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  1. Just had this: "Hi Richard, We have been told that it may be resolved within the next half hour. If you cannot upload then neither can we from this side. I would recommend you try again shortly. Thanks, Bradley, Alamy News Team."
  2. Seems they are on the case.. Just had this from Alamy News, My query was "Upload problem?" "Hi Richard, Yes there is, our IT team are on to it as we speak. Thanks, Bradley, Alamy News Team.
  3. "The same thing happened to me last week. When they didn't appear after 24 hours, I uploaded them again. The double upload showed up, strangely as one batch rather than two, a few hours later and I deleted the duplicates when they passed QC." Exactly the same happened to me earlier this week. Talked to MS who denied that I'd uploaded two batches - despite the exact doubling of same image - and wouldn't even admit to an 'issue' here. Strange people to be sure.
  4. Hi Alamy, The attached images were amongst a portfolio which was placed second in the Observer/David Hodge Memorial Award for young photojournalists in 1987.
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3236634/Camera-Restricta-prevents-holidaymakers-taking-photos-tourist-traps.html
  6. Once in Manage Images - and I still use the 'old' version - I keyword in the relevant sections but never use commas, or any other kind of punctuation. Seems to work OK for me. I'm sure that the repeat of keywords mentioned above is some sort of glitch in Alamy system. Obviously when key wording in PS one doesn't have the categories - just the keyword section and then distribute the words as you wish when the image has passed QC. As mentioned above I just cut the repeated keywords before distributing the remainder as I decide in importance. Richard
  7. Same thing here. Processing in CS6 then jpegs to folder. Then upload. This has only been happening in the past two years or so. Never happened before that with the same CS6 and workflow. I put it down to a clutch in Alamy system. Not a big hassle but a hassle nonetheless when uploading then key wording in Alamy with a big upload. Richard
  8. I found this interesting: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150727-what-are-the-limits-of-human-vision
  9. Way back in 1998 I was working in Tajikistan when there was an attempted coup in the northern city of Khujand. I arrived as government troops began to take back control and started looting the place - their own country! Photographing around the city I came across a group of government troops who had just emerged from a shop loaded with looted vodka. Needless to say they had sampled their loot. I quickly shot a few frames and intended to get well away when one soldier, whom I hadn't noticed, ordered me to HALT! They quickly surrounded me and, after checking my press credentials, ordered me to
  10. Hello All, I was doing a search of Alamy on Google with my name and came up with this Skycap Stock Photos & Skycap Stock Images | Alamy www.alamy.com170 × 112Search by imageOld Abbey Cemetery, Donegal Town, County Donegal, Ireland. 3rd February 2015. Sunlight breaks through storm clouds after a cold day with biting wind, ... Anyone know what "Skycap" is? If you go to the link it just gives a page to Alamy with a few seemingly unrelated images? Strange. Never come across this before. Also I notice that on my image above, EFG164 , the keyword "skycap" had been added to my main
  11. Hmmm. The images are freely available if anyone wants them from Alamy's site! By putting these up as an example it hardly infringes anyones rights. Not sure why these don't have an Alamy watermark either?
  12. I have noticed that searching in Alamy collection there are many, many examples where exactly the same image appears multiple times. This below is just one example. It seems to be mostly when images are from agencies rather than individuals but not exclusively so. Why is this happening? | more (612) ET5292 RM | more (612) ET529D RM | more (612) ET5294 RM | more (612) ET528W RM | more (612) ET529C RM | more (612)
  13. Ok so we licence an image on 'Alamy Live News' Managed Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 2 million Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/8 page Start: 10 January 2014 End: 11 January 2014 One use in a single editorial article used within the print and digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Published on 11th Jan 2014. Notification from Alamy - hmmmm Yesterday.!! Not cleared in balance yet of course. Give us a
  14. If it's a 'general' kind of image of a town/city I would agree that the thumbnail impact is important. However for a more specific search it depends on the image alone. For example i have just licensed images from Venice, Italy, that were specific to a particular restaurant - only five options on that from Alamy. My CTR was pretty poor for a while but I was still selling. Don't understand it really. If you get a niche then that's the best.
