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  1. I have noticed within Alamys Image Manager that there is now a checkbox for imagery within the 'public domain', so that might (???) explain some imagery on Alamy that does not appear to conform to the guidelines. Still suggest you look for the Alamy guidelines on their Blog or Twitter pages rather than asking in the forum, and if you still have any doubts, go direct to Alamy and ask them for clarification. It does seem to be a slightly grey area.
  2. I believe Alamy has issued guidelines about submitting such imagery (don't have the link though), saying it is OK, providing there is additional context within the image. So a photo of an artwork just by itself is not wanted by Alamy (copyright violation etc), but a photo of such artwork with, for example, people viewing it (perhaps a tour group) is acceptable. Suggest you do a search on the Alamy blog or Twitter pages for further clarification. Also, I think Alamy suggest any such submissions from photographers should be marked as for editorial use only, ie, no marketing, commercial use.
  3. Same for me too, except Slovenia rather than Czech Republic, low $sale.
  4. Nice to get an early sale at start of the month. Cannabis products in an Amsterdam store window, mid $$ sale.
  5. What is the point of making a comment like this on the 4th day of a month that contains 31 days?
  6. I don't know about the OP, but I had exactly the same price sale today and mine was NU. There were others reporting the same as me in another thread today too. I'm opting out of NU in April.
  7. This came in today. $1.25 gross. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Travel & tourismImage Size: Any sizeStart: 11 February 2019End: 11 February 2024NU Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity With my relatively small portfolio and sales, I used to think any sale was beneficial, ie, good for Alamy rank, so better search placement, so perhaps better sales numbers. But at 62 cents net for a sale, I would rather not sell in the first place (and dissapointed that Alamy sells such licences at these prices). Come 1 April 2019, I'm out of Novel Use, its just not worth it.
  8. FYI - we are not allowed to discuss other stock agencies / Alamy competitors in this forum. Re income, you might find it informative to look at the monthly posts 9n this forum on sales/revenue that some contributors report.
  9. Country: WorldwideUsage: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. Any size.Any Placement.Repeat use permittedIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingModest $$ sale
  10. I had to identify images with buses in them, so at least Alamy give us variety in what we have to look for (meant as sarcastic humour). First time had to do this though for quite some months.
  11. I would start by looking at the titles you already have, eg the word tomato used to describe cloth, elastic bands described with the word architecture.
  12. That's exactly the response I got yesterday from Alamy re a similar situation for myself.
  13. This question has been asked and answered in the forum many times before, if you search the forum for appropriate posts, eg quality control fail, you will find answers to your question.
  14. I also had one of those sales recently, more info available here: https://www.alamy.com/customer/help/affiliate-program.aspx
  15. If you want punch in your images, then the histogram in both your camera and post processing software is an important tool to utilise. Make sure (where approriate) that the histogram curve indicates a good range of tonality from blacks to whites. Sometimes, just moving white points further to the right on your histogram during post processing is enough to give the image a boost, then you can process colour separately as preferred. I have a tendency to underexpose images with my camera, and where the histogram indicates this, just moving that white slider to the right makes a big difference to the images tonal range.
  16. No galleries, yet, and no mugshot either, have just mixed up images on the first page to give a better overview of what's available. Work in progress essentially. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/philipprestonphotography
  17. I agree. Went to Seville for a few days a couple of weeks ago (first ever visit), and was very impressed with what's on offer, three UNESCO world heritage sites just for a start! And like you say, a compact walkable city too, so easy to get around. Only possible downside I can think of ......... summer!
  18. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I'm currently using LR6, which I'm still fairly happy with, but the 2019 version of ON1 looks like a potential replacement for me in the not too distant future, partly because it's not subscription based, but I also like the idea of having additional features like layers and focus stacking which are not available with LR6. Essentially, it seems to offer a lot for a very reasonable price. I'm also a Fuji user so good to hear it works well with their RAW files.
  19. If you haven't already done so, try reducing the colour and luminance noise on the image, then perhaps adding a little extra clarity and/or sharpness.
  20. I have submitted the occasional image at high ISO, eg, 1600 or 3200, and they have passed QC, so don't be too concerned about images at 500 ISO (assuming you are using a relatively modern camera with a decent sensor). I think it's important that high ISO images have reasonably good sharpness, if they don't, I would not submit them. Re your own image, noise is visible but no worse than some high ISO shots I have submitted myself.
  21. As far as I am aware, there is no zoom facility within AIM, you can only view images as small thumbnails. If your images are already on sale, you could of course view them as larger thumbnails using the main Alamy search engine, but seeing your images at 100% is not possible. If you have Lightroom open when using AIM, it's only a second or two to flick between applications, which would enable you to view your images at the required magnification in LR.
  22. Fuji have announced a 16-80mm F4 lens with OIS will be available sometime in 2019, will be interested in that one myself (existing Fujifilm user).
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