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  1. Not tried it myself, but link here https://nikcollection.dxo.com Little (if any) mention of new tools within the set, but there is the usual free 30 day trial, so guess that's the best way to see if it's worth the $50 (buy early) or $69 they are asking for it.
  2. I don't have any specific suggestions for photo ops in Amsterdam, but when going away myself, I often use Alamy to see what's available in specific locations. It's a useful resource, and checking All of Alamy for customer searches on locations is also worthwhile.
  3. Might be worth contacting Alamy direct about this so they can look into it for you.
  4. 4 sales for $70 gross, including one distributor sale. CTR improved in March, so hopeful that produces sales later.
  5. I agree! When the restoration work is completed though, perhaps photos of Big Ben with lots of scaffolding round it might be wanted for the future debate about why it all took so long to complete, and why (it probably) went so much over budget!!
  6. Took this in 2015, but only uploaded to Alamy in last few months. Not a big sale moneywise, but shows its always worth taking an image of popular sights even when large quantities of equally good, or better, images are available.
  7. Slow start to March, but got my first sale for this month, magazine use.
  8. 7 sales for $189 gross, but four sales were distributors, including one from Croatia which for me are usually very low fees.
  9. Had a very slow start during January, then 4 sales in the last week for $179 gross. Also have an unreported sale from this month, so overall, a reasonable start to 2018.
  10. Had a very slow start to 2018, but two licences came in yesterday, including this one for a reasonable price.
  11. No problems today, but have experienced occasional intermittent problems recently either trying to log into Alamy, or have got Alamy error messages when already logged in but trying to access, for example, the dashboard page. Am using Windows and Chrome.
  12. Had a quick look at your first 2 pages using my Samsung tablet, and saturation levels look ok on this screen.
  13. Submitted in 2007, never sold before...good to see some life in the old uns! Sadly, a distributor sale for a verly low fee.
  14. I also use Alamy to make my claim, would consider going direct though if my payments from DACS were considerably higher.
  15. Unless things have changed, I understand Alamy take 50% of the DACS figure, and in addition, an administrative charge for the work involved.
  16. 5 sales for $146 gross. Zooms/CTR decreased considerably in latter part of September, but total sales volume for 2017 has now passed my 2016 total.
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