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  1. Alamy doesn't have any rules about uploading to other sites, but it would certainly seem silly to sell the same photo here and also with microstock. I don't upload to flckr as its an easy place for someone to steal your photo and use it without permission. I would put some sort of watermark on it at least, one of yours, not Alamy's. I don't know their policy on putting an Alamy watermarked photo elsewhere. Don't think there is one, but some of the longer time members may know more.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Not sure why you got a hit on that post, but I evened it out for you. I am slowly learning to master my digital images. Photoshop has quite a steep learning curve and I have mastered all the basic stuff, and am slowly working through some of the more detailed and creative areas. Thank God for Google. There are a couple of photos I may re-edit and the resubmt. I find the hardest is removing my personal artistic taste and replacing it with a commercial slant Both in taking the photos and editing them. I don't worry about forum posts. If everyone said the same t
  3. The reality of the web has pros and cons, always depending on where you are standing. From my ebay days when I used to take 2 full mailbags a day to the post offce, to where I know do about a 1 bag a week (from webstie sales) to adjusting (we must always adjust, these days more often than in the past). When an even playing field is created for all, it increases some people's benefits and decreases others. Think how thrilled some people are that before they could never make extra money, but are now making some from their photos. Expense limited most people from even thinking of trying to
  4. I know this isn't helpful, but it looks like the Army's version of a golf cart (is that what a servi-car is?).
  5. I'm fairly new to the stock photography market. I'm pushing retirement age and decided to get back into photography after an absence of about 20 years. Had my own darkroom, developed my own film etc. Never sold anything, it was a hobby and I did the odd commercial shoot for some company parties, and that was about it. My son started college last year and is a film student. He had to buy a decent camera so he got himself a Canon t4i. I was very jealous. I had only bothered with the digital point and shoots for family stuff as money had been tight and couldn't justify the expense. Well t
  6. I hardly ever use Comprehensive, at least so far. Only 71 pics up at the moment. For my CS6 though, Alamy says all the keywords go into the comprehensive. So I would have to cut and paste them into the proper fields. I figure once my library gets bigger, just for searching for specific photos on my drive will be made easier by using the file info. Even for my family photos it would be easier, but I don't suppose there is any way to add the info without degrading the jpg on a resave?
  7. I haven't bothered to use the file info with my photos when uploading to Alamy. But I figure it would be smart to do this (I know all you pros have been doing it for ages). I assume it would save me a lot of time overall. How does Alamy break up the keywords for their 3 sections - Essential, main and comprehensive? If you have too many for the essential, does it just move the next lot down to main? I probably sound kinda stupid here, but could use the help. EDIT: Okay, I used my brain a little and researched on Alamy. So description in Photoshop CS6 becomes caption in Alam
  8. Not my best example, I just grabbed on from the recent list. But I figured the cat got there because he is included in a group, and within that group is a cruise ship, so it seems all photos in a group will show up in a search that simply relates to only one item in a group. Getting photographers to be better at filtering their images is tough. I like to think mine have good composition and have market value. And my keywords are relevant to my photos. Personally, I love taking pics of trees, but I know not the most marketable, so a few is fine. Sometimes It's difficult to filter out the a
  9. I think keywording is one of the biggest culprits of useless photos showing up in searches. When cruising through the "All of Alamy" search list, I would click on one of the searches and notice that sometimes 25% of the photos coming up had absolutely nothing to do with the search term the customer used. And they images seemed so scattered. Very relevant images would be pages in where totally irrelevant (to me anyway) images would be on the first pages. I also notice that the sorting of the keywords makes no sense to me. I will find pictures where the caption or main keywords don't ha
  10. I am using Photoshop CS6. Shoot in RAW and edit in RAW first before opening file. I also have Elements, but haven't used it. Seems some of you guys prefer it to Photoshop.
  11. It's not super sharp, but I think it would pass QC. However, please don't quote me on this. You could always try downsizing the file to 3600 pixels on the long side (to meet Alamy's 24 MB minimum file size) if you want to increase sharpness. Thanks, I did that and it does improve a little. And Ed, You are right. I was taking pics of the ducks, and thought 1/250 would be enough, but gee, those little beggars move fast, and most of the pics ended up just out of focus on one part of the duck or the other. Took about 30 pics of ducks and used only about 6. I wanted to keep my depth of f
  12. Went back into town this morning. Before I went I cleaned the lens, took it off and put it on again, and then went ashooting. These pics are taken at 250mm 1/250 at f11 ISO 200 across a river. The first pic is the full picture, the second pic the actual 100% of the little girl in the wagon. Would this pass QC? Definitely improvement, so could be dirty lens, or not quite connected properly. I did retake the train as well, will post those after.
