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  1. Unoccupied outdoor terrace of a taverna in the harbor of Naoussa,  situated on the Greek island of Paros.BTE286.jpg
    Two white Adirondack chairs on a lawn overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in York Beach, Maine, USA.D0M9R4.jpg
    Hochelaga railway yard, Montreal, province of Quebec, Canada.CT49WX.jpg
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  2. I'm wondering what is happening with the "productivity" of my portfolio, and I'd like to know if any of you is experiencing a similar sudden drop of sales.

    Here are my numbers for the last two years:

    2017: 41 sales for $1527

    2018: 57 sales for $2003

    Everything was going well in 2019: I had 31 sales for $1615 at the end of August . My last sale appeared in my account on August 23.

    Since then I had zero sale, and my CTR has been continually decreasing since May. It usually was around 60 and it is now hovering between 35 and 40. I kept uploading images regularly until the end of September, but I kind of lost interest and haven't uploaded since.  All my pictures are exclusive to Alamy.

    It surely has something to do with the millions and millions of pics available on Alamy, but I expected to keep selling more than what I'm selling now...

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  3. Thank you Stephen,


    I hadn't thought of adding categories to my portfolio, I'm still not very familiar with all its possibilities. But if I create categories or change the order of my images in the portfolio, how will this impact the results of a search made by a potential customer?

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