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  1. I have been using the Alamy Picture Manager plugin for Lightroom for a long time now and was very happy. It is a really great plugin by Jim Keirr www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php and worth any cent as it makes your editing work much more productive and efficient.
    Unfortunately it no longer works properly. I am not sure whether this is since I last updated Lightroom or the plugin. The problem is that when I want to export, all data will be sent to Alamy with the exception of the keywords. At the same time all keywords will disappear in the plugin keywords box after export completion.
    I have been in touch with Jim, however the problem could not be solved yet. I think he still tries to find a solution for me.
    Has anyone else encountered this problem too and maybe even a solution found?
    I really love this plugin and hope I can get it to work again

  2. Last year I started to upload thousands of images to Alamy. Now I have over 23.000 images online (two pseudos: niceprospects and niceprospects-prime). My portfolio consists mainly of Southeast Asia (65%) and some European countries (35%). Subject are general travel photography (landmarks, landscapes, people, etc.)


    My total number of sales were only 17 with a gross turnover of 1.000$ since the beginning of this year. I find it pretty depressing. My total CTR is also only 0,20! Although I carefully keyword.


    As has been stated before I do not think that there is a general rule. Subjects, quality, portfolio size, keywording - it all plays an important role when talking about sales and success.

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