  13. Maybe tomorrow morning I will go back to the train and reshoot at 1/250 and see if it is better. And I should probably get myself a hood next time I'm in Toronto. I'll take the same shot over and over using different f stops and ISO settings. Better give the lens a decent trial.
  14. Actually, when I was in Africa back in June, I was heading for the washroom at Naabi Hill when I saw some monkeys. Went back to the truck to grab my camera and didn't put the strap around my neck. After the shots I headed for the washroom, tripped, and the camera went flying and hit the cement. This lens had a filter on it, and the filter was all cracked, but not a mark on the lens. So I guess that time the filter took the hit for the lens.
  15. This is not a moving train. I guess I should have told you that. This one is permanently parked in a local park here in Lindsay. I didn't have a hood on the lens. I don't have any filters over the front element either. I was in the shade,
  16. I went out this evening and took these pictures of a train (and a wall with vines) and edited to let you know this is a parked train, it isn't moving. All pics are taken at 1/125, f8 with an ISO of 200. It is quite distinct that on the right there is possibly a light leak. And the photos lack contrast and look so soft. Not what you want in a train pic. I only did a bit of editing on the 2nd train pic. The camera is a Canon T4i, the lens a Canon 55-200. I bought the lens a week ago used from a camera store. Pics taken with the standard lens come out great, so I am worried I have a dud
  17. Thanks for the feedback. Probably won't get one, especially if the burn up batteries. Probably go for a really good flash. But I do do some video, so that maybe I could cross over with the LED unit.
  18. Do any of you use LED Shoe mount lights when taking night photos? I was considering getting one, but not sure if they are more tuned to video than stills. Are they effective? If so, what ones are the best? I know some are dimmable and some are not. Jill
  19. I guess I'll have to splurge on a new light. No point in getting the box if the pics aren't perfect. Thanks for the advice.
  20. I bought myself a photo box this week for two reasons. One for pics for Alamy, and another for product pics for my website of equestrian and dog equipment. It's a lovely box and came with 2 15 watt blue bulbs. I would like a third light that hangs over the box to complete the lighting effect. Since I would simply be using something I have around the house - I am cheap - what's the best bulb to use wattage wise. Should I match the 15 or should ib be a bit higher? And should it be shaded or bare? Pics I took look too flat and need more pop, so I am hoping the third light will he
  21. I use an Acer laptop (bottom of line model) and although it does a just job, if I have too many images in Photoshop, it bogs down and runs very slow. Going to upgrade this fall. I attach a 32" RCA flatscreen TV to use as a monitor. Its fab for editing, which I do with a wacom tablet. Any of you guys use those? I love it. Jill
  22. My son is a video student whose goal in life is to be a film editor. He had done a few music videos for a local contest for free and was contacted by them again to do the filming and editing for another contest. 50 bands doing 3 songs each so 150 videos to film and edit. And get this, not only did he want him to do all this for free (and supplying all the equipment) he wanted all the 150 videos completed in 30 days. Again telling my son how good this all would be for his portfolio. My son told him 150 videos edited in 30 days would not be ones he would want in his portfolio anyway, or even hav
  23. Let's face it, everything depends on which side of the fence you stand on. Industries and business change constantly and all must learn how to adapt. I have a website selling custom equestrian and dog supplies. If it hadn't been for the web, I never could have competed against the big boys, and would have had to have an outrageous advertising budget. Now I compete on an even keel. How many of us have sympathy for the communications industry? People have been dropping their land lines because what was the point in having a cell phone and a land phone? Skype, BBM, Facetime, good cell ph
  24. Thanks Phillipe: Some things are too difficult, (such as a cow) to bring indoors for stodio work. And I do enjoy practicing my cut out techniques. I did upload a cutout I did of an elephant that I actually had in my keywording post in another thread. I don't see doing small images surrounded by tons of white space, but if you have a subject that is tall but thin, then you would run in to those issues. Thanks so much for the insight everyone. Jill
  25. I don't know if I am explaining myself correctly. Say you have an image with a cow in a pasture and you want to do a cut out of the cow and upload it. When you remove all the background, and just have the cow, then the cow on its own is too small to pass Alamy's size restrictions. It would not make it through QC. But if you add the full background (in white of course) then it will pass the size restrictions. This is my quandry. Does Alamy have any rules and regulations about the amount of white space in an image's background? Do cut outs have separate rules? I hope I have
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