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  1. Ger,


    I also find you having great images. I would love to have such wildlife images. Everybody is trying to help you it looks like.


    Actually partialy it makes also sense what you say. Somebody looking for a dog facing up and you have only the one that faces left and you loose the sale to somebody else that has the right dog image. I understand very well your thinking. It is a dilemma.




    I allready asked Alamy. With annotate it is meaned that you choose the right amount of people and that you choose if you have the release or not. The same for property. If you set this information then the buyer knows and should use it only for editorial. You dont need to add restrictions or put comment.

    Interesting, i was wondering if it was like a default thing as you select certain options, according to this Alamy article it says you should set certain restrictions http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/image-restrictions.asp




    This i also saw. Thats why i was not sure and contacted Alamy. They told me that it is not nescessary. As long you put that you dont have releases.


    I think it is really not needed. Otherwise why we can put at releases NO and anyway put the image for sale.




  3. Quote: "Anybody wishing to shoot on any land belonging to the Canal & River Trust in England or Wales, no matter how big or small,"


    I would not assume anything (assumptions are a nice way to make life "easy"....just assume the issue does not apply in your case...  ;) ). Knowing is best, and you seem to be concerned about it. If the signs around Gas Street Basin and the statement above are reason for concern, just write to them and ask if you can take pics for stock licensing (photographs for profit/licensing/"sale"). 


    Or just sell editorial..... done. Editorial images are sold well on Alamy. I never take to much time to get release. If not possible just choose that you dont have and it will be available for editorial use.



  4. Hello Ger,


    I think having Grey Heron doing different things is nothing to be worried about. This is totally no issue. This you can not call similar images.


    What Paulette means are small changes. Like a elephant standing on a stone and the same elephant standing on the same stone with a slightly turn of head. This are similar images.



  5. He Ger,


    Nice to read from Dutch people :). Great Dutch nature images.


    I have actually still many images to be keyworded. Poland has many subjects :). Also the city Poznan where i live organise many events. A lot to shoot :). I dont mind how many images i upload. As long they are from different subjects and not snapshots. We all can make Alamy better so that we all profit from it.



  6. MDM... i just find it a interesting topic to discuss about.


    Like i said before i still think it is about the object. Especially if you have nothing in the foreground related to where you are standing. An image can start from the background when the subject is in focus there. It is different when you seen as example a person standing in the foreground with a island in the background. Then the location is where the person is standing with island in the background.


    When looking at a image i think you should forget about the person who is making the image and just look objectivly to the image. This is how people will look at it in magazines. When i see in a magazin a German Mediamarkt store taken from the Dutch border i just think about Germany. This image will be used by people that need German Mediamarkt for German magazine. They dont know that person was standing on Dutch ground. It is just a image of a German Mediamarkt thats is located in Germany.

  7. I think it is about the object and would put the location where the mountain is. It is a image of the mountain. You could zoom in and have the feeling that your are closer at the mountain. So it doesnt give for me any additional value to put the location where you are standing. When i make from the living room a photo of the kitchen i will not add the living room in the description.



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  8. John,


    I would also invest more in a good lens then a body. Body you can change. Lens is for longer use. For example Sony Nex - 6 cost much more then the NEX 3. But the image quality of sensor is equal. The price is in the extra functions and body material. So depending for wich situation you need the body you can better have a NEX-3 with very good lens then bad lens with NEX-6 or whatever.

    This is my thinking.



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