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  1. I'm working on an image taken yesterday. It's a picture of  a circus big top with yellow and blue stripes. Raw file, 16 bits. Depending of the angle of the stripes (spiral pattern), the junction between blue and yellow is pixellized in a staircase pattern at some places, on all of the four frames I took.  Those artefacts appear in no other image, in fact I've taken many thousands of pictures with my D700 and 24-70 zoom, and it is the first time I see this. I was using a polarizing filter. The pixels are visible in the raw file without sharpening.



    Anybody knows why this happens and how to get rid of  the artefacts if possible?





    If lower quality mobile imagery appears in the same search results as the images which had to pass exiting QC, without a clear way to distinguish them (selecting the MP level just doesn't do this) it will quickly devalue the existing collection. A collection which your valued contributors have carefully prepared in line with your stringent QC requirements.


    Alamy, PLEASE consider adding another tab on the search results page e.g. Add "Mobile" to the "New", "Creative", "Relevant", tabs. Or add or some other button to allow this. I don't think the idea that the  the user will spot that the image ref starts with an S or will set the megapixel limit will work. Alternatively put a red frame, or something obvious, around the thumbnails of images that are lower res or haven't been through QC, with a suitable "popup" when the mouse is hovered over the thumbnail.

    Alamy, could you comment Mr Chapman's post?


    Thank you.

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  3. I have some b&w images dating from the late 70's, showing a technician operating a machine used for pressing vinyl records. I scanned the 35mm negs with a Nikon Coolscan 9000ed. Having had a few scans rejected by QC, I'm afraid to go in the bad boys corner for a month if those images fail. Is there a special archive upload, similar to News image upload, that I can use to submit those pics? 

  4. Hi,


    I'm trying to scan color negatives with my Nikon Coolscan 9000ED, which is working well with slides and B&W negs.


    Here's the problem: While the small vignettes at the top of the screen look fine, when I open one of the images it is completely different, blueish and very low in contrast. I'm able to improve some images to a certain point, but most are impossible to  correct. I resetted the controls to the default values to no avail, the vignettes still look good, but when I open an image, it's completely off.


    Thank you in advance for your help.

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