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  1. Hello Paul,

    I think it depends on what you want to do. I see that you are booked in 3 weddings. I know some wedding Photographers. They use to tell as soon you photograph a few weddings with good results the next will come to you. People get married all the time :) and start to talk "I know a good photographer...............". I think it is one good way to get clients. Just produce quality. In this days there are so many websites of Photographers that i dont know if it is worth it if you dont want it. At least at the beginning. Maybe later when you want to extend you feel like your "name" needs to have a website ass a additional information source.



  2. Hello everyone!


    I was wondering myself. I have couple of editorial shots where you can not recognize the place of shooting.


    For example:

    A man with a Nike t-shirt calling with a I-Phone where the shape has trademark issue. This image will be only usable for editorial. Now my question. How would you put the caption? The background are just some trees that could be everywhere taken. So is it better to put a general caption like "Young man using a I-Phone" or would you advice to put anyway also the country and date in the caption?


    I would think it is better to not add it because it looks anyway a general image and maybe the change of sale is higher when i keep it as a general.


    What do you think?


    Thanks in advance!



  3. The same thing to me Bryan. It also depends a lot on if you are constantly playing your images to watch them. If you shoot most of the time you will be ok.


    About keywords ..... i dont use to many. I make sure that i have only relevant keywords. On many images i have only 15 to 20 keywords and they resulting high in the search results. It is like a scale. To much or to less will be afecting you.

  4. I think that all NEX cameras are good for stock. The image quality are on all the same. Its all about if you can work with only lcd or that you prefer the viewfinder. I have the NEX 5n and the NEX-6. I prefer the NEX-6 over the 5n because of the viewfinder. On the other hand the NEX 5n is smaller and is the camera that i have all the time with me. Image quality is both exactly the same. They carry both the same sensor.

  5. I think it is a good idea since it has no mirror. Why the objectives should be larger than need to be. Only hoping that the choice will get much bigger. It looks like the first step of Sony to get rid of the mirrors once and for all. I think in future there will follow the Alpha 5000, 7000 and so on.

  6. To be honoust. It is not that i never shoot Raw. It depends on the situation. When there is the right time of the day with good light i shoot JPEG and do the setting before i make the shot. But for example when there will be situation that the light is not in balance, as example a overlighted sky, then is shoot in raw because there is no way that you can fix it in camera. Then i use Adobe Lightroom and use luminace blue to make the sky darker if possible. This i keep in limit of course.

  7. Hello Paul,


    Thanks for your compliment.

    Actually i saw your images few days ago and i would expect you to have allready regular sales and if not now then for sure when you will reach a few thousands. You have lots of good people images where they are doing something.

    Wish you lots of success.





  8. Hello Filipp :),


    Somehow the image dont want to show up :(.


    But i can give you a general answer after being in the stock industry for 4 years. If you allready are doubting that the image is not sharp enough then it means that the image is not good enough for stock. The image should just be on max sharpness. Its not to be negative it is just what i experienced.Try to be save and use a image where you feel 100 percent comfortable with.


    But i am very curious to see your image. Maybe send it to my private mail. mircovacca@live.nl. I will take a look for you :).

  9. Hello Philippe,


    Yes i have the RF images on other sites also. But i dont want to spend to much time with keywording and uploading now. I would like to use it more for photographing. So i choose now to make and edit more images and upload to 1 agency. At least the editorial shots.


    But i also have to add that it hurts to see in our days in microstock to see your image going for 0.24 cents for RF license. I would like to go out of it finally. For sure for all new images i shoot.


    But thanks anyway.

  10. Hello everyone,


    I can imagine that for you this is something old.


    I want to say that i really like the AlamyMeasures feature. I have some images of editorial Polish subjects in the city. I see that i have amounts of zooms and views regarding this topic. Seach terms like "Polish food market" or Polish Grocery". Because of that i know that i should include more images concerning food idustry in Poland.


    To the experienced Alamy Photographers, is this the right way to use it? Or is this a good way to improve my Portfolio?


    Thank you allready :).



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