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  1. I deleted all of my images over a year ago, but Alamy has just informed they (Alamy) are still making sales with the deleted images so obviously they still have the images on file for people to buy and are licensing images I don't want licensed. This is very troublesome for me as I did not sign away my copyright when I originally joined Alamy. Never thinking they would have use of my images forever. How to I make sure all images I have ever placed here are no longer able to be licensed by Alamy?
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses. "Welcome to the world of stock photography along with the other millions of photographers." Actually I've been doing this for a bit of time I think the reality is that places like Alamy have followed Chicken Little believing the sky is falling Back when Tony Stone was around very few companies were needing images compared to today were not only does a Mom n Pop company need to have a dynamic website ,companies need to have energetic blogs etc all requiring colorful art to attract viewers. The need for photography in the commercial world has never
  3. I must have something set up incorrectly and hoping someone can point me in the correct direction. Most of my images are set for Rights Managed yet every-time I make a sale the price is ridiculously low. Example I just made three sales here is the described licensing: Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Corporate Package Use – Internal use and external non-advertising use Industry sector: Travel & tourism Start: 13 August 2013 End: 13 August 2023 Worldwide ten years of Corporate Usage for $29.00, when I try and plug in the usage for a purchase the cost comes out to be over $800
  4. thank you for the response. May I ask who are the successful video agencies for you? thanks, jeff
  5. I am trying to find info on submitting my b-roll footage for video stock sales. I see Alamy is now offering video footage and I would like to keep all video stock with the same agency I have my photography however I can't seem to find any info about uploading, requirements, etc... what am I missing? Thanks, jeff
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