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  1. I would agree with David on the Canon EOS-M. This goes with me everywhere and is handy when I don't need to cart around my 5D. I purchased mine from WEX photographic about 6 months ago and at the time it had a £50 cash back with it. Unfortunately stocks of the lens adaptor that they were giving away with it at the time had run out when I purchased. Mine came with an 18-55 mm IS lens. Does the job for me. Jim.
  2. No, I don't hire models or do complicated set ups for stock. However, I do travel to do stock and on occasion will wait for the right light. This way of doing things works two ways for me as 'out of hours' another part of my shooting is for exhibition work which I keep entirely separate from stock - some of this stuff wouldn't pass QC anyway! Jim.
  3. Just one image licensed to date - but not a single zoom since 21st October - can't remember going so long without one!! Jim.
  4. I left the report as is but before I scanned the file I indicated the items which I was claiming for - perhaps this is why I arrived at my long winded way of doing things! Jim.
  5. Jools, Thanks for the info. Even at my age I'm still learning! Jim.
  6. Tarsierspectral, I went to Sales Information and accessed Summary of Items Sold and printed it off. I then scanned the pages for 2012 and filed them and then attach the files to email for DACS. This may appear rather long winded but its my way round it. I'm afraid my expertise is not as great as some with PC work!! Jim.
  7. I received an email yesterday on this subject. I completed a claim online way back last August and sent a hard copy of an Alamy sales report by post. It would appear that, unfortunately, the two didn't meet! I've copied off the sales report and attached it to an email reply. Took just a few minutes and job done. Being a claimant in previous years' all that was required in my case was a report for 2012 as 'add-ons' to previous claims. I guess if you are a first time claimant then you have to go from square one but once done you don't need to go through it all again. Jim.
  8. Yes, I see what you mean. My ID books give juvenile Great Black-backs in various different states of plumage which doesn't help much. The beak is certainly more like a Glaucous which brings it back to your original ID. Jim.
  9. Just to put a spanner in the works, have you looked at a juvenile Great Black-backed gull? Beak doesn't look right to me for a juvenile Herring Gull.... Jim.
  10. Thanks 'TheEagleGuy' for reporting BRA375 - Gight Castle. Looks like it was worth going out on a grey day and crossing the field with the bull in it to get to the Castle! Nervous moment! Jim.
  11. OK, so I'm in the UK, but I have to say well done Alamy. I have waited for payments before that are close to the limit and currently have one $1.31 'short'. With prices these days my small business goes along on a wing and a prayer and anticipated quicker payments will help my cash flow. Jim.
  12. Linda, I mostly do landscapes so whatever camera I use its usually perched on a tripod - my hand holding is abysmal! In this respect I can't say I've noticed that speed of focus is slow or a problem. Regarding low light, I did use it for fun on one evening a couple of weeks ago in a circus tent - I put it on Sport mode and set the ISO to 1600 and the images were acceptable - grain not as much as I thought but the highlights burnt out a little due to the high contrast between dark and light in the tent. I've yet to try it for low light landscaping. Jim.
  13. Yes, Ed...a full breakfast is a distant memory and my desire for one has past. That's the trouble with age!! I finished with the discovery of cholesterol that was through the roof and went on diet and now its just cereals and fruit. But the good thing is...I enjoy it!! All levels are what they should be! Jim.
  14. I purchased a Canon EOS M kit a couple of months ago as a lightweight, go anywhere, piece of equipment. Personally, it has everything I need from this sort of kit with a whole host of programme options plus manual and video. Lens is sharp and picture quality excellent, is on the Alamy 'list' and has no problem with QC. In the UK it cost me £398. It's small and light and easier to carry around than my 5D! Jim.
  15. I was in Deeside and that area of the Cairngorms National Park last week mainly to capture some autumn colours. I was a bit early although colours are changing but a bit patchy. I expect the current plunge of cold air from the north and some expected frosts will help as long as the gale force winds don't blow away the leaves! Good luck and enjoy. Jim.
  16. My batch has now been transferred to Manage Images. Happy keywording!! Jim.
  17. Interesting thought - assuming there are 30,000 photographers contributing to Alamy, then, in terms of numbers contributing, 500 represents 1.6 per cent of the total. It's a mighty big ocean!! Jim.
  18. I regard any 'sensitive' business related topic including pricing as 'commercial and in confidence'. If its in the public domain then it could be to competitors advantage and ultimately to the detriment of contributors. If there has to be threads on topics such as pricing then I would agree with a 'closed' section for active contributors only. Jim.
  19. Call for a Lepidopterist!! In my humble opinion it is a female Meadow Brown. Both sexes of the Gatekeeper have three or four white spots on the underside of the hind wing and I can't see any on this image. Humbly, Jim.
  20. Tony, Funnily enough, I purchased an EOS M last Saturday. I use a 5D but wanted something smaller to carry around but capable of producing quality images. My first thoughts were how small and light the camera is, but after playing around with it I found it to be quite a versatile piece of equipment. It came with an 18-55mm lens with image stabilizer and all the functions I use with the 5D are available here. There is a tripod attachment and an adapter is available should you need to use any other EOS lenses. I did find it strange looking at the screen to compose my shots instead of the normal viewfinder but am getting used to it. By the way, I got a £50 cash back with it which I believe is available until the end of this month. All in all, I am quite impressed, but that's just my opinion! Good luck with you choice. Jim.
  21. Same here. All now showing - back to keywording!! Good work Tech people. Jim Laws.
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