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  1. Image link suggestion (merged from previous thread)

    Thanks for listening AND fixing it. Works like a charm again. Much appreciated Cheers, Philippe
  2. How do I increase the discoveravility of my photos?

    Your images wont turn up because they are not on-line yet. You have to wait till the next day. About discoverability, please use the forum search engine. It's been discussed over and over again. See latest discussion here. Cheers, Philippe
  3. Using my own photos

    You can do the following: sell directly to clients (via your own website) submit to other agencies Cheers, Philippe
  4. Hello from Central Java

    Month's old post. Still no images online >>>> OP has (most probably) left the building. Cheers, Philippe
  5. Tough newbie questions

    But you ought to select no personal use for such images on Alamy otherwise you will be undercutting your sales prices on FAA. Similar issue to being on microstock and Alamy but the other way round. I can't select No Pu without loosing distributors' sales. (Thanks for that, Alamy. Changing RM into RF doesn't seem to be a problem though concerning distributors) Individuals who buy at FAA don't have the market knowledge which professional editors have. So, I take that chance. Anyway, what choice do I have? I didn't ask for PU here. Alamy FORCES us to sell PU and Presentation licenses and don't have a care in the world that most are "bought" by infringers. (A sale is a sale, isn't it? Shows how f....ed-up this stock business has become) Cheers, Philippe
  6. Alamy measures

    I only cause high blood pressures ;-) Cheers, Philippe
  7. How was your December 2016

    Ah, deleted. What's the use Was good to vent though To give you a quick reply, wait till March-April (sales take approximately three months to clear) when it'll be crystal-clear what the disastrous effect will be on our sales "thanks" to the new "blender" turning the search results into a lottery. Hopefully the new Search Engine Developer will be able to prevent further damage to our views>zooms>sales and will take ranking/CTR back into consideration. B.t.w. First Monday after New Year's day 2016: 783 views First Monday after New Year's day 2017: 196 views Nuff said! Cheers, Philippe But note that yesterday was a holiday, at least in the UK, whereas the first Mon in 2016 wasn't (not defending the new search, just worth mentioning)! Oeps, my bad. Belgians had to work yesterday Cheers, Philippe
  8. System slow???

    Guess you must have been in a very, very slow lane. Glad it's sorted now Cheers, Philippe
  9. Keyword Question

    A steady CTR above Alamy's average. And by steady I mean one that's every day above Alamy's average Cheers, Philippe
  10. Hello from a Sussex farmer

    Here's another tip. Of course, I don't know the setting of your farm, but why don't you follow one of those "Photographing Farm Animals" workshops. Just to get some ideas how it's done. And then, if you have collected the right props, give workshops yourself on your own farm. Could bring in some extra money in a pleasant way. I followed a more or less similar workshop in England at a barn owls centre where the owner - who's a falconer - gave workshops about photographing native birds of prey. He just needed a little meadow for the birds-in-flight-shots and some weathered wooden signposts, some photogenic tree stumps, a hollow trunk for the little owl, a little bit of hay to mimic a haystack and some old windows for the barn owl. All that doesn't cost money As far as I know his workshops are always sold out and I got shots in one evening which would take me years or which I could never make. Cheers, Philippe
  11. Hello from the US Midwest!

    In the forum page: click on your name (drop-down menu in the top right) Choose "My Settings" In "General Account Settings" you can add/change your photo Cheers,Philippe
  12. User's statistics

    Log in My Alamy (top right) Alamy Measures (drop down menu) All of Alamy Cheers, Philippe
  13. Removing license plate = digitally altered?

    See this forum. How many avatars show the country? How many avatars show male/female? Apparently identity protection is regarded important. I don't care, but others might. When in a street, I take a picture of a house facade, it only takes a few seconds before the owner rushes out for an explanation. I can assure you, photographing private property isn't appreciated, whether it's a house or a car. Anyway, I wouldn't like to see a publication of my car (identifiable for my friends and family) parked in front of a brothel Cheers, Philippe You should park around the back You tell me now? I'll try to remember it for the next time Cheers, Philippe
  14. Wild cereal-grass? Plant ID help please :)

    Looks like wall barley / false barley / Hordeum murinum. Cheers, Philippe
  15. Last sale

    Report it to MS. It's about time Alamy realises they opened the floodgates for abuse. Cheers, Philippe