  15. Thanks 'mickfly' for your opinion. Great thing is that you were allowed to make it! One thing though......... i thought that we were supposed to identify ourselves on 'the forum' I accept, and have apologised for, having been 'unacceptable' in some of my comments. We not all perfect. Ho hum.......life goes on. Good luck to ya Richard www.richardwayman.com
  16. Hey Craig, I'm not disagreeing with you. I have been reflecting upon Alamy's comments. I posted the conversation (or some of it) in the interests of freedom of speech. I totally understand that I have made comments on 'The Forum' which have been deemed 'inappropriate' and I accept that. As Dylan said, "The masters make the rules, for the wise men and the fools....." Best Richard www.richardwayman.com
  17. Hi Ed, Thanks for your opinions. ManWay just comes from my surname - Wayman - and is a play on words really - ManRay the renowned Surrealist/Dadaist fella. I do object to being called 'Anti-American' however. I am not, in any way, anti the peoples of USA. In fact I have helped and continue to help people in US government in regard to many human rights issues. I accept that my post was, perhaps, upsetting to some but it was understood and accepted by many too. What galls me is that my opinion is taken immediately by some as an attack on 'America' , by which I assume you
  18. Hello Sparks, Sorry for your trouble. One solution, maybe, would be to shoot your pictures as you do and then get some helpful/kind young person to do the work on the computer? You would be giving helpful advice and the youngster would be learning technique? Not sure if this would be 'cost effective' but I have engaged youngsters here in Ireland on a similar basis. In fact it counted towards their Leaving Certificate in terms of 'work experience'. Quid pro quo. Best of luck anyway.
  19. Hello All, i know that apparently I have upset some people with my recent comments on 'The Forum'. Apologies for this if anyone is hurt by my opinions. I only thought that debate/opinion was what a 'forum' was about. Forgive my ignorance if you will? In the meantime, ponder upon the response from Alamy to my apparent 'aggression'. God bless ya all! Compose New Delete Forum conduct Alamy Administrator Administrators 313 posts Sent 7 hours ago Hi Richard, We've been monitoring your posts on the forum and we feel that the general tone of many of your recent po
  20. No... that would fall under specific positivity, as Chelsea's form has general negativity for all of those of us who follow other teams. And what about those who follow other countries? This is allowing selective Nationalism a free run in a forum designed to talk about photography NOT about nationalistic cheerleading. Would you be happy if an Afghan wanted to post and salute about some Afghanistan/Islamic holiday? I guess not. That would be shut down pretty quick. This is why the world is in such a poor state. You allow Americanism but deny others the same freedom to voice their
  21. Yes it is . . . this part of the forum is for a few things, including "general positivity" (as pointed out by the OP). I see only one post that does not meet that criterion. dd OK. Can I start a post here then about my general positivity on Chelsea's form these days???? Point is why would I bother. Did you get out of the wrong side of bed this morning .....? Cheers, Philippe Ah no I didn't. I got one of my pix on Alamy's front page and I got a licence for +$150 this morning thanks. i just don't see why this is relevant . Do you see people posting things
  22. None of them? dd They seem to be a random selection. No different from 'ordinary stock' images. Of course the term is totally subjective anyway to the point of being almost meaningless.
  23. Yes it is . . . this part of the forum is for a few things, including "general positivity" (as pointed out by the OP). I see only one post that does not meet that criterion. dd OK. Can I start a post here then about my general positivity on Chelsea's form these days???? Point is why would I bother.
  24. Is this topic remotely connected to 'Let's talk about pics' ? I don't see any posts this year saying 'Happy St. George's Day'
  25. Creative images - are they? Short Answer.................. No.
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