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  1. Bryan, Thanks for spotting F4XJRX. My Scotland pictures seem to be doing much better than my Norfolk home patch images at the moment! Jim
  2. Best wishes from me in the UK too. Reminds me of a wonderful time in the Canadian Rockies in 1997!! Great hospitality. Jim.
  3. A bit better for me - more signs of recovery! 6 licences for $249 gross. Included here were 2 distributor sales and a Personal Use but total helped along by a 3 figure TV licence. Hope it continues for July. Jim.
  4. Betty, when you were uploading was your cursor residing on the image where the X appeared? This has happened to me before and hasn't seemed to affect the upload. Jim.
  5. Disappointing. Two sales for $44.00 gross. Up 50% on previous month but still waiting for that recovery! Jim
  6. Graham, thanks for spotting the Buddy Holly sheet music cover in the Radio times. Jim
  7. Just one for $9. Almost my worst month - I put it down to post-Search Engine syndrome! I have had four months where my 'ranking' was relegated to the bottom of the heap so my sales prior to this have now worked their way out of the system and my 'ranking' is now up to pages one and two. Hopefully I'll be more visible again so maybe things will improve. Jim.
  8. Significant indeed! Now for the negative bit - my three pseudonyms are now on pages 29, 30, and 31!!!!! In all my 11 years they have never been so low. I lack all understanding of this. Jim
  9. Yes Geoff, the 'ranking' issue concerns me too. I know it's been mentioned before, but some of us have had their rankings reversed since the inception of the new search engine. My previously highest pseudonym was in the top 10 and now lounges one page from the bottom. I wonder if this is why my sales have now dried up despite a number of years of hard work to get up there. Ok, I appreciate that others may be 'winning out' but last year was my best in 11 years with Alamy both in terms of sales and revenue. It's just a good job that all my eggs are not in one basket. The other point that concerns me is the quality of images now apparently coming to the fore. Could this be the result of the new search engine? Our job is to supply quality images, Alamy to sell, and Clients to find what they are looking for AND in quality. The harder it is to find quality the less likely we are to achieve sales. This should be of high concern. That's my thoughts. Jim
  10. Very briefly, as mentioned earlier in this thread, I tried the tag to supertag experiment. I removed the supertags back to just the one tag status and the two lower of my pseudos returned to where they were. However, the pseudo that was on page 9 and went to page 21 when I added the supertag has now gone up to page 4 after removing the supertag. This distraction is even more confusing! Jim.
  11. Just to add some more irrationality to this thing, I tried the tag to supertag experiment on my three pseudonyms and the one on page 9 dropped to page 21, page 27 dropped to page 28, and page 30 moved up to page 28. I'm taking an Easter break!! Jim.
  12. Mine haven't moved. I would welcome a re-rank just to see if my previous 'best' pseudonym would recover from the relegated position of Page 30!! I sense the long term effect of this is now impacting on my sales results. Jim.
  13. I never use flash for stock and only go as far as using a reflector for close work. Not really that workable with my 'scape stuff. I do use flash in the studio, but that work is not stock. Jim.
  14. Bryan - I will follow up your moan. No sales for me since the first week of the month and I can follow you with the zoom situation. CTR not good also but, hey, the sun is shining down here so some decent light for my 'local' images. Time to get the flask going!! Jim.
  15. I use air travel within the UK on a sort of regular basis. All my gear goes with me as hand luggage and (so far!) the allowances are, to me, quite generous. The only downside to this, and it's only happened to me just the once, is that I was asked to empty my equipment bag for further inspection. You know, cameras, lenses, filters, the lot! Glad I was on time! Jim.
  16. Total 0.61 Average 0.57 A further comment on pseudos - it's been mentioned before that on bhz contributors pseudos have strangely been 'reversed' in order. What was my best pseudo now loiters way down on page 30 near the bottom. Even stranger, a few days ago my 'worst' pseudo mysteriously moved up from page 21 to page 9. The logic defeats me! Jim.
  17. John - That's interesting because I've done much the same as yourself with a completely opposite effect. Zooms have all but disappeared and my CTR has dropped to it's lowest point for some years. No sales either this month so far. I believe Phillipe has mentioned in other threads that it's a bit of a lottery at the moment - seems so! Bit of a roller coaster. Jim.
  18. 5 sales for $107 gross. Views round about average but zooms down. On the positive side my year-to-date sales are still up on this time last year. Fingers crossed! Jim.
  19. This seems to be a bit like horses for courses. After CD's I uploaded directly to Alamy but then ran into some problems so I changed to FileZilla. This worked well for a few years then I started to get interruptions and timeout issues so changed back to direct upload to Alamy early last year. Have had no problems since. Jim.
  20. Yes from me too. Views and zooms seem to have found a black hole at the moment! Jim.
  21. Just 4 sales earlier in the month but this is better than February last year. Views holding up but zooms still low driving down CTR. Jim.
  22. Yes. Waiting on QC for my submission on the 11th Feb. Jim.
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