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  1. Views down significantly here too but, conversely, my zooms have soared this month. Just hope this is a positive trend. Jim
  2. Four sales, zooms even, views down 40%. But the purchase of my Rolex gets ever nearer!! Jim
  3. This month so far my average is 0.39 which is just below my long term average and is about on par for the average for this year. Lowest has been 0.12 for last April and highest 0.64 for last June. It's been a bit of a roller coaster. Jim
  4. I've now got one of these. I accept NU for what it is, but for use in the Industry sector of Travel and tourism and all that goes with it, is someone here having a laugh? I am an elder statesman, if you like, in this business and this is an insult to my professionalism. If a true market price was paid for this work I would have no complaint, or even to the original concept of NU on it's own, but to almost give it away.......especially when NU and the whole sales scenario appears to just not fit. Jim
  5. Bottoming out!! Just 3 sales but average price up. Due, I guess, to no distributor sales. Views up substantially but zooms down and consequently so is CTR! Ah well, here's to August! Jim
  6. Hi all, please read yesterdays thread on this subject if it helps - there's 40+ responses. Jim.
  7. This is one thing that I find very annoying. It's not Alamy quality! To make a point it's just taken me 10 screens to work through to get this far into the Forum. On the rare occasion I login with no screen, and at the other end of the scale I have been as far as 13 screens. Even more infuriating is the quality of some of the screens - some are so dark you cannot distinguish the content. Is this a scheme to reduce traffic into the website I wonder!!! Moan over but I can't be positive about this when you are trying to run a business. JIm
  8. Good advice here - it's a great big world out there. Hard work usually brings it's rewards. Jim
  9. Last year was a record year for me in terms of sales. So far this year the first six months are equal to the same period last year volume wise. Revenue is, however, down. Still uploading! Jim
  10. Views down, zooms up considerably, only 3 sales. Sales included one distributor sale for a very low price where the distributor actually got more then the supplier - we all know about this and I won't moan too much because everything counts. Pity this situation doesn't get addressed. Jim
  11. Just to confirm, it's Alexanders. Frequent over here on my local North Norfolk coastal patch. Native in NW France, naturalised in Britain. It is said that the Romans ground the small black seeds to make a kind of pepper. Jim.
  12. Yup! But ain't it strange what sells sometimes - makes me wonder why we do it sometimes!! It has to raise a .
  13. Views down, zooms up, and only 2 sales including one PU where the subject matter was a public toilet!! My sense of humour has deserted me!! Jim
  14. Nothing so far this month. Zooms have recovered a bit and one reported sale to come.
  15. Over the last 12 months 13% of all sales have been PU representing 9% of total gross value. In this category I have only had one sale below $10 which is certainly not the lowest overall.
  16. I've just discovered mine passed this morning. Hope yours are OK too, Bryan. Jim
  17. I must admit I haven't noticed a change but I've been a bit longer than usual in QC at the moment. What worries me about my latest submission is that a bunch of shots were taken on a hot day last weekend at Cromer on the cliff top. There were swarms of flies which appeared just like dust spots on my images - I know what they were but, with QC in mind, I spent a considerable amount of time erasing them. I'm now wondering if I missed one or two. They could easily be mistaken for dust spots. Time will tell! Jim
  18. Slowly as she goes! 5 sales for $152 gross. Views up 71% but zooms down by 52% which hasn't done much for my CTR - but ranking of pseudos holding up on pages 1 and 2 which is pleasing. Jim
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