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  1. Reminds me of a Marx Brothers movie in which Groucho, addressing a group of workers, said something like "I don't want you to be wage slaves, I want you to be free!"


    Are we getting there?

  2. My goal is not to criticize the work of other photographers, but I can't help wondering how a picture with such obvious chromatic aberration can pass QC, let alone appear on today's opening page of Alamy.


    Or is it my eyes, or my screen?

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  3. I want to submit a picture with a deep blue sky (polarized). When I look at this image in the Windows viewer, I see artefacts in the sky. I see no artefacts when I open the same JPEG image in Photoshop.


    I guess that it's safe to upload it to Alamy?

  4. I just had a distributor sale to Estonia for the lowest amount I ever got for a picture. It possibly doesn't pay for the electricity my computer is using while I'm typing this post.


    Since there is a chance that this picture will be copied by other users and used for free, I would prefer to make my images unavailable to Estonia (sorry, Estonians).


    Is it possible to do that?


    I would also like to say that I had a few nice sales recently and that I'm generally quite happy to have Alamy selling my pictures.

  5. 45 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

    I'm getting a deja vu over this thread.......


    Does it mean something to do with 'hipsters' - which I gather, or at least the male version, typically means having Edwardian style  facial hair of the W G Grace sort? 

    I also like "lumbersexual".


    Like in "young attractive lumbersexual man sipping on a latte while leaning on his fixie bike during an LGBT protest march".

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  6. Thank you.

    Since I 'm kind of incompetent with computers, it looks to me like the solutions are too complicated, so  I'll keep on clicking and clicking, and clicking...

  7. I found some of my images on this website http://www.wallskid.com/, with the Alamy watermark still on. Images that have never been sold, I want to report the site to Alamy, but I can't find any contact detail, so Alamy won't pursue  it.


    Anyone has contact details or experience with wallskid.com?