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  1. Zooms stand at 15 for me for month to date so far. This is about my average if not slightly above.
  2. It started to drizzle for me with a couple of sales yesterday so that's a start for 2019. Unfortunately one was a distributor sale through a bulk discount scheme which might just buy me half a cup of coffee.......
  3. 1,010, which is around average me. Will probably be lower this year as I try some different approaches. Jim
  4. Same here, Bryan!! December was disappointing with just 2 sales. Views were 3726, zooms 15, and CTR at 0.40. 2018 produced a new record sales quantity beating last years record by 1!! Income, however, was down 20%. All this despite uploading another 1K+ images. Time to do something different in 2019!!
  5. A month or two ago I had my biggest sale for a number of years. Unfortunately it lasted 9 days before the refund appeared. A short while after a similar shot sold for around a tenth of the first. I don't know if there was any connection or not but it's annoying as well as disappointing. I wish this wouldn't happen. Jim
  6. I appreciate that this may not work for everybody, but thanks Alamy, it fits in with my work process.
  7. Further to my comment above I must add that I too am not happy with 20% reduction in commission. Like many contributors, I run a small business of which income from Alamy represents around 5% of my income. I wish it was more! On average I upload around 70 images per month on a regular basis. My downfall is probably that I just like making images. In the light of the proposed reduction in commission one has to consider reality as I have a business to run as well as Alamy. I kept faith after the last reduction to 50% but this, together with overall price reductions, meant that the rest of my business has been subsidising my Alamy contributions. This obviously cannot continue. My own answer I guess is rather simplistic. I just adjust the way I do things and put emphasis into other areas. In particular print sales, which I will describe as 'exhibition' quality and usually command $$$ prices. These particular images would never go into stock because of the anticipated low prices they are likely to realise which I consider would be an undervaluation of my work. I only need to sell one of these per month to exceed the income I get from stock. The current situation has now got me to thinking why on earth haven't I done this before? If the commission remained at 50% I would probably grin and bear it as it's an outlet for my obsession of making images!! Jim.
  8. I would be happy with 50% image exclusivity to Alamy. My 9K+ are all exclusive to Alamy anyway. I submit to other libraries and in each case my submissions are exclusive - no duplicates anywhere. Jim.
  9. A couple of sales yesterday took me to a new high regarding annual sales quantity. This exceeded last years 'record'. Income is another subject!! Jim
  10. Back to my target average of one per week with 5 sales during November. 4,370 views, 26 zooms, CTR 0.59. Jim.
  11. Same for me. One day there may be an avalanche!! Nice to have a couple of sales though. Jim
  12. After succeeding with Chrome to get a header uploaded I've got a similar problem - it's not sized correctly. I'll get back to it when I can't sleep at night! Jim
  13. Thanks for your suggestion, Niels. I've tried it but can't get it to work yet. I've also looked at browser cache but I struggle because I'm no expert with the guts of the thing! When I've finished some tagging I'll try downloading Chrome and see if that does it. Regards, Jim. Footnote: I've downloaded Chrome and got it to work. Some tinkering to do but going in the right direction!
  14. As with some others, I just can't get the header to load up. I've even left it for half-an-hour and it's still churning through the three blue squares. It's the only thing on my system that doesn't work and I was really looking forward to getting into this. Given up in frustration!! Jim
  15. Just 3 sales for me last month. But considering my last zero month was October last year I can't complain. Zooms down and views up! Jim
  16. My highest was $307.40 back in 2009 for a travel brochure. Most sales then were $$$. Jim.
  17. Strangely enough I had one yesterday too. It was a four word search which produced 14 images of mine which was also the sum of the total views with one zoom. I will wait in anticipation..... Jim.
  18. I've got an old Lastolite light tent which I've had for around 30 years and does the job for me. This is a material product which suspends from a support. However...I've looked on the WEX website and it looks like this product has been discontinued and replaced by items now called Studio CubeLites. These are far more expensive than my old light tent and the cheapest I could find is a Pop-up Light Tent by Interfit. If you want to have a look at the various items go to the WEX website and type in light tent in the search panel. You may find what you're looking for here. Jim
  19. Disappointing. Just 2 distributor sales. Even more disappointing was a $$$ 'sale' which would have been my highest since 2014 - it lasted just 9 days before the refund appeared!! Views way down, but zooms way up. At least my CTR is now looking healthy. Jim
  20. Thanks for highlighting Calendars, Pearl. I had a quick look at some on my local area and found one of mine. I had four in this years efforts so hopefully there may be others lurking elsewhere. Jim
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