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  1. When Alamy sell an image, I wouldn't like to think that any negotiations are compromised by a minimum fee coming into the equation. In this day and age there are some uses that provide reasonable sales such as book covers. Jim.
  2. 411 views for me on the 8th Oct down to 28 views yesterday. It's a bit of a roller coaster! Jim.
  3. Just to add my observations, my zooms have all but vanished - just a couple in the last two months or so. Now views are on a dramatic decline and are around 25 per cent of what I would normally expect. Not good. Jim.
  4. Hi John, They were small and diverse, but I like to call them commissions! I do lots of churches and one was in a churchyard for a shot of the grave of a mans late wife. The other was a bit more interesting - I was on the bank of a river in the Norfolk Broads doing 'scapes when a man sailed past in a small yacht turned around and asked if I would do some shots of him sailing as he'd never had any done before. I think these just fell into my lap! Jim.
  5. My dearth continues which I still think is strange - no zooms or sales. However, taking up the reins of positivity, while out during the past week doing stock in fairly remote places, I've been approached twice to do small on the spot commissions. It obviously pays me to be visible with tripod and bags etc. In all my years of photography I can't remember this happening before and now lightening strikes twice. I'm now looking out for this kind of opportunity again. Anyone else experienced this? Jim,.
  6. Nothing happening here either. No sales or zooms for about a month now and, disturbingly, views are unusually low. Ah well, the only way is up...... Jim.
  7. Happens intermittently with me. Hitting the refresh button (F5) I then get a chance to retry and that has been working. However, it appears something is not working right! Jim.
  8. Jill, I would say you're being cautious, not paranoid. I used to be the same because as well as stock I also do exhibition stuff and don't mix the two because some of my non-stock stuff would never get past QC. However, I do have some foggy pictures that have been accepted on Alamy and if they are 'obviously' foggy then go with them. If it will help here's three of mine you can look at that are online - BJT8JF, CWGM8B, and CWGM93. Good luck, Jim.
  9. The Cairngorms National Park in Scotland with The Rockies close behind. I just love mountains! Jim.
  10. According to the 'clock' I've got about another 7 years. There was I thinking about listing 101 things to do before I die only the other day. Oh well, there won't be time to fit them all in now and do keywording as well! Jim.
  11. I agree with Colin and would also add that you may find it to your advantage to have a look in Alamy Measures under All of Alamy if you don't already do so. This may guide you to the better search words you can use. Jim.
  12. I usually carry around a notepad and jot down subjects and ideas for when I feel stuck or need a bit of inspiration. Another thing I purchased a while ago was a book entitled 'Photo Idea Index' by Jim Krause. There's a whole load of ideas inside from things quite basic to more advanced. I find it does get you thinking. If anyone is interested and its still available the ISBN number is ISBN 1-58180-766-X. I still find a good walk works, though! Jim.
  13. A very odd month with one sale, three zooms, and highest ever number of views - up over 111 per cent on previous month. Jim.
  14. dd, that's pretty much me too, and my 60 years of experience in photography is not going to change the way I do things by acquiring an iPhone. But good luck to those giving it a go - it is after all yet another way of making an image. Ouch - I've just realised I've given my age away! Jim.
  15. No. I can't imagine turning up for a job or commission or the like with an iPhone. Even for stock this, to me, compromises quality - just my opinion. Jim.
  16. Isn't it time someone developed a DSLR with a phone attachment? Or have they......... Apologies for the diversion! Jim.
  17. Not much to add to this - keep camera in a sealed bag with a sachet or two of silica gel and keep it cool. Even leave it outside if you can, but be sure to remove the batteries first and keep them warm! Good luck in the Cairngorms - one of my favourite places. Jim.
  18. I've had a couple of grey day images sell recently, coincidentally both from Scotland. With one of the images I minimised the sky because it really was rather bland and with the other I left the sky out altogether. I usually take off up there two or three times a year for some walking and stock and more often than not its grey and/or raining. While I'm out taking stock I also look out for potential images suitable for National or International Exhibition. One or two of my successful ones result from a grey day and I particularly remember one where I was caught about five miles from my car in a Glen in torrential rain. But....the cloud base was low covering the mountain tops and it was misty and a bit of digital manipulation produced an enhanced atmospheric result. This stuff I don't submit as stock - it's where I migrate to as a hobby, but that's another subject. Jim.
  19. John and Steve, Same problem here. When I press the upload button the progress bar goes straight to 100% I did discover that if you leave it the upload will complete. Two uploads performed successfully last week but I have a feeling something is not quite right somewhere as its happened to more than one of us at around the same time. Jim.
  20. I would agree with David on the Canon EOS-M. This goes with me everywhere and is handy when I don't need to cart around my 5D. I purchased mine from WEX photographic about 6 months ago and at the time it had a £50 cash back with it. Unfortunately stocks of the lens adaptor that they were giving away with it at the time had run out when I purchased. Mine came with an 18-55 mm IS lens. Does the job for me. Jim.
  21. No, I don't hire models or do complicated set ups for stock. However, I do travel to do stock and on occasion will wait for the right light. This way of doing things works two ways for me as 'out of hours' another part of my shooting is for exhibition work which I keep entirely separate from stock - some of this stuff wouldn't pass QC anyway! Jim.
  22. Just one image licensed to date - but not a single zoom since 21st October - can't remember going so long without one!! Jim.
  23. I left the report as is but before I scanned the file I indicated the items which I was claiming for - perhaps this is why I arrived at my long winded way of doing things! Jim.
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