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  1. On the slow down note: "In order to remember, we have to access and interact with the photos, rather than just amass them," (at the end of the article). Sort of fits the digital - film discussion.
  2. Not all photography has to be commercially optimized. Nor is it an either/or question. For me, shooting film (Tri-X) with a Leica MP and 35mm lens (both funded by alamy a few years ago) held easily in my palm, hearing that quiet "thunk" of the shutter, and the click of the winder is a joy. Or a roll of Velvia and a stroll in the blooming countryside, or exploring a candy-coloured American small-town centre. Just tried some Provia. Interesting pastel result to some street photos. As Sam Abell says, "compose and wait", as you say, "slow down". Watch observe, merge with your surroundings, then ma
  3. Don't want to be rude, but what do customers pay for the 20+ images/week you get from the other agencies??? $40, $85, $180,00 like you can get here per image? Supporting microstock - lets be honest - which ruined the stock industry - and now complaining that your images don't sell at a traditional agency? It's a bit like burning your house down because you felt a little chilly and now complaining that you freeze your butt off all winter long sitting amongst the ruins. (all right, perhaps a weird comparison (English is not my native language) but hey, I guess you know what I mean ) Che
  4. I do quite a bit of black and white. A few end up on alamy. They go through without failures. Kodak Tmax 400, Nikon 4000 (turn off ICE, multiscan etc spot defects in photoshop). Key point is the negatives are clean and flat (my lab works very well in this respect). I blow off residual dust if required. I know some folks clean up the negatives first (perhaps if old negatives), but never had to do that. Clearly, if the negatives are splattered with dust spots, then failure is guaranteed.
  5. That's a strange "respected" source. Who on earth needs that stuff he states is missing? As far as I can see, HE is describing an "old photographer's" camera. One that offsets the ageing process: EVF (eyes gone bad) programable long exposures (can't see the illuminated watch any more) LCD (forgotten how to expose correctly...look...try again....damn...left the cap on) Built-in flash (don't know what this is good for anyway, so I won't comment) Image stabilization? ("bit shaky these days, are we?") Compact, lightweight, fits in pocket (loss of muscle mass) As far as I can see the
  6. The big item I miss so much about all the images I look at on alamy (or any other agency for that matter) is the story. There are great images of places, people, events, natural wonders, less-than-natural wonders, disasters, misery, happiness, whatever, but NONE have words attached to them that tell the full story. I try to read the "story" from the photos (some work better than others), but I turn away still feeling empty. Stories untold. Such great pictures reduced to illustrations in someone else's story. What about your stories? This is not a call for strory-telling. I am just sad that
  7. Funny really. A push for regular low payouts from alamy, additional charges added, then leave the payouts sitting at skrill to try to mitigate further damage. Even funnier, some who were pushing for lower payouts now threaten to leave alamy. Those who never complained left with the mess. Oh do I love this crowdsourcing...cheap-cheap-cheap-free-free-free-pay-pay-pay...move on...
  8. Take it or leave it....it's your choice. you forgot the "or change it" bit that is usually in that sentence Our low-earner friends managed to have it changed downwards didn't they? I am fully against this change, since it creates more transactions on lower license payouts, increasing total admin costs for alamy (who are likely to transfer this cost elsewhere, as we observe). With interest rates and inflation where they are today (some countries excepted!), a quick look at the numbers tells you that leaving the money at alamy for a few months (or even a year depending on country), and th
  9. Now this guy was a real omnivore: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Lotito Probably would have done a G9 as a quick snack before breakfast. "Lotito died of natural causes on June 25, 2007, ten days after his 57th birthday" It's sort of "natural" to die of poisoning by consuming heavy metals, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, and all that other stuff that tends to make up aircraft, shopping carts, and bicycles.
  10. Thought Schweinehaxe was knuckle of pork. When I lived there they also used to have "Second Breakfast" which was an enormous gateau with a large beer. Pigged out last night so I will be skipping breakfast today - fat enough already! dov You are correct, It is a knuckle (but it looked like a shoulder!)
  11. Had that last week on two images. MS fixed it for me almost immediately. "Sorry, we didn't receive any image."
  12. (photo not mine - click to see the full fat version) When I first came to Germany, my company put me up in a guesthouse for a few weeks while I was sorting out my new apartment. The first morning I came down to breakfast at the guesthouse, there was a bunch of farmers each diving into a Schweinehaxe (shoulder of pork) and a beer. I ordered the muesli and an orange juice.
  13. Good idea. Why not start Selling and Wanted posts (like the Images Found posts), and see how mother Alamy responds to a bit of cash flow via the forum (not sure if mom will like it, though!).
  14. black-white-fat-thin-left-right-opposites-in-harmony
  15. Mark, are you waiting for about 60 images? Your forum image count (like mine) is higher than your on-sale count. Not sure if relevant or not (never compared before).
  16. My best investment when I started at alamy years ago (and now 20k + images moved through alamy), was this book. Not all the content is relevant (a good majority is), but certainly the sections on understanding colour space, histograms, image adjustments, colour correction, darkroom effects, using layers, montage etc. I see he has a book on Lightroom too, so I will order that since I moved over to Lightroom 4. More from this Author
  17. Bloody 'ell, it is! I thought you were joking at first. Thanks Steve!
  18. I wonder if anyone knows what this is? It is about 20cm in diameter, inserted into the ground, has a set of solar cells on the top, and "rattles" (I can hear and feel the rattle) for about 5 seconds every 30 seconds or so. There are several of them distributed around the orchard. For the life of me, I can't find any reference to this device. There are no other devices, machines, recording stations etc anywhere close. Any ideas? Thanks! Mark
  19. Mark, "Gewerbe" means "a business". This is also defined clearly in law. To put it in simple terms, a "Gewerbe" is a business that operates with the intent to make profit continually, and operates on the open market. Someone selling jam occasionally to friends is not a "Gewerbe", nor is a hobby that may have income, but does not generate profit, or there is no intent evident to operate a profitable business. In fact, a registered "Gewerbe" (business) may be deregistered by authorities (with all consequences) if profit is not generated after an certain period. Similarly, a private person fu
  20. In Germany, there is no law that grants or protects rights to make photos (whether for private or commercial use) INSIDE property. There is no permission implied. There IS legal protection for property owners/administrators, especially in the form of protection of personal and property rights. Owners/administrators have the right to apply whatever restrictions they like. Further, religious buildings enjoy additional protection due to laws that protect the practice of religions within these buildings. There is NOT even a requirement for property owners to display photography restrictions in
  21. Quote: "Anybody wishing to shoot on any land belonging to the Canal & River Trust in England or Wales, no matter how big or small," I would not assume anything (assumptions are a nice way to make life "easy"....just assume the issue does not apply in your case... ). Knowing is best, and you seem to be concerned about it. If the signs around Gas Street Basin and the statement above are reason for concern, just write to them and ask if you can take pics for stock licensing (photographs for profit/licensing/"sale").
  22. Last time I walked around Brindley Place a few years ago, there were signs stating commercial photography is not permitted. http://canalrivertrust.org.uk/location-hire-filming-and-photography/the-application-process
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