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  1. If I drag down selected images to the'batch mode box' at the bottom and then change the pseudonym for the 'batch' in the attributes page, then while saving the 'batch' I will need to refill ALL the fields (captions, keywords etc) all over again ! I somehow need to change only the 'pseudonym' for a particular 'batch' ... retaining the rest of the data as such. Thanks.
  2. Well thanks ! I could do that much that much (dragged them to the 'manage images batch' from my default pseudonym), but, then, how do I transfer this batch to a pre-created, new pseudonym ?? Thanks in advance.
  3. I wonder if there is any way of populating new 'pseudonyms' with images already assigned to the pre-existing 'default' pseudonym ... that is, doing it in bulk, rather than resorting to tedious image-by-image transfer. Thanks in advance.
  4. Well half (and then one-third) of quite a few download licenses (depending upon size & quality-level) may still be almost equal to what one gets for a $30.74 sale (not talking of 'novel use' still) reported in this thread. Besides the alleged $30.74, I have had sales of (gross) $8.89, $12.35, $10, $12.14, $12.35, $23.79 etc. And, when one get 5-10 sales a day at iStock even during such 'sales promotion', the overall ROI may not be that bad. Add to that a few video clip licenses every week or two, and the score doesn't look all that pathetic. In terms of licensing, talking of RF there (at
  5. Have a look at this thread > two similar instances > http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/794-how-can-this-be-possible/ > absolutely identical, even the dates of such transaction downgrade !
  6. Exactly the same thing happened with a friend on mine. Even the sales/refund figures are exactly similar. Just see : 31st July Rights Managed Country: Worldwide Usage: Non-Editorial Electronic and web uses Media: Corporate website, single design Industry sector: General business services Image Size: Any size Start: 01 July 2013 End: 01 July 2016 5 years multiple web use incl. personal screensaver use $75.73 5th August Sale Refunded -$75.73 5th August Rights Managed Country: Worldwide Usage: Non-Editorial Electronic and web uses Media: Corporate website, single desig
  7. Thanks for the feedback in the posts above. No I haven't added my name to the keywords of any of my images - not even to those 73 which do show up if my name is used for search phrase.
  8. All the replies above are perfectly fine, but earlier (about 3 months ago) I used to see my entire portfolio using my name "Anil Ghawana" as the search string. OK I have read the details at http://www.alamy.com...06/12/5376.aspx. At the same if you search for "Jeff Greenberg", you instantly see almost all his images (96,600 of 96,688). My own name shows only 73 images ... either it should show all, or none.
  9. Wonder as to why I see only about 71 images using my name 'Anil Ghawana' as search string ?? Similarly, some of friends don't see any image(s) at all when they search their portfolio using their contributor name (the main pseudonym) as the search string !
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