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  1. I just connected a new Benq 2700PT computer screen to my latop which I've been using to edit my pictures for 3 years. I realize that many of my pics on Alamy seem oversaturated on this new screen (I adjusted it as well as I could, without a calibrating device).


    If any of you could take a minute to look at a few of my pictures, I would appreciate to obtain feedback (mainly to know if some images are oversaturated to the point that I could lose sales).



  2. After sending a request about an unauthorized usage of one of my Alamy pics, I received this answer from member services:


    "We’ve just noticed that this usage is outside our territories in which we can chase."


    The picture is appearing on the website of a "virtual shopping mall" based in India.


    Is it worth chasing or will I only be losing my time doing it?

  3. Country: Mexico
    Usage: Editorial
    Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic
    Print run: up to 10,000
    Placement: Inside
    Image Size: 1 page
    Start: 01 December 2014
    End: 01 December 2019
    Flat rate per image. Duration: 1 month. $ 20.00



    Not quite as bad as your lease, but I'll be left with $6 since it's a distributor sale. And the image size is 1page...

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  4. Drummer Bob Harrison performing live in Montreal in the 80's.


    New Orleans Lagniappe Brass Band giving an outdoor show on Esplanade de la Place des Arts during the Montreal Jazz Festival.


    Trio of Mexican musicians photographed on a street of Puerto Morelos, state of Quintana Roo, Mexico






    Sorry about the small pics. If I copy the URL of the larger image I still get "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community".

  5. After receiving a message from alamy saying there were 3 licenses I could claim for, I sent an email to DACS.  After a week, I hadn't  received an answer, so I wrote again, and I still haven't heard from DACS. I included a statement of my sales covering the period from 2010, when I started with Alamy, to the end of 2013.


    We have only a few more days to make our claim... 

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