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  1. Thanks Chuck, I scanned these negs on a pretty ancient Pacific Image scanner. Forgot how long it takes to 'clean up' old negs. They look ok on the web but probably not so good if they were printed up.
  2. Well, yes indeed. Between you, me and the gatepost the BBC pay £270 for that package - pix and words.
  3. Just goes to show that your old images may still be saleable. I licensed these to the BBC today - 25 years after the pictures were shot. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-35967389
  4. Oh just to add.. much better payment if the image appears in print form too.
  5. Hi Bryan, Sometimes the team at Live News call to report a usage but sometimes not. Maybe its when they are less busy etc. Once or twice I got a notification by e-mail. I wouldn't worry if they haven't informed you but keep the relevant tear-sheet if you have it. There is a premium on a Live News sale - obviously if it is licensed when it appears on Live News feed. Reasonable money compared to general stock sales to newspapers. Best Richard
  6. Hi fotoDogue, I've tried to resurrect old film and have had mixed results. With B/W a wash in heavily diluted fixing solution seems to 'brighten up' the neg somewhat. However if the film has got the dreaded fungus there is no hope really as it has eaten into the emulsion. With colour, sorry, color transparencies the situation is worse. I've never been able to resurrect an old tranny that has got the fungus or 'crystallised' as you put it. I get web-like black areas which can't really be cloned out unless its in a totally plain colour area. I still scan these oldies and retain a T
  7. No, not just you me too and everyone else I guess. Sometimes happens. Chinese New year holiday if that's at all relevant?
  8. Given the most recently-locked thread, that image is absolutely hilarious! :lol: EDIT: ...and the article most apposite.... Thanks for reporting this usage. I was on a public footpath next to the rail tracks ......... honest........ I swear ya honour.........it's true........... i'm only a poor photographer....... please don't send me down ya Lordship! I've a wife and kids to support.
  9. This is bull***t! CLEAR CASE OF CORPORATE BULLYING. Obviously 'restraint of trade' and 'human rights abuse' C'mon Alamy. Have you got the cojones to tell 'em where to get off!! Richard
  10. I would say 'Access is Queen' and since when has that not been so?
  11. As far as i can see/ascertain Jeff the salaries of people working in the charity sector are well below those of people in businesses in public/private sector at the same age/experience.
  12. Ya welcome Kathy. I've just been speaking to a friend of mine who has/does work in the charity 'business' and i asked him about this. He confirmed what I thought - that it sounds better and hopefully encourages donations - a wee bit naughty from the charity involved because it implies that the image was also 'donated' but that is the purpose of the credit line apparently. IMO charities pay better than national newspapers these days.
  13. Although the term 'courtesy' doesn't sound so good and implies a 'gift' I've had a few credits like that and have been paid. Not sure why people do this but the times that this has happened to me the client has been a charity - even though they paid for a license for the image. Maybe it is to encourage donations or donators.
  14. That auto spell thing does my head in. I meant 'skyscape' of course.
  15. The decision I make is if the image can be regarded as a 'landscape' in the classical sense of a painting rather than as a format. I would use also 'cityscape', 'seascape', 'skycap' . I have sold several images where the search term has been "Donegal landscape" for example where the researcher obviously meant land rather than format. I have, I believe, also coined the term 'foodscape' which I sometimes use in Stockimo images.
  16. Don't even think of doing it! Under any circumstances. Why don't you share a link to your website instead? Like this: www.richardwayman.com Otherwise your images are liable to be stolen. Best Richard
  17. If everything is sharp bar the hand then no problem at all. Alamy understand a blur due to fast movement IMO. I've submitted loads of images where such blurs occur and they are accepted. Richard
  18. When one makes enquiries to MS at Alamy they ALWAYS miss the point IMO. It's deliberate since it happens consistently - they simply won't/don't address the issue and fob us off with nonsense. We all know that the search engine is not working - we can see it. But Alamy, rather than apologise, will deny by obfuscation . Bit like politicians really but insulting, yet again (see locked post "they do all the work" about distributors), to us contributors, without whom Alamy would not exist. In the vernacular it's called "Taking the piss" . Wise up Alamy - you help us, we help you .... then we can a
  19. It's my experience that the majority of "picture buyers" around the world have good English speaking skills - they need to as essentially the biggest "picture suppliers" come from English speaking countries. As far as I can see from Alamy's distributors they don't "translate your keywords" either - the caption and keywords remain in English. Then why aren't you uploading to these agencies directly, and then opting out of the distributor scheme? That would solve the problem if you want access to those customers, but don't want to pay a 3rd party for it. Jill Not worth it Jill.
  20. As an addendum to this topic I would also note that Alamy include all Stockimo images automatically in distributor sales - there is no opt-out as far as I can see on Stockimo App.
  21. It's my experience that the majority of "picture buyers" around the world have good English speaking skills - they need to as essentially the biggest "picture suppliers" come from English speaking countries. As far as I can see from Alamy's distributors they don't "translate your keywords" either - the caption and keywords remain in English.
  22. Yes they can. We took the nonsense several years ago when Alamy took 17% from the photographer to supposedly finance an office in USA. Great new sales were promised from "opening up this market" . Hmmm. Not sure about anyone else but I've not seen a return on that enterprise. Opting out of distributor scheme is obviously a good idea - if everyone did it. I can understand the argument that "it's cutting off nose to spite face" but unfortunately many contributors to Alamy are happy enough with peanuts 'cause they have "day jobs" and are not working professional photographers.
  23. The photographer has done these things in order to bring an image to the marketplace: 1. Purchase photographic equipment of a high enough quality to satisfy distributors. 2. Purchase computer equipment and software to ensure quality. 3. Spend time to photograph the image - possibly funding such as well. 4. Spend time editing and key wording image. 5. Bear cost of updating equipment/software. The costs per photographer to bring images to marketplaces, such as Alamy, far out way the costs of distribution. Nonetheless this is the environment in which some of us chose to work - or plac
  24. This from Alamy's new Contribs help guidelines, "Sell images though our global distribution network We have a large network of specialist stock photo agencies who distribute your images in countries and regions that we don’t work with directly or where there’s a language barrier. Opt in and you’ll get 30% of the sale (we receive 30% and our distributors get 40%). The commission split is different because there’s a third party involved and they do all the work." So it seems we are lucky to get a measly 30% for doing .... well nothing apparently. Maybe the distributor scheme is a good dea
  25. Still not solved ...... for News anyway .... both FTP and web uploader
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