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  1. 4 sales for $88 gross. Zooms and views maintaining a constant level. Jim
  2. Thanks, Alamy. If I remember correctly these were negative and in the wrong place. Jim
  3. Well done Geoff, Mirco and Brasilnut on a civilized discussion! Jim
  4. 5 only for the month. Income disappointing which included two distributor sales. Down on January last year. Views and zooms up just a bit compared to the previous mouth. Jim
  5. I normally upload in sets of 10. I find it is manageable and fits in with my workload. Jim.
  6. Rollercoaster! From my point of view, this week views have dropped significantly and zooms are non existant. Disturbing! Jim
  7. I think you'll find this is an all too common a problem, but if you remember you've forgotten something don't worry too much. I feel I'm a bit ahead of the game at my three-score-years-and-ten time of life, and for quite a while I've resorted to using notelets to write thing down I want to remember. Believe me, it helps!! Only trouble is I have slips of paper all over the place as I'm not a very tidy person. My family have observed this, and one of my presents last Christmas was a perpetual calendar with a stack of notelets built into the base - very useful. One of the things I often do, and it makes me smile every time, is when I'm mounting prints and go to the cupboard for a pair of scissors, I open the door and find I'm staring in at the 'fridge. It reminds me where I should be! Well, Happy New Year to you all. Now where is that note I made about my next submission theme........ Jim
  8. Well done Doc on a great return. Keep going for 2018! From North of the border in Norfolk, Jim
  9. Very quiet month. 4 for $75, but there was a refund of $58 so not much to speak of. I will highlight the lowest which was a distributor sale which netted me $1.01 from a trip down the Suffolk coast which would hardly have bought me an ice cream on Southwold pier! Zooms down considerably but views held up. Looking forward to what 2018 brings. Jim
  10. Very briefly, sales up by 17% which is another record year following 2016. However, income down by 17% which is disappointing. Here comes 2018.... Jim
  11. Thanks for pointing this out, Phil. Mine is Walk No 5 of the River Bure at Lamas, near Buxton, Norfolk. Jim
  12. Do I detect a bit of 'bah humbug' creeping in here? Anyway, thanks for all your research through the year, Bryan. Put you feet up for a bit! I've now stopped and got up to date ready for a brand new 2018!! Jim.
  13. Me too. Deleted immediately. I treat these with suspicion!! But, as you say, where does the detail come from. Jim.
  14. Sounds like you could well be right, John. Ah well, c'est la via!! Jim.
  15. Signs of recovery! Six sales for $212 gross which even included one for $5! Views holding up and zooms were the highest monthly total during the year. Last year was my record year for sales quantity and this has now been overtaken. All I need is a couple of decent sales in December to achieve a new income high on Alamy. Jim
  16. Two calendar sales here, each for $5.12 each. I had three other calendar sales during sales during November which realised more than ten times these amounts. The marketing strategy defies me!! Jim
  17. I have three pseudonyms. They were on pages 1, 2, and 8, and now on pages 1, 1, and 2. My main Pseudonym has moved from page 8 to page 1. I would like to think this will stay but as others have said it may just be temporary. Jim.
  18. Me too. One of my Pseudonyms is missing from Alamy Measures and it has thrown the data all over the place. Seems to have affected all the info particularly CTR!! Jim
  19. Losdemas, I notice you're a bit like me - your first zero for two years! I only need another four sales to top last years record so I'm sure this is only a blip and I do have one unreported sale in the pipeline. I'll wing you some optimism and keep at it!! Jim
  20. No sales for me. This is my first zero month since December 2015. Views well up and zooms holding their own but in my case not many sales seem to come from zooms. Ah well, onward and upward! Jim.
  21. John and Vicky, thanks for noticing this. I've discovered I'm guilty of using 'style' in a few captions, but strangely enough I've used both spellings in tags. I'm obviously trying to cover all searches (including erroneous spellings) but inserted the wrong spelling in the captions. Duly corrected!! Jim.
  22. Betty, I have tentatively started re-tagging from the beginning of my submissions and an A from Dec 2006 has recently been zoomed. This hasn't happened before in over 10 years for this one and I'm starting it to think it may well be worth the effort. When I look at my original 'keywording' it was awful and I don't wonder it was never zoomed before. I'm now trying to fit in those odd coffee break times by doing just a few at a time.......we'll see what happens. Could be worth it! Jim
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