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  1. @ Phiippe Thanks for your feedback. Regarding the news images, as it news, I always have to include "athens, greece" in the caption, as per the 5W's(who, where etc) So I guess you mean once a reasonable time has passed I should change the caption to a "stock phot caption". Good idea, hadn't thought about it. "I'm afraid most news/PJ shots are already outdated after a (few) day(s). Why would someone - in August - publish a picture of a Greek demonstration which took place in June or even in 2012? Sure, it's always possible, but will a customer not rather be looking at AMNA (Athens-Mace
  2. Yes, I am working as a pj. I see what you mean though, I have to emphasize in variety. Thanks.
  3. Steve Skjold/Alamy http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/aug/01/government-tracking-google-searches
  4. Thanks so much everyone for the feedback. Much appreciated. I sure need to do some work on keywords. I have noticed I often put details on the essential kwords field. I also found out that I had the alamy third party resellers unchecked :/ Bryan, some night protest pics are surely underxposed but as it is news I am always reluctant to pass the line of editing an image. Then you get high ISOs, much noise and if I add some exposure it may get too noisy. Jeff these are not my pics, you must have clicked on another contributor's images
  5. I always put "Vancouver" (because I live there too) in "essential" keywords for my Vancouver travel-related images because I assume that buyers looking for these types of images want a specific location. However, for non-travel photos, I put the location in the "main" or "comprehensive" fields only if I think it might possibly matter to a buyer. I always fill out the "location" field, even though it is no longer searchable. I most often do the same thing. I put "Athens" in the main kwords when I shoot a demonstration, but I put "Athens" in the ess kwords when shooting a sightseeing place.
  6. Hi All, I would very much appreciate some feedback on my portfolio. So far I am with Alamy for one year, sold 1 pic out of 29 zooms. I recall on the old forum someone mentioning roughly one sale for every 4 zooms. Thanks Nikolas
  7. Btw, does anyone know, who gets to go after the infringer? Is it the (copyright owner) photographer, or the agency? I often find myself in the situation where I contact the infringer, who then replies to me "ok, I ll pay you but since I got the image from XYZ agency how do I know the photo agency won't come after me?" I would appreciate your experience on this.
  8. Hi Stephen and hi all It's a good start you have your first sale! Hope more will come! Nikolas
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