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  1. Same here - no payment yet. But looking on the bright side........ hmmmmm..... maybe they pay out the BIGGEST payments last?
  2. I'm in Ireland - not had anything yet. Got an e-mail to say it's coming but that may just have been a 'round robin' thing. I was going to contact DACS on monday if there is still nothing in.
  3. Thanks Andy. Kind of you. I won't drink too much of the Guinness if I come visit! Well,....... I'll try not to.
  4. Well i'm a London boy originally. Lived here in Donegal for 15 years now. Via Afghanistan, Iraq, and other mad places. Getting my head back into shape. Nothing would take me away from this place. Hmmmm. well maybe a few million of the diamonds. Ya welcome - very basic cottage, very basic living standards, but I'm happy now and you are welcome to visit my humble abode.
  5. Thanks Andy. We can discuss the late payment issue! But seriously I'll take you up on that offer at some stage - and likewise for you coming to the Donegal.
  6. It does but the downside is damp - wet, rainy. Is great in summer. I can see the Atlantic Ocean from my back windows - often wild stormy. However many a picture for 'Alamy Live News' about the weather has originated from here. Also farming issues. Touristic stuff. Shouldn't be giving away my secrets!
  7. Thanks TeeCee! If ya ever about in Donegal, Ireland let me know - may be some goose for ya too!
  8. Thanks TeeCee for that. I'm following Redsnapper philosophy - don't go to far from ya home - maximise profit! This is a case in point - That's my home in the photo . Ha ha. Goose for Christmas dinner too!
  9. I don't 'fret' about it either - that doesn't mean to say that it's acceptable. I'm not really in a position to give Rupert Murdoch and other multi-millionaire publishers an interest-free loan at the moment!
  10. I have sales still 'uncleared' from APRIL 2018! I have been on to Alamy about this several times. All they say is that their 'credit control team' are working on it! Completely unacceptable IMO. Especially as these sales are UK press not via distributor.
  11. Lot of scamsters on the web as I'm sure you all know. Many trying to 'educate' photographers. However, the best learning curve I know is to experiment yourself and keep taking images. You will not make enough money from Alamy (probably) to finance any of this nonsense. I come from a background in 'traditional' photography and studied for a degree in the same. Different times but that real education has served me well even in the digital age. The reality is that it's harder than ever to make a living as a photographer - even for the qualified professional IMO.
  12. More snouts in the trough I think. I remember getting around £900 ten years ago. Down to £650 last year.
  13. They say that they're 'rolling out' payments now so..... fingers crossed for a payment in bank by end of month!
  14. Just got this email from DACS Your latest DACS news: Payback royalties coming your way!
  15. Thanks Andy, Yes it's become my best seller ever in numbers terms. Only sold it twice as a "proper" Live News.
  16. Just tell these jobsworth busybodies where to get off! I've had enough of this sort of nonsense. If you're on public land then there is nothing to stop you photographing as you please. I had an altercation with a 'security guard' in London a while back - he was 'guarding' The Jewish Chronicle building. He rushed out and physically threatened me. I told him that I was within my rights to photograph the building - he violently disagreed. I called the cops. They arrived and told the guy that he would be arrested for 'disturbing the peace' if he kept on threatening me. He backed off back to t
  17. Something like three months after sending in dvd with upsized digital files and some scanned trannies. 2007. Had about 150 images with Alamy by then, but, as has been pointed out here, there were only about 6 million images on the site then. If you want 'quick' sales with half-decent fees then upload for 'Alamy Live News' . Vast majority of my sales these days are from that route. Waiting for payment, however, is another story .......... eh Alamy?
  18. Thanks Andy, That pic has been used about thirty times by The Sun - firstly as a real 'Live News' feed and then, it seems, whenever wind or rain threatens. Don't know when they'll start paying for it though!
  19. There is some problem uploading to Alamy today . I keep getting 'Upload Error' message on Safari and Chrome. No probs yesterday. Problem with FTP too it seems. I'm in Ireland. Tried several wifi networks and my mobile. Keep getting same error message.
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