with Sony. They are adding cameras every two months to their collection. On the move all the way. You remember the Sony A3000? Now i saw the official statement of the A5000. It looks totaly different then the A3000 and has even no electric viewfinder. It is very similar to the Nex-5. Poor Alamy if they have to track them haha.



  3. Thanks for the nice replies..... :)


    I will try to explain. My point is that i am photographing many Polish subjects. I just look at views and zooms for example. Last week i made indoor photos of a shopping mall in Poland. I upload them to the agency where i will go exclusive with and i allready have several sales from this shoot. This are Editorial RF licences. I have more Polish sales there then Polish views here. So after 1 month seeing this difference i really feel that the images here should be there. It is not allowed in my case to have both. I think i am missing many sales. It is not fault of Alamy because it is a great source for many other photographers. But in my case.....maybe because i life in Poland the other agency fits me better.


    Also in Poland economy is far different then for example in the UK. 100 dollars for UK feels for Polish like 350 dollars.


    This is my only reason.

  4. Thanks MDM :).


    Paul.... you also thank you very much. I understand that you wish me many sales.... It is not that i think the sales will not come....it is more that i really want to be exclusive and i have to choose one agency. The agency that i choosed for is one where i allready get regular good sales and being exclusive they will give me many attractive extra revenues. It is the only reason. Like i said it was not that easy for me. It also means that i will have all this images here on the other site. So it will be amount of extra images. I just feel to have one so i can make good balance and not spend to much time behind computer. But i appreciate your words very much. Nice to hear that you have 2 children...........


    I really thank you for your kind words and i feeled really stupid to leave without saying anything....... so again it means that i really was pleased here. The great advices of Philippe....the good words of Paul......the back and forth discussions with MDM....the monkey of Craig and so on.

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  5. Hi John,




    I was struggling with that........ but this is how i am. I do a lot of things on the same time.....and many times i do to much things. 4 months ago i was not sure about decision so i tried many possibilities. All the keywords are saved in the images so it was not really a struggle to upload here.


    How crazy it sounds but i will really take 5000+ images out.


    I tried to optimalize my workflow and especially now. 40+ hours job and first child coming. I will have time for one agency only. So i choosed my main stream site and add exclusivity on it to have most from it. I calculated it and in my case it will make sense.



  6. Hello fellow photographers,


    After 1 month of considering..... i made a final decision.


    Like i said i will be father in one month so i will not have time to upload to multiple agencies anymore. So i decided to go exclusive with the agency where i have the longest history and also to get the most out of it.


    I know that i did much effort to upload here but it was worth trying it. Also i had a very nice time in this forum with a lot of nice people. Still i find it the best stock forum that i saw arround.


    I started the deleting process today and i want to thank you all for your friendly support and advice. It helped me a lot.


    I wish you all good luck and succes in 2014!!!!!


    for the case my email adres is mircovacca@live.nl :)

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  7. Also what i found scary is a situation that i had last week.


    A person that i know and knows that i am doing stock asked me he can get images for a regional magazine that he wants to publish. I showed him Alamy but his reaction was that the prices are quiet high. And then i had to show him some microstock agencies..... and what can i say then :(. The quality of the microstock agencies in these days are equal to Alamy. Also there the images should be techincally correct and have sometimes even the feeling that they are less tolerant since they have enough contributors.


    I am really afraid that this will affect the  future of "traditional" stock even more. I really love Alamy like i said and am just concerned. Like i said ... the numbers of new users on microstock is growing fastly. I really dont see why a new costumer would like to spend 180 dollars when he can get same quality for 3 dollars. This really worries me. :(.



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  8. It is a difficult adventure indeed. I am a newcomer also. I am here because i love photography and i have a reason to take images for. But over 5000 images going to 6000 and being here for 4 months it is still not like it goes as on other agency where i started in 2009. Far different results between this two. On that other one i have 4000 images. Also i think microstock is taking more and more from the market. There is one microstock agency that has allready 6,5 million costumers. This is a mega great number and it is growing every month.


    I think it is like Philippe said. But anyway you should always try. You can submit to Alamy and a few others. So still dont loose hope......

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  9. There are so many agencies out there that i want to take any chance i can to get an image sold. If my image is not at the Turkish distributor the Turkish client will but an other similar one the the distributor. 0 revenue for me. If my image would be there i will have maybe 10 dollars but it is always a extra amount. In my perspective i would never resign from that. Anyway we have the choice to opt in or out.

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    Hello John,


    Yep i noticed that. Basically on every Nex depending on the lens. I have the 1.8 50 mm where the disortion is less then the 17-50 for example.


    When i shoot Raw i have to adjust it manually to get to the same results as on JPEG.



    Mirco, the first NEX cameras (NEX 3/5) didn't have in-camera llens corrections listed as options in their menus. I believe they were first added to the NEX 5n. That's why I found it odd. Also, I've only just started experimenting with RAW+JPEG.



    Thanks for your update John. I am indeed talking about Nex 5n and more. Sorry being to quick.



  11. About high volume.


    I think i would love to have a agency that can give me a large choice. If everybody only uploads images that has high searches there will be a lack of less popular images. All the clients that are looking for a subject that is less popular will go out with empty hands. But if you are the one that has the image you will get the sale.


    Also what if a super photographer has 100.000 superior images with different subjects? He should only upload 20.000 because volume is not ok? More good images more sales.



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  12. Micro, did you pull your portfolio from the micros after you realised you were 'helping traditional stock going down'?


    Hello Semmick....


    I did not choose a direction because i realize that i helped traditional stock down. Me alone will not make any difference. It is more because i would like to sell RM images and i can not put it on both. I have editorial on microstock and on Alamy. I was doubting at the beginning but now i see my first sales here coming and also zooms are coming in faster. I see a growth in my traffic here. So it makes me believe that it just needed some time and i am positive about it. This 3 sales made up for 60 microstock sales.


    So i am want to give it a try and go on. And to answer your question...... Yes i did start removing images from Microstock. It is just not going that fast because different agencies have different procedures. But the ones with the lowest fees i am allready out.



  13. I feel so guilty :(.........


    I am also someone that started wit microstock on a day that i just wanted to earn money from my images. Microstock was the easiest way to do so on that time. Now after 5 years doing so and helping traditional stock going down i have to say with the small experience i would start directly with Alamy and some others in the same range.


    Prices went down here.....but the same happened with microstock. I used to have sales 3 dollars per image. Now the general sales are like 0.25 or maybe  0.75. Gongratulations you just sold an image for 1.20 dollars.


    Again i am not a hypocriet. I was a microstocker. And i would choose different if i where smarter on that time. On this moment i am not submitting to microstock anymore even if it will be difficult over here. I want at least give it a try and i realize that it will be a hard way. Even with over 5000 images there is no reason to complain for me. It is like Philippe said .... it is not that easy this days to start and i feel it.


    Not being happy with the sales doesnt help so i go on photographing instead of checking regulary my account.



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