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  1. At present I am living and working in 2 different areas of the UK and as such am able to attend events for live news in both these areas but don't know where I can add an additional location to my existing ones so that I can Be notified of events in others area apart from my home location. Please advise.
  2. Please could you advise if there is an Alamy logo that I can add to my website to link back to Alamy. I know there has been a choise of logos in the past but i'm unable to find onw now. Thanks
  3. John mine too must be in the very slow lane. I uploaded a large batch on 1st October and still waiting. More than likely a fail somewhere although did check them at 100% before upload. Guess its a very long waiting game.
  4. Has anyone any experience of increased time for a large number of images, 100 plus, to pass QC. I have recently begun to upload a larger number of images and the QC time appears to have increased. Many thanks Sue
  5. Whilst Alamy state that it can take Up To 28 working days for a failed batch notification it is usually much shorter than this, in the realms of 14 days hence my asking if there is an issue at their end and if anyone les had experienced this.
  6. Does anyone know if Alamy are experiencing issues again with QC queues? I have been waiting since 3rd September for 74 images to be QC and although I suspect by now something in the batch may have been rejected I have never had to wait this long for a reject notification. Thanks.
  7. Alamy do now seem to have resolved the backlog from images that were uploaded on 1st August. It was very useful to hear from other people that were also experiencing a very long delay in images being processed that were uploaded at that time. Thanks
  8. Is anyone else experiencing long delays in getting images through processing and QC. I uploaded 46 images on 1st August which are still showing 'awaiting QC' This is an unusual time delay for Alamy uploads. Thanks
  9. I am thinking about joining 'Novel Use' on Alamy and wondered what types of sales members have experienced with this aspect of Alamy and whether members consider it a worthwhile additional option. Thanks
  10. Can anyone explain what am not quite getting right. I use Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Bridge for adding descriptions and captions in the file information but when I add the date and location information in the what I believe are the correct IPTC fields they are not transferring through to the news feed. Thanks
  11. As a freelance photographer and a regular contributor to the Alamy news feed I was wondering whether Alamy had any plans to produce press cards or press passes either now or in the near future. Thanks
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