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  1. Larger size images and thumbnail displays when key wording Option to have all fields, ie description, keywords, location, licence etc on one screen rather than flicking through the different sections Option to turn off questions that do not apply ie Is this a photograph? Has this image been digitally altered? (maybe not the exact words) Headline box could do with a few more character spaces
  2. I have had a reply from them asking for the URL's of my images, it now looks like my images were taken from my blog. Did a search for more of my images and found out they have even lifted images from a MOD site! Obviously with that in mind nothing appears to be off limits for these image thieves! At least I have had a response from them and await a reply, I have also informed the MOD site administrators concerned Sorry duplicate post!
  3. I have had a reply from them asking for the URL's of my images, it now looks like my images were taken from my blog. Did a search for more of my images and found out they have even lifted images from a MOD site! Obviously with that in mind nothing appears to be off limits for these image thieves! At least I have had a response from them and await a reply, I have also informed the MOD site administrators concerned
  4. Do you by chance have a PhotoShelter website? That's where they got mine by the looks of it. John, I used to operate a wordpress blog this is where the images were lifted from. Not seen any from my actual website
  5. I have also discovered my images on this site. Majority with watermarks intact! Diplomatic email sent to them. Image theft really winds me up shame someone cannot shut down these sites with immediate effect.
  6. http://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/1/590x/secondary/111322.jpg Found one of mine here, image of flood water in Helston, used in Daily Express on line
  7. Hi Dov, I always investigate the best equipments then decided on value for money to tie in with my needs. I looked a a Macbook pro-retina and to be honest bottom line is that it is not in my opinion value for money when compared against my current Samsung Chronus laptop for my needs. So I am sticking with what I have rather than upgrading, just can't justify it! Cheers Bob
  8. Well since opting for the offer I downloaded Photoshop and Lightroom to the laptop no problem running windows 7. However my desktop is vista and Lightroom 5 does not work with vista, so looks like I will have to upgrade my windows vista to 7 or 8. Bit annoying as there was a beta version of lightroom 5 beta version running!
  9. Hi Duncan, Valid point about the laptop screen angle, I am working pretty much in the same way as you editing the final/finished version of the image on the desktop. So I will stick with my present Samsung Chronos series 7 for tasks that don't require the colour accuracy of a desktop. I will still install a copy of PS and Lightroom on my laptop for those periods I am away from the desktop for some weeks at a time and carry out final edits etc when I return. This is why I was considering an 15.4" retina but £ for £ and intended use I conclude I am better off with what I currently have. Ma
  10. Hi, I now do the majority of my digital imaging stuff on my laptop. The only thing I do on the desktop are orders and competition images and Alamy submissions. At present I have a Samsung series 7 Chronos laptop. Today I looked at a 15.4" macbook pro retina, whilst I admit the screen clarity was better than the samsung, I didn't think it justified the £800-£1000 price difference. And the Samsung has a 750gb hdd compared to the Apple 250gb. Am I missing something else here I mean the screen is good but not £800-£1000 good? Anyone else out there use a windows laptop and Photoshop, ful
  11. I currently have Lightroom 4 and CS6, I signed up as the cost of upgrading to Lightroom 5 would be about 8/9 months of subscription. I haven't downloaded anything yet though. What happens after 12 months if I cancel the subscriptions I wonder would my old licensed products still function or be dis-abled by a CC install? And is it correct you can activate the Photoshop and lightroom cc twice? (it would be handy to have on both the desktop and laptop) Thanks in advance if anyone can answer the above.
  12. Hi, Just wondered if anyone has any experience of using photodirector 5 http://www.cyberlink.com/products/photodirector-ultra/features_en_GB.html . From reviews it seems to come out on a similar rating to Lightroom. It looks like lightroom/photoshop all in one for the photographer, and with PS now being subscription based that might be a good thing. So I have seen reviews anyone actually using this or is everyone still Lightroom/Photoshop like myself. I will download a trial copy, but always good to get other user opinions on software
  13. I bought a Samsung Chromebook and used it when I was on a trip in Scotland for a couple off months with Lightroom. It's not available now but this version looks pretty similar http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-NP510R5E-A01UK-Series-15-6-inch-Laptop/dp/B00CFE0XII/ref=sr_1_9?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1377645514&sr=1-9&keywords=samsung+laptop
  14. Well thank you for all the responses decided to go with photocart in the end a one off payment off £235 approx. It may take a few weeks to set up but I will put a link on here once complete. Intentions are to remove all my old galleries and weed them out a bit then re-install all using the photocart gallery template. Aslo re-doing the hompepage at the same time which will look something like this http://www.bobsharplesphotography.co.uk/index2013-2.html I will update in about 2-3 weeks when the photocart is added and completely confuigured
  15. Ed, John thank you for your feedback, it is good to know I won't have to many problems which ever software I choose. Good to see Ed experienced an increase in traffic via the blog and John mentioned mobile devices. I did notice on Photocart that you can view on mobile devices but you cannot purchase images via the phone, that could count against photocart in this era of internet mobile device use. I will have to check out both again (Zenfolio/Photocart) and do a thorough comparison prior to purchase. Again thank you for the feedback so far
  16. Hi, I am going to update my website, reasons: New Homepage Better slicker galleries Addition of a decent shopping cart Now I spent the trial period looking at Zenfolios software adjusting themes etc when a colleage suggested I try photocart! Some one always puts a spanner in the works, although I do like the idea of a one off fee. My original website is here: http://www.bobsharplesphotography.co.uk Hopefully some of you on Alamy will have experience of Zenfolio or Photocart and will be able to give me some feedback on them. Thanks in advance. B
  17. Hi All, Sorry posted in wrong area of forum now moved
  18. My upload from the 1st Aug have just gone through now 13th all passed QC, good stuff Alamy on getting the images through post the computer glitch
  19. I also have a batch of images uploaded awaiting QC from August 1st, I think there may of been a computer glitch that day causing a back log in one que? Be good to get an update from Alamy on the situation regarding this matter. To much off a coincidence that everyone who is experiencing this delay submitted images on August 1st!
  20. I have a mixture of Wildlife and Landscape taken with the D800 and various nikon lensesI have placed them in a lightbox for your viewing http://www.alamy.com/lbx.asp?1166505
  21. Ha, Your lucky Pearl as regards the waiting time, I uploaded 46 images on August 1st, was 24hrs and now still awaiting QC, I think there are a few glitches in the system that need sorting still. I know Alamy are on the case so guess I will have to wait. I had one submission where nine images failed because they were the wrong size, they weren't I double checked. It's a computer system so gremlins/glitches are going to appear at some stage I suppose, just wish there was a option to delete and re-upload images that are stuck in the system when these errors become evident.
  22. My latest batch uploaded 1st August has just gone from a 24hr to awaiting QC, I will let everyone know if there was a problem with the batch post QC
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