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  1. I'd really like you to try to substantiate this, James. Right now Radharc's post above resonates far more than your rationale, and this quote feels rather like Rumsfeld's 'know unknowns'.
  2. Some uselful minsuses to put in google -site:www.rf123.com -site:www.alamy.com -site:www.pinterest.com -site:www.pinterest.co.uk -site:www.alamy.com -site:alamyimages.fr -site:de.alamy.com -site:alamy.es -site:alamy.de -www.alamyimages.fr -www.alamyimages.it alamy
  3. I think many people will have received the email, so it wasn't aimed specifically at you.
  4. If there was such thing as a workaround fir this, I too would be interested to know. Deleting the keywords individually is an absolute pain in the bum. It also seems that for photos that were given >50 keywords in the old IM can't simply be edited in the new IM becuase you need to bring the keywork count down to 50 before you can do anything, even if it's just add one single keyword. TBH this is putting me off going through many of my old pics where I know a lot could be done to improve their searchability.
  5. Belting use on the cover of the Independent on Sunday (14th Dec 2014) AM1G4F Roger Bamber
  6. Cheers all – really grateful for the responses. "The liability, if any, is with the publisher, not you." I think the above is something of a reassurance really. Not doubting anybody's word on here, but is there anything on the internet which I can reference to this effect if it comes to it? (by the way, I'm in the UK and we're talking about a UK customer). I was thinking about putitng some kind of words which say 'in usual instances I would recommend caution with regards to using an image of commercial property, but since the image has already been used and this stage already been by-
  7. Hello I'm hoping somebody will be able to advise me with my little situation. Here's a summary. I took a photo about 5 years ago of a commercial property, belonging to one of the companies on the "Subjects which should never be Royalty Free" list found on Alamy. I uploaded a low-res version to Flickr (it's not on Alamy or any other stock site). I recently found it had been used on a book cover (a fiction book if that makes any difference) where the trademarked logos on the property have been edited out, and the colour scheme of the commercial property (which is part of a brand identity)
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