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  1. 45 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

    I'm getting a deja vu over this thread.......


    Does it mean something to do with 'hipsters' - which I gather, or at least the male version, typically means having Edwardian style  facial hair of the W G Grace sort? 

    I also like "lumbersexual".


    Like in "young attractive lumbersexual man sipping on a latte while leaning on his fixie bike during an LGBT protest march".

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  2. Ed, I join the others hoping that things will improve for you soon.

    Spacecadet, your post reminded me of this:

    When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.”

    Will Rogers






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  3. Thank you.

    Since I 'm kind of incompetent with computers, it looks to me like the solutions are too complicated, so  I'll keep on clicking and clicking, and clicking...

  4. I found some of my images on this website http://www.wallskid.com/, with the Alamy watermark still on. Images that have never been sold, I want to report the site to Alamy, but I can't find any contact detail, so Alamy won't pursue  it.


    Anyone has contact details or experience with wallskid.com?

  5. I just connected a new Benq 2700PT computer screen to my latop which I've been using to edit my pictures for 3 years. I realize that many of my pics on Alamy seem oversaturated on this new screen (I adjusted it as well as I could, without a calibrating device).


    If any of you could take a minute to look at a few of my pictures, I would appreciate to obtain feedback (mainly to know if some images are oversaturated to the point that I could lose sales).



  6. Hi,


    I just got a personal use sale for an image which was zoomed yesterday.


    Am I wrong to think that Alamy only recorded data from regular customers and that a ''regular customer''  doesn't usually buy images for personal use?



  7. Yes, but the image from which I want to copy the keywords is way way down the list (it was uploaded a few years ago), and I don't know how to access both images on the same page.

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  8. Another question about the fantastic and marvelous new image manager: Let's say that I just uploaded an image for which I would like to copy the keywords of another of my pictures that was uploaded a long time ago, how do I proceed?


    Thank you in advance...

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