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  1. Someone may have pointed this out earlier in the thread however I don't see it. Click on a video supplied to Alamy by Pond 5 and this number is revealed: Pond5 (5,979,718)
  2. Betty, you've raised an excellent point! When I used to teach stock photography workshops, I stressed the importance of consciously shooting verticals. Editors would confide in me that they always had a difficult time finding vertical images for covers, which paid significantly more money. One editor even theorized that perhaps photographers didn't use enough anti-perspirant and were uneasy about raising an arm to shoot a vertical! When you've got that wonderful warm feeling in your gut after beautifully composing and capturing a horizontal image and turn around to walk away from
  3. I agreed that the proposed changes are a good idea making submitting images easier for contributors. Thank you Alamy for asking our opinion.
  4. @meanderingemu Respectfully, how do you find AoA and the search results that show RF and RM? Thanks in advance!
  5. Yes, same problem.... I am unable to upload. On Firefox here.
  6. Sheila, I can accept $15 for webs use if the buyer was allowed to only download a small file like 600px x 900px for that price. But to allow a 50MB or 70MB file to be downloaded for $15 simply because the buyer says he is going to use it for web use is insane. You and I both know there are countless other agencies, even microstock agencies, that only allow SMALL files to be downloaded for web use at a lower price.
  7. That's EXACTLY the point! Other agencies only allow MUCH smaller image files for website use!!! So, a Buyer could think to himself, "Whoa, why should I pay a high price when I can get the full size, highest resolution file for only $15". This is totally insane folks!
  8. Click on any RM or RF image and look at the pricing AND resolution size at the right. Is it true that a buyer could check the Presentation size and download the highest resolution size for $15? The highest resolution size is showing for "Website" and "Marketing Package" as well. Tell me THIS IS NOT TRUE!
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