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  1. Losdemas, I notice you're a bit like me - your first zero for two years! I only need another four sales to top last years record so I'm sure this is only a blip and I do have one unreported sale in the pipeline. I'll wing you some optimism and keep at it!! Jim
  2. No sales for me. This is my first zero month since December 2015. Views well up and zooms holding their own but in my case not many sales seem to come from zooms. Ah well, onward and upward! Jim.
  3. John and Vicky, thanks for noticing this. I've discovered I'm guilty of using 'style' in a few captions, but strangely enough I've used both spellings in tags. I'm obviously trying to cover all searches (including erroneous spellings) but inserted the wrong spelling in the captions. Duly corrected!! Jim.
  4. Betty, I have tentatively started re-tagging from the beginning of my submissions and an A from Dec 2006 has recently been zoomed. This hasn't happened before in over 10 years for this one and I'm starting it to think it may well be worth the effort. When I look at my original 'keywording' it was awful and I don't wonder it was never zoomed before. I'm now trying to fit in those odd coffee break times by doing just a few at a time.......we'll see what happens. Could be worth it! Jim
  5. Thanks for the update. Look forward to 'getting back in' again! Jim.
  6. Just as a footnote, did anyone notice in AoA for the weekend period only 5 sales were logged? Normally there is at least 6 pages totalling around 120 sales against the Search Terms. Something not quite right here too. Jim.
  7. For me, views are well up this month but zooms are another matter. In 15 days of data I've only had 4 zooms. As a matter of interest, in Alamy Measures one of my Pseudos had no zooms against the Search Terms for me but in addition there were no zooms in the Total Zooms field either. I do get the feeling that zooms are generally on a slow decline Jim
  8. Thanks for spotting this, Clare. Like Pearl's, it was also recently zoomed. Jim.
  9. Well done up there! That's something to put a smile on a lot of faces. The sun has just come out down here in Norfolk, so I'm going out to sit in it and I'll still be smiling!! Jim.
  10. Allan, I may just have squeaked ahead of you on this one! I joined in November 2005 and my first sale was April 2008. Although this is only part of my business I've never thought of giving up. It's took a while but 2016 and 2017 so far have been my best years. If only the prices now were what they were then. I believe it was around a couple of hundred dollars for a country church. We won't see that again! To be precise, $172. Jim.
  11. At the end of 2015 my image total stood at 6,280. During 2016 my annual sales quantity rose by 161% which is being maintained during 2017. My normal target is to upload around 1.000 images per year. Just hope sales quantity keeps at this level and will be interesting to see what happens when I reach 10K images, on the assumption that age doesn't get in the way!! Jim
  12. I always carry a camera. You never know when opportunities can present themselves. For specific stock shoots, I am a compulsive planner. I target specific subjects/themes and plan a route accordingly so I achieve my targets and no journey is wasted. From my point of view, I just can't go out to shoot stock by starting out not knowing what I am going to do. It wastes too much time and don't we just need the time for post processing and tagging!. Travel costs don't concern me that much as they are booked as an operating expenditure on the annual tax return. Jim
  13. When you posted the thread I was in my back garden photographing the Red Arrows. I live close to Norwich Airport and the Arrows were based there for their part in the Clacton Air Show. It's always quite spectacular when they return as they do their vertical climb and splay out on the way down and circle the Airport prior to landing. This day was great - a clear blue sky and lots of fun if only for a short time. Jim
  14. Oh dear! Thanks for the forewarning, Bryan. I'm not set up for sound either. I prefer to work in peace and quiet. I wonder how many others!!! Jim
  15. Hi there Sparks, I have to admit being way past 'retiring age' but I haven't retired! As far as stock goes, Alamy is still part of my business and this activity is far more relaxing than most of the other stuff. So, yes, still going with Alamy. Regards painting, I did get as far as purchasing a basic set of oil paints, an easel, and other equipment, a few years back, but this resulted in my not attaining the standard I would like. Other members of the family now make use of it and I stuck with my core business. However, I do enjoy art and frequently go to exhibitions where you can get ideas. I do have an artist friend (mostly watercolours) who has requested using some of my images for that type of work - seems to work both ways! Whatever you do, enjoy, Jim.
  16. Don't worry Southpole, there can't be any rain left after today and the water levels will be up! Jim
  17. Quite agree, Kathy. I notice it's been going for a few weeks now - hope it's permanent. Well done to Alamy. Jim.
  18. Saved by the Newspapers during July. 5 sales for $100.32 gross with a couple of disappointing prices but still on target to overhaul last years record quantity. Views well up at 3,986 but only 12 zooms. CTR continues to decline! Jim
  19. Bryan, Agreed here too. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and listings as text is just fine. Jim .
  20. Compared to the first six months of 2016, sales are 15% up and revenue 13% down for the same period this year. Interestingly, there were no distributor sales last year but I've had six in the same period this year which has contributed to revenue downturn. Jim.
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