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  1. The "putting your eggs all in one basket" theory has its' downfalls, and now we are seeing it. Although self-employed, those making their income from Alamy are in theory "working for Alamy" with none of the benefits of employment except a pay cut of 20%. I have a friend who made a product for fishermen and sold to small stores across Canada and on his website. He went to one of those events Walmart holds for new suppliers to see if he could sell to them. They liked the product. In his contract, there were revisions to the product plus package design that he had to make plus of
  2. The sales quota is based on gross sales, not your personal cut of the sales. You need $250 gross to stay in Gold.
  3. Ed, I too do not do stock for money. It is simply a way to justify the money I have spent on equipment, and hopefully to earn enough to cover the cost of said equipment. And since I do a lot of graphics work, I have PS and Illustrator etc. anyway, so might as well use them beyond graphics. But like Betty, I may spend more time creating art from my images than than scanning for dust spots at 100%. Might find that more rewarding. And more fun. I certainly won't remove my images and I will probably add more, but certainly expand to other venues. The stock image market hasn't
  4. I changed all my images to non-exclusive. I too am off to check out other options. And it isn't even about the money, I think the real thing that kicked me was getting people to mark exclusive then when all that work is done, take away the benefit. If they found some were cheating (and I'm sure some marked exclusive that weren't were just human error) the contributor should have been notified. If having to notify a second time, all their images would be marked non-exclusive no matter if they were or weren't. We all know the stock photo market is bloated with images, much more s
  5. I now spend 3 to 4 hours every day (we are still in strict lockdown) on my porch just watching the birds. They are so fascinating. Watched a nice feud between a male goldfinch and a female rose breasted grosbeak. He didn't want to share the feeder with her. They ended up in a truce. I find the big problem with shooting birds is you end up with so many images and filtering through takes ages, and of course I love almost all of them. Going through a bunch now. May take awhile. But thoroughly enjoyable. Hope to improve my bird image skills as I go along. Jill
  6. If looking for the 100-400 L original, you would only find that used. For the feeders, I have 3 feeders that hang about 10-12' from where I sit with my coffee (or wine) and camera. When I first go out, the birds all fly away, but withing 5-10 minutes they are all back. They get used to you being there. I've had them pick seed off of the steps in front of me just 5-6' away. For my feeders and home made bird bath down at the front of my lawn by the driveway, I'll park my van about 6' from the feeders and sit in the van and shoot from there. Again, they all fly away, but come b
  7. Yes, taken with the 100-400, but all cropped . I got the 90D because of the pixel packed sensor so I could crop in. The 80D is 24mp so you would need to crop even tighter. Are you hoping to take in the wild, or have feeders around? Jill
  8. Hi Colin. I just got in to bird photography. A couple of months ago I was deciding which lens to get. I debated between the Canon 100-400 L IS 5.6 original (I was buying used) and the 300mm prime with an extender. I did look at the Sigma, but as mentioned the weight put me off. I wanted to be able to do handheld. I went for the telephoto and it has been great. Any issues I can fix with Topaz Sharpen AI or Topaz DeNoise AI. The newer version of the 100-400 is supposed to fantastic but was way out of my price range. A lot also depends on the camera you are shooting with. I am
  9. I can't see your image Kevin. I don't due vignettes, too instragrammy for me. Jill
  10. I have brought down the highlights. One of those lucky shots when you take a whole pile of the bird running and hit on one interesting shot. Now that I have taken a lot of bird pics, trying just to upload interesting points of view of the birds instead of the standard bird on a branch (of which I have enough now). It's just such a boring background and that shade takes away from the bird. I may put the bird on it's own layer and work on the big shadow to bring it up a bit then merge them back together. Jill
  11. I took this image of a Grackle running across my driveway. I love the shot as both legs are in the air. But the background is just crap, especially that dark band of shade. I'm pretty good with PS, but am undecided on whether to replace the whole background or just try to do something with that band of shadow. I would like to keep the bird's shadow. I can easily get rid of the stick that blocks the bird's shadow, but am I better off simply replacing the whole thing with grass or something, or trying to lighten the shadow from the tree. It is a higher ISO image, I would like a lighter cont
  12. Alamy no longer accepts video submissions. They haven't for a few years. Jill
  13. Most of the bad reviews are obviously by people who do not understand the workings of Alamy. Used to microstock who only report sales when paid. Maybe Alamy should do the same. And the complaints about having to reach a threshold to get paid - same on all sites. I have earnings on Dreamstime and SS over the last 5 years and still not paid. The lack of understanding of QC is obvious as well. Mostly people who definitely shouldn't be selling here, complaining about having to check their images themselves. Jill
  14. I buy as well as sell, and as soon as I find an image I like, I right click and click on "search google for this image" and I hunt for it in the cheapest sales venue. It's very easy and saves me a lot of money. Some images are better suited to Microstock, others are better here. Jill
  15. When you live on a farm and are surrounded by empty fields (well, one has a horse in it) being inventive it tough. I have uploaded mostly bird images and am getting repetitive with the Blue Jays. But they do seem to be an expressive bird. Got the new lens and new camera and I am anxious to get out and shoot something else besides birds, but we are in lockdown here in Ontario, so very few options. Might wander to one of the Provincial Parks and see if I can find anything interesting. Jill
  16. So true Ed. I have seen many where the light source has not been matched up. Or there is water and reflection doesn't match the sky. This is especially evident in scenes with still water. Jill
  17. Sending well wishes from Canada. Jill
  18. Finally got a decent bird in flight image.
  19. Close I think, but they are round and these are slightly oblong. Still been hunting with no luck. Any other ideas anyone? Jill
  20. I would think people based in the UK would definitely have higher views than people in other parts of the world. Regular contributors get higher placement that those that don't upload for a long period of time. Mine did go down over the last couple of years, as I hardly uploaded anything. I do believe that is one of the criteria for placement on Alamy. My views for the past year are 4725 with a port of just under 2300 images. Only 24 zooms but still average 1-2 sales a month. Hopefully as I am back contributing, it will go back up. CTR of .51 But I am
  21. This cheeky Blue Jay seemed fascinated by the sound of the shutter on the camera.
  22. Any good berry experts out there? These taken in woods while I was out on a trail a few years ago. Central Ontario. I've hunted online, but can't find the colour combo anywhere. Jill
  23. I figured out a work around. I copied the file "Sky Textures" from the Luminar program folder and put it on my desktop. I will now open that so I can get an idea of what I am adding. Not perfect, but will do the trick for a bit until Skylum implements it into the program. Jill
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