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  1. Ed, all my bird shots are at 400mm on a cropped sensor, and all hand held, be it some good help sometimes from Topaz Sharpen AI. As you get used to the weight of the big lens, you have less and less issue with camera shake. Jill
  2. I love the look in this bird's eye.
  3. With a full mailbox, it might be awhile before Alamy could even get back to you on it. Jill
  4. Is there a line up to leave? Gonna be busy beavers when they get back to work. Jill
  5. I actually posted about this a few days ago, but mine was on Windows. I had done a reinstall, but saved preferences, and that made it crash. I did notice that the gpu and PS were both crashing at the same time. I did update my GPU drivers, but that didn't help. Then I uninstalled PS. I went in to the Adobe folder and removed any folders that were PS related and put them on my desktop just in case I needed them. Did a fresh install, and this time a total clean install, didn't save preferences. That worked for me. I did end up losing a few brushes, actions and patterns that I
  6. I doubt I will leave, but certainly will spread the images elsewhere. Some images I will remove due to Alamy not addressing the contributor liability issue. And every image that is not wildlife, will be marked editorial only instead of just no releases. Like John, I used to think that was enough, but now doubting it. Besides if I left, couldn't hang here and get all the great info and advice that is supplied so generously here. Jill
  7. You are right Ian, I did misread, but in the email they sent, they specifically asked if you were to be contacted before they pursued infringement. And does that leave us open to them charging us costs? I think when the mistrust raises its' ugly head, every statement becomes suspect. And as SeaKevin says, who wants their clients bothered by Alamy? Jill
  8. But that's not what the contract says. So this will be changed? 2.10. By marking Content as Exclusive, you grant Alamy the right to chase third party infringements of the Content without Alamy having to consult you. Where pursuing such infringements if it is found that the Content has been licensed through another licensing platform, Alamy has the right to recoup any fees incurred in the pursuit of any action taken.
  9. Alamy has not covered the liability issues of the photographer in this statement. So we can assume we are right in that we the contributor are supposedly liable for misuse of our images? Jill
  10. A legal clause cannot specify intent. It has to specify exactly what it means. This still leaves Alamy the right to license content outside of the photographer's restrictions. With trust gone, this has to change to "Alamy does not have the right to license content outside of the photographer's restrictions". Right now that clause says it does. Jill
  11. From what I have noticed, I think some of the worst keyword spammers are the agencies. And look at the image spamming from that one agency in another thread on here. And Alamy lets the agencies get away with it. Alamy is counting on the silver category to become its' biggest money maker. Myself and many others on this forum will soon find themselves there as prices keep falling. By next year, probably 1/2 of Alamy's contributors will be there, with Alamy making twice the money they made from them in the gold category. That is where Alamy wants most of the contributors to end u
  12. I believe Alamy promised us that they would explain all this at the end of the week. It is now the end of the week and approaching the end of the business day in the UK. If Alamy does finally come and explain all this today, are they waiting till the end of day and just look at our responses on Monday? Are they not going to leave us some interactive time with them today? Jill
  13. I think they want their silver contibutors. There are thousands of contributors who would fall in that category, and with the falling of prices, a lot more will join them. This gives Alamy twice the income from those images. Remember on S******* the rate (except for grandfathered in contributors) has always been 80/20. I think they are hoping the vast majority of the contributors will end up there eventually. If they didn't, your category should be based on number of sales, not gross income from sales. This allows them to drop their prices further and still make more money as
  14. This statement is included in the link to the new contract changes: "The key changes under this amendment are outlined below." So Alamy has only listed what they consider to be key changes. It doesn't mean there aren't others that they don't consider key. I think giving away images is a key change. Jill
  15. I would have done that, except it would simply start and crash immediately with the cursor spinning. I couldn't figure how to get in and reset. I lost some new actions and patterns, but the rest are backed up, so not a big deal Jill
  16. I did a fresh install omitting keeping my preferences. It is now running fine. I am so dependent on PS for my graphics work I thought I would have heart failure. Along with the contract, my website is in server limbo, stuck between two servers and the guy working on mockups for me is taking forever. Ah well, At least the sun is shining, the birds are singing and my wine glass is full. Jill
  17. I did a total fresh install and it didn't help. Going to do another fresh install, and this time not keep my preferences. If this doesn't work, it has to be a gpu issue, but Illustrator runs fine, so I don't know. We will see what happens with the new install. Jill
  18. Took me 10 minutes, if that, to change all mine. I just went to image manager, choose a bunch of submissions, clicked the exclude button to make them non-exclusive and save. You have about a thousand more images than I do, so shouldn't take you much longer. Those with huge ports will have to Alamy do it, or slowly go through their images 500 at a time. Jill
  19. Let's face it, most contributors don't read the forum. Many will see the change in commission and that is that. And any joining from now on, will likely not read the contract (as many business count on) and be totally unaware of what they are setting themselves up for. I'm still in limbo mode, but if no changes, will probably remove any images with people and only have cutesy RF wildlife images. This of course will send me deep in to Silver mode, so then I will probably just go quietly in to the night. Every contributor should have received not only the new contract, but notifi
  20. This morning Photoshop crashed so I sent the report to Adobe. Got an instant message inside the report window that this was a fixable crash, I needed to update my drivers on my GPU. Great. So click on the link, update drivers, and good to go. Of course restart PS and it loads, includes images that were open during crash, and then crashes. Thought I would restart computer, no help. So I uninstall PS, reinstall PS, and same thing. Surprised the new install opened with the images in it during crash. Definitely GPU issues I think. I checked reliability log and GPU cra
  21. Too much noise and the grass in the background is very distracting. I haven't uploaded this image yet as I still haven't decided what to do with it. Jill
  22. Generally when shooting birds, you don't want the background in focus unless it is somehow important to the image. You like the background blurred. Although fairly new to bird photography, I generally shoot 5.6 - 6.3 depending on light, ISO is usually around 1250 and camera chooses SS. I do check and like to keep SS at 1/1000 or higher but have shot slower. Lens is almost always at 400mm. Overcast days are actually better for shooting birds to get an even light and no harsh shadows on the bird. Jill
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