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  1. Hello Ottertrack, Yes for the Pseudonyms & Licence types there is option to put on default. I also activated it. When you are in Manage Images 2.4 you will see on the top next to upload releases the choice defaults and Peudonyms. There you can set it. And about having keywords twice i also think it will have disadvantage. For expample: A client wants to look for a telephone image. Hypotetically if you would have only 1 keyword "telephone" under your image and the clients types it in the search window then your images will come as very relevant and will come very high in the search results. If you would have two times the keyword telephone the client would have to type two times the word in the search window to get it as high as in the first search. So every inrelevant or double keyword will bring you only more down in the search results. I hope it is clear explained . Mirco By the way ..... you have a very good portfolio. It would be pitty to not get the maximum of it.
  2. Hello Steven, Welcome to Alamy. I also joined short time ago and i am also waiting for first sale . I learned from Microstock sites that you need to have patience and keep uploading then suddenly the sales will come. Just keep going and dont loose will. I also am enjoying the extra freedom that a mirrorless camera can give you. It is also always with me so i will not miss quality moments. GOOD LUCK!
  3. Gli italiani sono famosi per essere da per tutto . Lets keep it English before somebody wil ban us haha.
  4. Ed, i did the same like you. I switched from Canon 50d to Sony Nex 6 and i am verry happy. I feel like i make more images because of his flexibility
  5. Hello ottertrack, Are you using Image Manager 2.4? Because there you can choose default licence typ and PSeudonym. You even can select all the images that are ready for editing and put into 1 batch and set them all in once with the same settings. About keywords.... there is no need to copy main keywords to comprehensive ones. Its even not good for search results of you photos. Just put them on Main and keep comprehensive ones empty if you dont have more. Just look for example at the following link: http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/captions-keywords-descriptions.asp Good luck!
  6. I always think that especially a lens is a very good investment. You will have joy with it for many years. If you love photography and you want to buy THAT lens why not? Be happy for your purchase .
  7. Hi dov makabaw, Thank you. It is not performing better on Alamy because of the difference of image amount. But like i said it is a choice also because of time use. Do you have your pics also only on Alamy? By the way.... you have great portfolio Keep on going!
  8. Hello everyone, I have now like 4000 images online at microstock agencies and i just started to send to Alamy. I allready checked out what photographers can earn here and also looking at the fact how many Alamy images you can find in magazines shows that this is a very good platform. Also when looking at my type of images i suit better here. My thinking now is to keep my 4000 images at the microstock sites but stop sending to them and only submit to Alamy as RM. This for few reasons. 1. My images suit better with alamy since i am starting to shoot more street photography. 2. Microstock is going the direction that i am selling images now for 0,33 cent or even worse 0,21 cent. This is almost like giving the images away. 3. More time for photography. This means that i was spending a lot of time with submitting to multiple agencies. Now i want to use the time to photograph more. Images will be not anymore splitted but i will have more images to submit. This gives me more freedom to do that what i love most. Taking images. Sombody also stept over from microstock to Alamy?
  9. Hello Liam, I can help you for sure. You are looking for a small camera that is Alamy friendly and in your budget. In this case i advice you to go for one of the Sony Nex-3 models. They should be in your budget and have image quality that you can expect from a DSLR. This because of the APS-C sensor. I am shooting with the Sony Nex 6 and Sony Nex 5. I am verry happy with my choice. As you can see at my portfolio the images are on pro level. Futher you can go for Olympus Pen. Just makes sure that you have at least a micro 4/3 sensor. Let me know if you have questions.
  10. I am also using pseudonyms. I have one for RM and another for RF. It is indeed more easy to track.
  11. Thanks for the first replies ! I really appreciate it since you are more experienced than me. By the way Sheila and ReeRay. You have very good images. I loved to look at them. Keep on going also.
  12. I think it is a good thing of Alamy. At the end we will all profit from that. . Promo's are part of the business.
  13. Hello everybody, My name is Mirco Vacca and just started to send to Alamy. I have many RF images also on microstock agencies but since i am doing more street photography i think Alamy is a better place for me. I see people making not much sales here but aslo others with 1600 photos selling 20 licences per month. Off course it depends on the quality of your images. I want to give it a try. Feel free to check my portfolio. I am happy to get opinion about it. For sure i can learn something from you. Thank you very much . Mirco
  14. I only can add that i really like to look at the image. Some city images will be shown optimally in the night. This is a good example. Great job.
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