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  1. Thanks to both of you for your replies. I use Grid View in LR to add metadata to my images highlighting those that will have the same metadata and then filling in Title, Caption and Keywords sections. In view of the "update" to LR I now make sure that "Selected Photos" is highlighted. This means that the metadata is applied to all the images. I quickly discovered that if "Selected Photos" was not highlighted the metadata would only be applied to the first image! I would welcome a way of going back to the previous setup as you have suggested MDM. Anything to keep these operatio
  2. Thanks - I think you have sort of "hit the nail on the head"! I have not been exporting images from LR into PS. I just open them in PS, however, I have not been checking the File Info to make sure the metadata is there because in the past it always has been! It hasn't recently for some reason, maybe it has something to do with a the recent change in LR where if you want to have the same metadata for more than one image you have to "hit" the new selected images button as I have already found when I uploaded a batch to Alamy a few days ago. In LR if I then choose to Edit in PS the meta
  3. How do I do that? I've never updated the metadata after I have entered it into LR. I just add my title, caption and keywords to my images. I then open PS and check each image at 100% for blemishes, any cropping and levels adjustment before saving the file as a .jpg10 (max). I then log into Alamy and upload the files. Do you think somewhere in this workflow that the metadata is being "lost" from the images? I have been using this workflow method for ages and have never had any problems with the data not being present when I use Image Manager in Alamy. David
  4. I have noticed that on my recent submissions the mandatory info i.e. Caption and Keywords is not present when I "process" them in Image Manager. I am using Lightroom Classic to edit my images adding my title, caption and keywords prior to uploading them to Alamy using the Upload button in Image Manager. Has something changed in either LR or Alamy's method of organising submissions in recent weeks? All my submissions last year included the mandatory info so all I had to do was complete the Optional section number of people, property in the image etc. David
  5. Hopefully some of the flying scenes will take place up in the north of the county - I'm up near Chipping Norton! Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep my eyes peeled or might even be worth a wee trip in that direction for my daily exercise!
  6. Hi Vitor I have a recently bought Z6 to go with my D800 - which I have not used for a while. Instead of the 24-70mm lens I bought the new 24-200mm lens which is really good. I am very pleased with this combination as it gives me more "reach" with the top end of the zoom. I did buy the adapter as well so I can use my other lenses which range from a 20mm up to a 150-600mm. Overall I am very pleased with my new setup, hardly any "grain" when shooting at higher ISO, in fact my default is now 200 rather than 100 when shooting with the D800. Video quality is excellent not that I shoot a
  7. Matt, I have been impressed so far with the quality of the images I have obtained with the Z6. I took a "gamble" and uploaded the squirrel and mushroom images at 1600 and 6400ISO respectively referred to in my earlier post together with others shot at 200ISO. The submission passed QC so I am happy to upload higher ISO images in the future. David
  8. Thanks Ed, Mark and everyone else who has responded. Your comments have given me confidence to submit higher ISO rated images! David
  9. Mark - here is a link to Mr/Ms Squirrel at 100% - http://davidmcgill.co.uk/100-squirrel it does look a little bit soft to me.
  10. Just wondering how high an ISO rating forum members have used in their submissions which have been accepted? Before I bought my Nikon Z6 I was using a Nikon D800 and kept the ISO at 100 or at most 200 for my Alamy submissions. The Z6 is a great improvement particularly in low light situations. Two samples are on my WP Blog - link here - http://davidmcgill.co.uk/nikon-z6-first-impressions Shot at 1600ISO and 6400ISO respectively does anyone think they will pass QC in terms of noise? I use LR Classic viewing images at 100% and then making any adjustments such dust/spot removal and levels in PS
  11. The first one is definitely John Knox House in Edinburgh. The second, is probably not Castle Hill in Edinburgh. I thought perhaps it was the Camera Obscura in the background rather than the castle itself but it is on the wrong side of the road. Also if it was Castle Hill there is a disused church on the corner where the bend in the road is. It looks like "normal" buildings there! As for no 3, sorry no idea! I know Edinburgh fairly well as I was born and brought up there. David
  12. Yes, probably after all the rain we had at the weekend after the dry summer. A disadvantage to living in an old house with a dry stone wall!
  13. The wall at the front of our house collapsed overnight - http://davidmcgill.co.uk/collapsed-wall- that was the bad thing that happened to us today. Could be worse, at least no one was hurt!
  14. Thanks John I've just added it to my blog on my website. Here is a link:- http://davidmcgill.co.uk/seek-app Hopefully that will do the trick now that it is online. David
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