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  1. Thank you to Geoff and Russell following your recommendations I have ordered from Amazon a Dell Ultrasharps.Thanks for replying.
  2. I need a new monitor and used google for suitable 24" models for editing using Photoshop. Most of the recommendations are very expensive screens (for me that is)£700/£800 is it really necessary to spend that sort of money for a decent model my present HP screen was just under £200.00 and up until now has been absolutely fine trouble is I have nothing to compare it with.Any suggestions for a replacement would be more than welcome.
  3. This happened to me but only on my first submission after upgrading. I was really surprised but when I looked at what I had submitted I know I was at fault. I screwed up with my hyperocal focusing which I have used on every other camera I've ever had. That was over 2 years ago and I've so far not had another failure. You can't treat the D800 and relatives as you would a smaller megapixel camera. They need special care in focusing and very good quality lenses. I did my own focus tests and learned how to use the camera - supersharp images with amazing detail with the right lenses and technique.
  4. I upgraded my kit to a Nikon D800E and all my QC problems began.
  5. Thanks to those who replied it’s reassuring to know that others have the same problems and it seems I will have to live with it. A big thank you to Alistair Scott for letting me have that excellent workflow tip on how to remove dust spots and Geoff Kidd for the additional advice and links That method works really well and finding the spots is now a lot easier. Thanks also to Arterra I did previously google the problem but had no idea that it could be oil spots.
  6. I have had a number of QC failures because of dust and blemishes although I spend what seems ages removing them prior to submission however I must admit to missing some of them which results in the batch failure. I have a Nikon D800E which is just over a year old and dust spots have been a problem almost since day one. It was returned to Nikon HQ to have the sensor cleaned initially they refused to do it-under warranty but subsequently changed their mind. It wasn’t done properly and then had to go back again. The spots are now back again. The camera cost me a small fortune and in fact I’m sti
  7. San francisco lived and worked there for just over a year in the 1980s loved every minute of it from there I use to fly to Las Vegas about once a month. I go back about once a year and still enjoy it.
  8. Point is (for me) that some guy at QC may fail your images because he noticed a purple pixel peeping from behind a tree trunk in a forest, photographed at 100 hundred meters away and at the same time, Alamy opens the floodgates for dross and they pass with flying colours AND they even seem to land on page one, surpassing the good quality pictures. THAT's what's making me angry Cheers, Philippe +1
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