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  1. shoot local content, real people, life in India etc ps nice images but ...
  2. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/exif-viewer/nafpfdcmppffipmhcpkbplhkoiekndck
  3. 01 April 2015 to 01 May 2015 (17 item(s) totalling $435.63)
  4. D100>D200>D700>D800 :-) D700 as backup now. its fantastic camera but more MP of 8series are welcome
  5. able to copy keywords from already keyworded image to new image (or group of images) with same subject
  6. its problem of all dslr dust could go inside over lens highly recommended Eyelead SCK-1 works perfect with my D800 and D700 or remove dust spots with your photo sw
  7. Hi i have also email from ALAMY ... and iam not sure at several points: if i claim this year with ALAMY could i claim next year direct? ALAMY claim for images from past (2012,2011 etc)? if i sold images "worldwide" respective in many countries is it possible to register and claim over simillar agencies like DACS in another countries? like above ARSNY thanks, Petr
  8. happy sorry no time to discuss this
  9. like you used share fce to memberservice- hope it will works. btw i choosed D800 instead D4 and working together with D700
  10. i have a D800 (D700 as a backup) with legendary 28-70 f2.8 AFS and its fantastic! So i think that new 24-70 will be very good too. I have some bad experiences about 24-120 from other photographers. Little offtopic - using nikkor 28-300VR as a travel lens and results are very very good too (of course needed some distortion corrections)
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