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  1. Failed images do show up in Image Manager. That accounts for 138 of the 181difference. Can't figure out the other 43. I have no pending deletions. Iain
  2. I'm not sure whether failed images get through to the Image Manager. I've deleted no more than a dozen images in 15 years. I'll go back into Image Manager to try to search for deleted or failed images. George: does your Status count match your Image Manager count? Iain
  3. On the Alamy Image Manager page, my image count is given as 3040. However, on my dashboard, the total of images under Status comes to 2859, a difference of 181. Does anyone have an explanation for this? Iain Lowson
  4. The introduction of the contributor portfolio area is very welcome. However, I have a niggle. The Gallery button does not have enough space for a meaningful gallery name. Would it be possible to expand the text box which holds the name? Thanks. Iain Lowson
  5. I'm currently pursuing a British company for unauthorised use of one of my images on its website. In their defence they state the following: I do apologise for this, the image was downloaded from Google, who as you may know, have recently had a Law passed that has reassigned the status of Copyright on all of the images on all of its servers. The fact that Copyright been now disbanded, and as such all Copyright claims for images displayed, uploaded to and downloaded from any Google server are now invalid. While the Google defence is laughable, I'm curious about the source of this misco
  6. I've had a similar experience since last year. On 29 December 2012, I emailed MS to ask whether an image of mine had been licensed through Alamy. The image is on sale only on Alamy. On 8 January 2013, MS replied that the website with my image on it was "due to be billed soon". On 14 March I asked for an update on progress and the response on the same day was that MS would "check with the billing team". Having received no further response from MS on this, I emailed on 25 April to ask again about progress. So far no response, eight days later. To be fair to MS, this is the first tim
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