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  1. That's a good image Matt. I can understand why you had 'high hopes' for it and I think it'll sell more. Is this due to the 'new order' fashion of lifestyle type images that are based in reality rather than the old 'stock image' obviously staged type things? If so I hope it may long continue. Congrats on the sale.
  2. Joining Alamy? As Churchill once said to a person wishing to sell images with Alamy, "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat," .
  3. Unfortunately not. Alamy News just use Twitter to show some of the pix that they have received that day - generally those featuring Aberystwyth!
  4. Meant thanks for the link - thats how i found them - in Live News Feed still cheers Richard
  5. And two other Alamy pix - I won't bother to show them as they are mine. But thanks Colblimp !
  6. Henri Cartier-Bresson; “25 years have passed since I started to look through my view-finder. But I regard myself still as an amateur, though I am still no longer a dilettante.”
  7. Well done John. Here's to the next 5000+. Good luck! Richard
  8. "Up, down, flying around, looping the loop and defying the ground....." 21 sales for $990 gross. Happy enough.
  9. Page one. The Times - Irish print edition. 25th March 2018 http://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?pv=1&stamp=2&liveData=1&imageid=77B49799-17A4-4AD1-BC2A-3D4987C820A7&p=undefined&n=undefined&imageType=0&orientation=0&pn=1&searchtype=0&srch=foo%3dbar%26qt%3dM9F3NE%26aoa%3d1%26news%3d%26sports%3d%26entmt%3d%26Videos%3d%26bb%3d4%26md%3d%26dt%3d%26gid%3d%26destxml%3d%26imglst%3d%26orderby%3dDT%26newsseq%3d%26userid%3d{A0E92998-4596-4D2C-A306-E1270EC08720}%26rand%3d1522190792229
  10. Short answer. If you're mainly shooting for Alamy, NO WAY. If you have anything close to the money required for MF you'd be better off spending it on a decent full-frame (old 35mm) camera. In the current condition I can't see that you'd justify the cost of a MF camera unless you have some top level corporate clients. Looking at your images I can't see why you'd need a MF camera - the subjects here on Alamy look made for a faster DSLR type set-up.
  11. If it's cloudy I put the camera on the 'cloud' symbol and if it's sunny I put it on the 'sunny' symbol. Always seem to work for me.
  12. I agree with what you say and empathise with your sentiment, however you must understand that a 'forum' is a debating arena not a mutual congratulation area. In my opinion the Alamy 'forum' has become pretty boring due to too much mutual appreciation and not enough hard commentary. Of course, none of us like to be told hard truths but it is better than mutual masturbation really. Phillipe is a cool guy and I loved his comments/advice/experience/knowledge but why does he feel the need to 'abscond' from the forum because of some idiot wind comments???
  13. Great Guy but one can't be a 'snowflake' in this game. In any case who gives a flying shite about what people say on this so-called 'forum'. It is not a forum. It is a monitored comment operation. Very few Alamy contributors (35,000 roughly) even bother with it. i don't bother with it most of the time - in fact most of the time I'm banned due to too much truth telling...... ha ha.
  14. In today's Guardian print edition http://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?pv=1&stamp=2&liveData=1&imageid=0725DBA4-3C56-49DE-ACDB-ADBB7A5C669E&p=undefined&n=undefined&orientation=0&pn=1&searchtype=0&srch=foo%3Dbar%26qt%3D%26aoa%3D1%26news%3D%26sports%3D%26entmt%3D%26Videos%3D%26bb%3D1%26md%3DOL5998434%26dt%3D%26gid%3D{A36D60AB-8056-4F48-9AF4-C6FAE709859E}%26destxml%3D%26imglst%3D%26orderby%3DDT%26newsseq%3D%26userid%3D{A0E92998-4596-4D2C-A306-E1270EC08720}%26rand%3D1511006078306
  15. I'm getting an "Invalid Payment Details" and "we no longer support this payment method" on my Account Balance page? I normally get paid by bank transfer so I can only imagine that this is a glitch? Richard
  16. This is incredible: Florida, USA. 19th July, 2017. Trey Cheda, (right) a Boynton Beach high school junior... JJ38RF - RM Seen on Alamy Live News today. I know it is required to submit News images ASAP but TWO DAYS before the event is going some!
  17. This is quite useful. Apologies if it has been commented on previously, I've just seen it. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/the-biggest-mistake-people-make-when-taking-photos-of-food-according-to-food-stylists-a7821686.html Richard
  18. "June, she'll change her tune,In restless walks she'll prowl the night......"
  19. Yes I'm getting used to this new system AIM. having much the same problems as have been posted here. It does beg the question though, 'What was wrong with the old system?' Richard
  20. ALAMY: "The changing of position of the images in search results has no relevance to the changes contributors make to tags, and supertags in AIM" So what is the point then????? What changes the position of images in search results??? This is a heap of bull***t.
  21. I'm not against this new manage image system and I like some of the new initiatives - mainly the 'exclusive to Alamy' thing. However, what is it bringing to the marketplace? Not a lot IMO. The exclusive thing could have been done years ago. The 'tags' is just another way of calling 'key words' and is causing a lot of grief/problems for people. This is a waste of time and money - yes our money - IMO. Where are the benefits from the percentage grab that was announced as the reason for setting up the New York office??? Alamy will continue to make money to the detriment of photograph
  22. I've been experimenting with this "Discoverability" thing and it's a complete nonsense IMO. Requires unnecessary 'tags' to make the silly thing go green. So what? This is a continuation of the dumbing down at Alamy. Haven't they realised since the 'Creative' and 'Novel Use' debacles? Richard
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