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  1. Thanks Ed. I now have 5 purple finches that come by, 2 males and 3 females. They quite often eat together. Today I got some shots of 2 downy woodpecker fledglings, but not sure how good they will come out. Had to use 3200 ISO so might be too grainy, even with help from Topaz DeNoise. Jill
  2. This little Purple Finch has become quite a regular to the feeders.
  3. I certainly remember phone boxes, used them many times as a kid and young adult. I remember when I was working a dog show and my cell rang and it was my son calling me from inside the Chunnel as he was taking the train to Calais and from there Paris. It blew my mind a bit. How times have changed (and generally for the better). Jill
  4. I did find a way to change the folder destination, so that curse is done. I am very good in ACW, so the developing part is not a problem. More finding the fundamentals, and I think that will come with more I use it. I will watch some LR tutorials. Thanks Mark. I find myself thinking things will be in the same place as they are in ACR, and of course they aren't. Jill
  5. The extreme internet usage is because OneDrive is set to auto sync any new files in the Pictures folder. Well that is where LR put the files, so OneDrive started to upload. If I had decent internet, it wouldn't be an issue, but DSL is the best I get out here in the country, so I live with it. I have friends who can't even get DSL, they use data sticks on their computers. Jill
  6. Lightroom Classic. I did find a way to change the placing of the folder, so at least onedrive doesn't try to upload everything. I know LR has a bit of a learning curve compared to ACR and Bridge (which I've been using for years). I now can't figure how to send an image to PS. And install any of my filters such as Luminar 4, AI and my Topaz software. Always a pain learning something new, so tempting to return to the comfort of the stuff you can do in auto pilot. Jill
  7. I thought I would finally give Lightroom a try. Bridge is getting a little clumsy. So I imported the images from my sd card and started going through them. There were probably 400 images of which I would end up keeping maybe 10. After a few minutes I was noticing my internet speed was horrific. Could not figure out the issue. I unplugged the modem and router and plugged them back in, but still couldn't figure it out. It was crawling. Opened task manager and there it was - OneDrive had started to upload all the images from the folder that Lightroom had created. Who wants to up
  8. Is it possible that they are slowly moving the videos over and eventually will have the entire Pond5 video catalog? Jill
  9. I'm pretty sure Alamy only provides video from Pond5, so you have to submit your video there. Whether alamy carries all the Pond5 video, or selective videos, I don't know. You could do some searches for video on Pond5 and then search the main keywords on alamy and see if every video comes up. Jill PS I typed in the word "man" as a search term for footage in Pond5 and it came up with over 4 million. In Alamy there are only 700,000 so they obviously don't take all the Pond5 video. When I just searched 4K, over 2 million on Pond5, 300,000 on Alamy.
  10. You would create a new pseudonym and then move the images over to that pseudonym. You can't change a pseudo. Jill
  11. A lot of very talented people on this forum. When I retire from my business, I hope to do some more art. Did a lot of pencil sketching way back (horses mostly) and should return to it. Jill
  12. I use JustHost (owned by BlueHost) for my ecommerce site, but also have a setup using the free software "Piwigo" for my images. I haven't updated it in ages, and really should, but you can sell prints if you want. I've never sold one, but haven't pushed the site and don't even use a separate domain for it, just a sub domain. This may push me to update and see if Piwigo has added anything new since I put this up 4 years ago, I'm sure it has. http://jkmorganpets.com/jkmorganphotography/ Jill
  13. I was really pleased on how well the dragonflies came out since they were shot at 400mm. But when you are standing on a deck in a wetland, very few shots are close. And dragonflies tend to stay put for long periods, not like the birds that take off as soon as you manage to get them in focus. I was frustrated that I could hear tons of frogs but couldn't see one anywhere. Maybe next time. Went to a wetland near me a few days ago, but not a critter in site. Possibly because there were quite a few people fishing. Going to be a film crew in there this weekend, so won't be able to go till next
  14. It is a female purple finch. Both you and Rebecca were close.
  15. Close, I have finally found it, female purple finch. Just a little lighter than the others that come around here. Jill
  16. I was thinking probably a juvenile, but too hard to guess. And probably a sparrow, but not absolutely sure. Jill
  17. This cutie has been driving me crazy. I can't quite seem to identify with certainty. All my searches say likely a House Sparrow, but they are very rare here. Not unheard of, but rare. It's the yellow around the eyes that has me perplexed. Any help will be appreciated. If I can't definitely ID, I'll have to remove the image as I don't want to guess, even if it's a good guess. Jill
  18. Have you had a refund of any sorts? Check in your sales history and see. That's usually the reason. Quite often though refunds turn into resales under different terms. Jill
  19. I find the same thing. PU sales are becoming the higher value sales and I've never had a refund on one. Jill
  20. So cute. Looks like it's ready for a bedtime story. Jill
  21. Oh Betty, I can taste them. Mmmmmmmmm. Jill
  22. Thanks Michael. As I mentioned, an improvement in equipment can go a long way. I started out putting out feeders just to shoot the birds, now I have become fascinated with them. May see if i have a local twitcher's society here to join. Probably nothing right now with Covid still pushing restrictions on us, but probably in the fall when life will be sorta back to normal. It helps too if you spend time sitting out near the feeders, The birds get used to you being there, so as long as I don't make any fast movement, they hang around. Jill
  23. Thanks Ed. It helped when I upgraded my camera to a Canon 90D with a 32MP sensor and bought the 100-400 L lens. It has made photography a lot more fun. I am thinking of getting a macro lens later to add to my collection. And also much thanks to Topaz software for getting rid of noise from higher ISOs. I was away from photography for a couple of years, business was keeping me so busy, but Covid has pushed me back in and now look forward to heading out again now that restrictions are lifting here. Jill
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