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  1. Brilliant - that is a very saleable stock photo ! Can be used full page with copy laid over - and a front cover with room for the title and text. Full of personality and meaning yet anonymous enough to not upset an individual. Small change - do you mean paying for the shot ? Nothing wrong with that at all !
  2. Just to keep you updated - this thread was started by Alamy to pass on the details about my stock photography workshop. But as they mention on the first post "Please note Alamy don't benefit financially in any way from promoting this" The next stock workshop is being held this Saturday September 7th in Central London UK. I have given some examples of what i discuss on page 1 of this thread. The rest of the details are on this page. http://www.meetup.com/martin-norris-photography-workshops/events/132195492/ I have extended the workshop to 5 hours as there are always so many questions and kept the number of attendees to 6 at a cost of £59 including lunch. There are many positive reviews about the workshop there but to counter some of the negative posts on here I now also offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. If you attend and don't think it was worth it, you can have an immediate refund. Martin Norris martinnorris@btinternet.com
  3. Wow - my workshop has attracted some strong opinions ! The discussion has diverted away from the original posting and got rather personal so I do not want to continue a debate. Suffice to say that Alamy works for me and I completely open my account to prove that. Anyway - I am holding the workshop again on September 7th www.meetup.com/martin-norris-photography-workshops/events/132195492/ I would welcome anyone who came along to post a report on it - thanks TonyF for your positive review on this thread. Oh, and I also offer a no questions asked money back guarantee if you are in any way dissatisfied !
  4. Oh gentlemen, what pessimism ;-) From your comments on this and other threads it appears that Alamy/Stock photography is not working for you - a combination of lack of sales and low fees. Thats a shame. Contributing to photo libraries works for me and gives me a good supplementary income to my work as a professional photographer of 25 years. I have looked at all of your alamy portfolios and websites and while you are all obviously competent at taking good pictures you are not necessarily taking the sort of pictures that have the best chance of selling. I think that is a crucial difference that many aspiring stock photographers do not understand. A 'good' photograph and a 'saleable' photograph are often not the same thing Here's an example of what i mean. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/sex/8366770/My-boyfriend-is-addicted-to-cannabis.html Its not a particularly 'good' picture - its not that interesting to look at on its own. But to illustrate an article its a good stock photograph because it is simple and flicking through a magazine it gets a visual message across immediately. Perhaps most importantly; its clean and neutral; lighting, people, clothes, background would not upset a facing layout and it can fit into many different magazine styles. Consequently this picture had several sales to illustrate diverse things like financial problems and relationship issues. You can produce a stunning, striking, bold and strong picture but if it cannot fit into a magazine 'style' it won't be used by them. Here's another example http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2010/jul/13/michael-gove-school-buildings I conceived and crucially, keyworded it for a variety conceptual uses; water, drip, house, money, leak, repair etc and it has had several sales predictably illustrating insurance, house repairs, money problems and also bizarrely 'blood in the water at the 1956 olympics'. ATE4B1 Once again it has sold well because it is a clean image that immediately gets its point across. But also importantly there is a lot of space so that it can be cropped in various ways or type can be run across the background. It could even be used as a cover shot; its vertical with plenty of space at the top for a name and headlines and also at the bottom for other type. Its important to sometimes compose pictures so that they are suitable for front cover, full page, double page with suitable clean space for text. You'd be surprised how these pictures are often used in the way that they have been composed. Here's another one that was composed to be suitable for a cover and it has sold twice for that use. A0WMWJ So - my workshop contains a lot of this and other information from all kinds of stock photography. It shows and tells you what has sold, what hasn't and why and is full of my extensive professional experience. The most important thing is that if you are serious about wanting to make money from stock then one has to conceive and plan shoots with an end use in mind. Shooting mainstream stock is not a vanity project - its about earning money from selling photographs. If you are not prepared to approach it as a business then you are probably going to be disappointed with your return. So if anyone would like to attend my stock photography workshop or any of the others that I run at my studio; food, drink, nude etc then do have a look. I will next be running the stock workshop in late August so do contact me for dates or join the Meetup group for automatic updates. http://www.meetup.com/martin-norris-photography-workshops or email me martinnorris@btinternet.com Most importantly check the feedback from the people who have attended - its rather more complimentary than some of the comments above. You can also see, rather tellingly that 5 of the 6 photographers who came to my last stock workshop have signed up for the model released lifestyle shoot on July 27th
  5. I am the photographer running this workshop at my studio in London on the 20th and every month - which Alamy have kindly mentioned. I have been with Alamy for 10 years and my 1800 picture sales have made $180,000. While the average price of a photo sale has gone down over the years across the whole industry I am still doing well and making money from stock photography. To prove that, what i do at the workshop is open my Alamy account completely. You can see exactly what i have sold, for how much and to whom in the areas of travel, lifestyle, studio conceptual. If you feel you would like to learn from that then do contact me martinnorris@btinternet.com http://www.meetup.com/martin-norris-photography-workshops/events/124051722/
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